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Hallmark's The Lost Valentine film review

Updated on April 19, 2019
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Hallmark's The Lost Valentine film review

Hallmark's The Lost Valentine film review
Hallmark's The Lost Valentine film review | Source

The Lost Valentine


Hallmark's The Lost Valentine


The Lost Valentine - This hub on HubPages contains a movie review for Hallmark's The Lost Valentine. In 2011, Hallmark is celebrating its 60th anniversary and has presented its 242nd film. The made for television film was shown on CBS stations across the United States. The name of the film is The Lost Valentine starring Betty White and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

I was amazed at just how touching this film, The Lost Valentine was. I cried like a baby while watching this film about true dedication, commitment and love. The Lost Valentine the movie was very realistic and effective at pulling the heartstrings of the audience. There were no cliches, just a beautiful and very sad love story.

Betty White is currently 89 years old and still a shining star in Hollywood. The actress might be playing a character just 3 years younger as she stars as Caroline, an eighty something year old woman who lost the one and only love of her life in 1943 or 1944 during World War II when she was 20 years old. Serving in the military, he was proclaimed missing in action.

  • Present day, sixty six years later, Caroline still visits the train station where she first said goodbye to her husband and saw him off to war.
  • She specifically visits every Valentine's Day because that was the day she had said goodbye to him.
  • It was their one year anniversary and she was pregnant at the time.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White star in the movie


Hallmark's The Lost Valentine

I was amazed at how touching this film was.

In The Lost Valentine the movie, the main character Caroline boldly declares that "Missing is not dead"

Caroline had told her husband that she would wait for him and all this time later, she never stopped waiting. After her baby was born, she received a telegram stating that her husband was missing in action.

  • She was adamant in stating that he was not dead. She boldly declared "missing is not dead".
  • The Western Union man that made the delivery looked at her with bewilderment when she said this, clearly feeling sympathy for her.
  • He endured a difficult job of presenting many military wives with sad news.

All these years later, Caroline has a grown grandchild Lucas and she is still awaiting closure in the grieving process for her husband.

Essentially a widow that never remarried after just one year of marriage, the character Caroline might readily appear as tragic to a modern day audience. Is her level of loyalty a bit bizarre or absurd? Is she not ready to move on? Does she not long for intimacy and the physical human touch of a love partner? Nowadays, it may be considered so very extreme for a young widow to wait her whole entire life until she is elderly because her husband was missing in action rather than officially declared dead.

  1. Even if he had been declared dead, it was a different time and back then many widows, even young ones never remarried.
  2. Remarkably, today, many couples are so in love that they too say that they would not consider new serious relationships or remarriage if one of the pair dies making the other a widow or widower.
  3. The human condition and human nature is ever so interesting. There are also so many people that never marry at all and remain single, satisfied and not at all tragic figures for their entire lives so it really depends on one's perspective.

Simply put, there are countless possible scenarios and perspectives. For many people, a truly amazing once in a lifetime love is enough, even if the relationship was brief. We think of the old commonly referenced quote, "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Sometimes, the situation is not regarding a death but rather an infidelity. Perhaps an estranged spouse was so emotionally hurt by the adultery that that person decided to not pursue a new romantic relationship after leaving the previous one. Essentially, love can ironically involve a lot of emotional pain. Keeping your heart open to love often means that you must keep your heart open for much heartbreak whether through infidelity, other type of betrayal, illness or death of your loved one or something else entirely. Like I said, there are countless possible scenarios.

Many of us will also have a natural inclination to want to guard our hearts as much as possible from the agonizing heartbreaks.


Missing is not dead.

— Caroline

The television reporter

Also in The Lost Valentine, Jennifer Love Hewitt plays an opportunistic television news reporter. She is on a career fast track and only after the best stories in her self serving interest. She scoffs at the idea of interviewing Ms. Caroline when her supervisor suggests it.

  1. Initially, she is hesitant perhaps because she finds the story of this one human being's heartbreak to be not newsworthy.
  2. Nevertheless, we all know that the story of just one person's life experience can be many things for countless other people.
  3. It can be a story that is relatable and makes another feel less alone in his or her own experience.
  4. It can be a story that creates admiration, inspiration, empathy, and so much more.
  5. Thought provoking stories should be told.

Eventually she is convinced to go after the story and accepts the challenge to persuade when Caroline herself does not show an interest in being interviewed....

This movie, The Lost Valentine is such a nice and wholesome broadcast, a rare find these days. It seems appropriate for the whole family. There are brief scenes of the violence of war, but the camera cuts away in instances and the scenes are not overly gory.

I rate it 5/5 stars *****

A thought provoking story.

The Lost Valentine

5 stars for The Lost Valentine

So, what do you think?

In the movie The Lost Valentine, was it absurd and/or tragic for the character Caroline to have kept waiting for 66 years after she told her husband that she would wait for him?!

See results

Commercial for Hallmark's The Lost Valentine

© 2011 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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