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Halloween movies for kids

Updated on September 25, 2013

Halloween is a festival of goblins and ghosts. It a time of the year when you can enjoy a good scare. It may however be noted that kids are more likely to get easily scared as compared to older kids or adults. So if you opt for the wrong Halloween movie, it can give the kids nightmares for many weeks to come. Parents need to go for a movie that will keep the scares to a bare minimum and which is suitable for their age group. Listed below are some of the scary and fun movies that can be enjoyed by kids during Halloween.

  • Casper (PG): It is a 1995 movie based on the famous cartoon character. It stars Bill Pullman (James Harvey) as an afterlife therapist, and Christina Ricci (Kat) as his daughter. They are hired by a woman to remove all the ghosts from a mansion that is haunted by various spirits, so that she can look for the treasure hidden in the house. James and Kat move into the mansion, where Kat gets to meet Casper, a friendly ghost, as well as other unfriendly ghosts. Both of them help these ghosts to get to the afterlife.

  • Hocus Pocus (PG): It is a 1993 Disney movie that stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Milder, and Kathy Najimy as three witch sisters who were sentenced to die during the witch trails in Salem, Massachusetts. A boy was also turned into a cat at that time. Now they have come back 300 years later and seek to avenge the injustice done to them all those years ago. Your kids will get to see them cast spells, duel with hip teenagers, ride vacuum cleaners instead of brooms, and lots more! They will be delighted by how the witch sisters’ attempt to conquer the world on Halloween night is thwarted by the 300 year old cat and others.

  • The Haunted Mansion (PG): It is a Disney movie about a workaholic father played by Eddie Murphy who is trapped along with his family in a haunted mansion. He and his family need to get out of the house safe and sound. The movie is quite jovial and depicts many friendly ghosts. It also has a lot of jokes and thus very entertaining.

  • Ghostbusters (PG): The first installment of this cult movie was released in the year 1984. The story revolves around 3 unusual and eccentric scientists who are given the pink slip from their cushy jobs at a university in New York City. They then set up an enterprise in a rundown firehouse and turn into Ghostbusters. They give their services to all those who wish to trap irritating spirits, poltergeists, ghosts, and pesky haunts. There are a lot of jokes and wisecracks as they travel through the nooks and corners of the city, until they inadvertently discover a portal to another dimension. This gateway will release lots of unimaginable evil into the Big Apple. How the Ghostbusters vanquish the evil and save the day forms the rest of the movie. It is indeed a timeless classic that is ideal for Halloween.

  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (NR): Your child’s experience of Halloween cannot be complete without enjoying this classic 1966 TV film. The movie recounts the story of Charlie Brown and his endearing best friend Linus, and their journey to meet the ‘Great Pumpkin,’ a Santa Claus-like individual who he thinks visits every Halloween night. He even camps out on a patch of pumpkins to prove the presence of his fantasy hero. Just like you fell in love with all the characters of the movie when you were a kid, your children will also get enamored by Charlie, Linus, Snoopy, and their other friends in this lighthearted tale.

  • Halloweentown (NR): It is a 1998 Disney flick which first released on the Disney Channel and tells the story of a teenage girl who comes to know that she belongs to a family of witches and is next in line to become a witch. The girl goes to her hometown called Halloweentown and probes a series of enigmatic disappearances that have been plaguing the entire town. A definite fun Halloween movie for your kids.

  • Monsters, Inc.: Everyone knows about this funny animated movie. Kids will absolutely love it. Have fun!

  • Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie (G): Your children will get to see all their beloved characters of the 100 Acre Wood coming together to celebrate and enjoy Halloween festivities. A new character Lumpy is introduced as Roo’s friend and is a fantastic addition to the group. A Halloween movie cannot be called as one if there is no frightening villain. Tigger will recount horror tales of a terrifying legend called Gobloon. An adventure follows, there is plenty of trick-or treating, and lots of candies, all thanks to Pooh.

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