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Halloween costumes for couples

Updated on September 23, 2013

Most of the fun associated with Halloween comes from dressing up in weird and funky costumes. As regards to couples, the fun can be all more amplified when you dress up in snazzy couple costumes.

You may feel like dressing up yourself and your partner like the movie-star pair that set the screen ablaze. But it does not really mean that the Halloween costumes on this idea may always work. For instance, you can dress up as Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn from the famous movie ‘Roman Holiday,’ but it may not necessarily translate into a something that will work during Halloween.

The key thing is to dress like a quirky character that can get the eyeballs geared towards you. .

Some of the best Halloween costume ideas for couples are listed below.

  • Monsters from the classic movies: Over the years we have come across many monster movies, a lot of which have gone to become classics. They offer a wide range of choices for Halloween couple costumes. The obvious choice is Frankenstein and her bride. You can also dress up as Wolfman in the definitive Lon Chaney Jr. style and get your lady decked up in the pretty gypsy fortune teller costume. You can go as the Creature from the Black Lagoon and your partner can dress up in an old and traditional one piece swim suit. Another classic monster movie is Dracula. Dress up in period clothing, use pale makeup, embellish with blood and bite marks, and voila you have your partner as Dracula’s prey.

  • Drunken priest and naughty nun: Scandalize the neighborhood by dressing up as a pregnant nun and a drunken priest. It will be really fun. Wear the priest dress with an open clerical collar and the shirt unbuttoned till the belly button. Let an alcohol flask jut out of one pocket and carry a bottle of bourbon in your hand. Add a lot of jewelry for that added outrageous effect. Your partner can place a couple of pillows under the nun costume to show the baby bump. A pair of high-heeled stilettoes will complete the naughty nun look.

  • Superheroes:Superhero movies have been quite popular in recent times. Couples can take inspiration from these movies and dress up as their favorite superheroes. There are many great choices; you can go as Invisible Girl and Mister Fantastic from the Fantastic Four, or as Daredevil and Electra. You can dress up as Spiderman and go with your partner in a Mary Jane costume complete with red hair and all. Catwoman and Batman can also work as a good Halloween costume for couples. In case your partner is petite with short hair, then she can dress up as a sixties Robin and you can go as Batman.

  • Period costumes: Couples can also get their costume ideas from the plethora of period Hollywood films. You can dress up as Robin Hood and Maid Marion, or have fun experimenting as Tarzan and Jane. Couples can also explore the 1920s and create a great look as Bonnie and Clyde using pistols and machine guns as well as appropriate attire. You will also not go wrong with the Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby couple costumes. Couples may also just opt for a specific genre instead of a particular movie and enjoy the Halloween fest dressed up as cowboy and cowgirl, or as a pair of male and female pirates.

  • Cross-dressing: Get into the mood for Halloween and choose to shock rather than scare. Couples can attend the varied parties in drag. You can dress up as a pretty angel in lingerie adorned by thin feathery wings, while your girlfriend can come dressed as a mustachioed devil carrying a ferocious pitch fork. Do not forget to place a halo over your head, while your partner covers her hair with a devil cap that has red fiery horns.

  • Cartoon-based costumes:Couples can also draw inspiration from cartoons and animated movies and come up with some fantastic duo costumes. You can turn into Homer and Marge Simpson cartoon characters with the help of costumes and masks rented at a costume store. You can also use a wig, yellow makeup, and appropriate apparels to achieve a realistic look of the Simpsons. Dressing up as Tom and Jerry is also quite fun and novel. The choices are limited as regards to animated characters, but dressing up as Mr. and Mrs. Shrek is not a bad choice.

  • Everyday easy costumes: If you do not have the time to decide on a specific costume, then there are many popular Halloween costumes that can be easily made at the drop of a hat, or rented from a local store. Skin-colored body suits and some fig leaves along with a couple of apples are all that you require to impersonate Adam and Eve. You can also just rent out some military costumes and go as a marine couple. Have fun!


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