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Halloween costumes for women

Updated on October 15, 2013

When it comes to Halloween costumes for women, there is a plethora of choices at your disposal. Here are a few ideas that can work wonders :-

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

It is one of the coolest looks that women can select as a Halloween costume. The basic theme will be black. Seek professional help and get a black henna dragon tattoo on your back. Wear a dark grey t-shirt and black worn out jeans. Ensure that both these pieces of clothing have lots of holes so as to get a raggedy look. Cover your head with a sheer black wig that has bangs to get the right hairstyle. Combat boots, a biker leather jacket and woolen socks are other essential accessories. Makeup can consist of lightened eyebrows via use of a concealer and generous application of black eyeliner on the lower eyelids. Finally, do not forget to wear nose rings and spiked earrings.

Mata Hari

Mata Hari is considered as one of the best proponents of belly dancing. Women can dress up in a belly dancer costume and get compliments galore, especially from men. Mata Hari costumes can be found online as well as at the local stores. A glittering headgear, a belly belt and some decorative bracelets are must have accessories.

The White Witch

Almost everyone dresses up for Halloween in a dark witch costume complete with a broom, dark flowing robes and a pointy black hat. You can go in the exact opposite way and opt for a white witch costume. You can get inspired by the white witch characters from Alice in Wonderland or the Narnia series. Start with a shimmering white flowing gown and later accessorize the look with pale white facial makeup, blue lipstick and blue contact lens in case you do not have blue eyes. You may also choose to wear a platinum blonde wig and swish around your wand in glee.

Geisha Girl

Geisha's are Japanese performance artists. Get started on your geisha Halloween costume by renting a kimono that you like. Then, paint your entire face with white paint, except the lips and the eyebrows. Use red lipstick and literally soak your lips in its redness. A pale pink eye shadow will complete your makeup. Now, you can either wear your hair in a bun up above or use a geisha-like wig. Accessorize the hair with a bejeweled hair comb and hair pins.

Blue Avatar Girl

This Halloween costume for women can be easily found over the web. You may also create the costume at home. First you need to paint your entire body in blue color and then embellish it with many mystical patterns and spiral designs. Your hair needs to be plaited in multiple braids. Add some colorful feathers and ornamental beads to it. A short brown skirt and a brown bikini top are all the pieces of clothing that are needed. Complete the look with blue or brown flip flops.

Kill Bill

It is quite easy to dress up in this kickass costume. All you need is a yellow track suit with parallel black lines running on its sides. Compliment the attire with bright yellow shoes that has red borders. Wear a blonde wig and carry a katana and your preparation to “Kill Bill” is complete.

Moulin Rouge

If you want to look scorching hot, provocatively sizzling and send the temperatures soaring, then the Moulin Rouge costume is the one for you! Attain the sensuous look with the help of a crimson and black corset blouse that has a low neckline, a feathered hat, and shorty short pants along with black stockings. The costume has to be all glittery and shiny. In case you can’t go with the short hot pants, then wear a short skirt with a side slit and lace borders. Complete the tempting look with sheer gloves for your hands, a neck choker and a bold garter belt. It all of this or nothing; the choice is yours!

The Devil's Arm Candy

This is another seductive and naughty look that women can go for! Cover yourself in red leather, from your head to your toe. The leather has to smooth and glossy. The pants should be nearly bell bottoms and topped off with a red tube top or a sleeveless blouse that ends just above the belly button in a knot. Red stilettos and ample red lipstick will intensify the tempting look. Do not forget the red devil horns and a red pointy tail peeking out from the back.

You may also give a unique and funny twist to this costume. You can dress up as an angel in pristine white robes and white translucent wings. However, combine this gown with a red devil tail that just peeks out from under the costume. It is the devil inside you that wants to get out!


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