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Halloween costumes for teenage girls

Updated on October 15, 2013

Most teenage girls are at their wits’ end when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume. They find it tough to make a choice and settle for that ultimate Halloween dress that is going to win compliments from their peers and friends, even after the season is over. Though parents may feel that their teenage daughters are unnecessarily cribbing over these seemingly trivial things, the growing ladies know what it means stand apart from the crowd.

One of the best ways to choose an ideal costume is to use the varied Halloween themes and assimilate it with the current trends to get a funky and fashionable look.

A few Halloween costume ideas that will appeal to teenage girls are listed below -

Beauty Queen

Teenage girls will definitely love to dress up in a glamorous costume for Halloween. And there is no better costume that offers a glitzy aura than a beauty queen dress. You can use a normal but gorgeous formal dress as the primary costume. You may then accentuate and embellish the dress with carefully chosen accessories. The makeup should be stylish, but not loud. The shoes and dress should match. Use a glimmering piece of cloth and fashion it into a sash along with a title lettering, if desired. A crown or a pretty tiara can rest on her fabulous head. The look will be complete with a trophy or a medal.

Teenage Vampire

With the immense popularity of the ‘Twilight’ series and other vampire movies and books, vampire costumes have become quite the rage. It also allows teenage girls to dress up in theatrical black apparels and freely express the inner ‘Goth’ in them. Customize your black dress by creating slashes across the trunk and cutting the hems to spikey tips. Take a single piece of shiny black or red fabric and use it to make a long cape. The shoes need to be oversized and chunky. Paint your face a light shade of white or use light makeup. Add a few drops of red towards the sides of your mouth. And do not forget the fake vampire teeth.

Lady Gaga

The outrageous, very creative, and immensely popular Lady Gaga spends a majority of her days in costumes. She thus offers a great foundation for lots of Halloween costume designs. You can dress up in a jumpsuit and ornament it with exotic and bold accessories. Teenage girls can also go wild and go for an over-the-top dress. Add a snazzy wig, preferably in platinum blonde that also consists of a bow created out of hair. Focus the attention on your eyes. Go for extra thick and extra-long eyelashes. A glittery lightning bolt painted across one eye will complete the Lady Gaga look.

Phantom Cheerleader

Add a unique Halloween twist to the normal cheerleader costume by opting for a black colored cheerleader dress. Go all out and dress up in a black cheerleading skirt, a black vest or a black shirt, black sneakers, and black socks! Accessorize the front portion of your shirt with a skull made from white craft foam. Paint your face like a zombie or as a laughing skull. Last but not the least, carry black pom-poms and cheer through the Halloween festivities.


A princess costume can never go out of style. It will be ideal for girls who have just stepped into their teens. A princess costume not only allows girls to dress up in something lacey and pretty, but it also comes with a fantasy-like experience. One of the most essential parts of a princess costume is the dress. It can be pink, white, or pastel in color. Use shimmering makeup to create the illusion of splendor. Dress shoes and a tiara are also a must. Add a wand, a cape, or a flower basket as accessories.

Bad Fairy

Teenage girls will definitely love to dress up in a bad fairy Halloween costume. Black will again be the main theme. The base costume can consist of black leggings and leotard. You can also go with striped pantyhose. Use black pantyhose and stretch it over a frame made from wire coat hangers to create the wings, and tie them to the shoulders with the help of black ribbon ties. Use strips of black ribbon and tulle that is secured to an elastic waistband to create a tutu. The wand should be painted in silver and black and the star tip should be glistening black. Complete the bad teenage fairy look by painting a zombie face or using loud makeup.


It is very easy to assemble a hippie costume for Halloween. Teenage girls can let their imagination run wild while designing their hippie costumes. The choices are also innumerable. You can go with a raggedy pair of old jeans or a flowing, flowery long skirt. The blouse should have a striking pattern along with a large colorful flower. Lots of flowers, many strands of colored beads, and a headband are all the accessories that you need. You may even paint stars or flowers on your face.


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