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Halloween costumes for babies and little kids

Updated on September 25, 2013

Babies are adorable and cuddly, more so when they are dressed up in cute festive costumes like for Halloween. It may not be possible for parents to dress up their babies in Halloween costumes that older children wear; however you can easily make baby costumes using iron-on techniques and hyper soft pajamas. They are not only fun but also cheaper than the costumes available at stores.

Some of the best Halloween costume ideas for babies are listed below.

1. Unique Halloween Baby costumes: Dress up your baby in the below listed unique Halloween costumes.

  • Alien Baby: Covert the baby stroller into a UFO with an alien resident. Use two large sheets of foam board or solid cardboard to covert the stroller into an alien machine. Cut circles out of each board and then cut each circle into two halves. Fit these halves into the stroller, while chipping away at the center so as to fit it into the stroller.Both the circles have to be placed about two feet from one another. Use foil to wrap the circles as well as the stroller to give them a metallic, UFO-like sheen. Put battery operated lights to complete the picture.Later dress up your baby in a green body suit pajamas and a green baby cap. Place alien antennae on your baby’s head and take him/her out for a stroll.

  • Baby Mummy: Take an old pair of pajamas and some gauze to make a baby mummy costume for your tiny darling. The pajamas should be of a lighter shade as they can be easily enclosed by gauze. The pajamas will act as the base of the costume. In case, light-colored pajamas are not available, then bleach the darker ones. Place the gauze over the pajamas and then stitch them on till the entire suit is covered with it. Take an old baby cap and stitch the gauze over it as well. You may opt to carefully cover the rest of the baby’s face with gauze, so as to get the perfect baby mummy Halloween costume.

  • Baby Robots: A robot costume for your baby is a great way to dress him/her up for Halloween. In order to create this robot costume, get a soft box that fits the baby’s trunk. Cut two holes on the sides of the box as well as one on the top for the arms and the head respectively.Use silver spray paint to color the box and outline the details with red and black paints. Decorate the front part of the box with knobs or other items that will give it a robot-like body. Take an old white baby cap and body suit and use fabric dye to color it a soft gray. When the Halloween night arrives, slip on the dyed suit and the box onto your baby, and take her/him around the neighborhood for a first-time experience of joyous trick-or-treat.

2. Other Halloween costume ideas for babies: There are several themes that you can incorporate to design Halloween costumes for your baby, as given below.

  • Baby bird costumes: Dress up your baby in cute animal or bird costumes for Halloween. They not only look cute but are also easily recognizable. You can start by making the wings using everyday clothes like a cape, for added comfort. Use felt to create the wings and give it a feathered effect by creasing it with an iron. Give the wings a tiered look by sowing many smaller wings, one on top of the other.Stitch a ribbon on the top of the wings so that it can be easily tied to your baby’s Halloween costume. Glue a second piece of creased felt onto a pair of baby tights to create a tail. Complete the birdy look by adding a hood to cover the head.

  • A fluffy chicken costume: Take two white baby body suits to create the base of the chicken costume. Put one suit inside the other and then place quilt batting between them. Now stitch the leg holes and the neck portions of the two suits together. You can pin feather boas to the baby body suit to give it the fluffy chicken look. Attach the feathers with a safety pin and then sow each one of them onto the body suit. Use felt parts and a white baby cap to cover your baby’s head. Cut out two red pieces of felt and sow them on the top of the baby bonnet to create the rooster comb. You can use batting to make sure that the comb remains erect.

  • Baby flower costumes: Dressing up your baby as a tropical flower will only make her look cuddlier. A yellow bodysuit can act as pollen. Create the petals using armature wire to give it a life-like shape and form. Glue tiny dots on the petals to add texture. Use masking tape to keep the petals in place. Green felt that is shaped like an oblong triangle can be wrapped around your baby’s legs to complete gorgeous flowery costume.


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