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Hana Yori Dango

Updated on May 31, 2012

Hana Yori Dango

Hana Yori Dango is a popular manga series that had spawned many drama remakes by different countries- Taiwan's Meteor Garden, Japan's Hana Yori Dango and Korea's Boys Over Flowers. There is even rumours that China is making their own version of HYD. Hana Yori Dango has a total of 241 manga chapters (from Oct 1992 to Sept 2003) and 51 anime episodes. A definite must-read manga series for all young girls. Why? With four hot looking AND rich guys, what more can i say? Hana Yori Dango has a humorous and captivating plot. Trust me, this manga series will keep you in suspense. A page-turner. Continue reading on for more detailed information on Hana Yori Dango! *note: "dango" means "dumpling" in japanese. the author was using a pun of a Japanese expression.

Story Plot

Tsukushi Makino is just an ordinary, working class girl who gets into the prestigious and well known school for rich kids, Eitoku Academy based on her own merits.

She stands out in this school in a bad way, since she is poorer than the rest of the students. Regardless of what people say about her, Makino continues to mind her own business and hopes that the years would quickly pass by.

However, one day when she stood up for her friend, she offended the wealthiest and most influential student in school, Domyouji Tsukasa. The next day, she found a red card with the words "F4" on it in her locker.

That was a sign for all the other students to bully her, using any means. The F4 were a gang of the richest and most popular guys in Eitoku Academy, and they use that method to teach people a lesson.

Despite being bullied constantly, Makino did not give in and stood up for herself. Domyouji Tsukasa was impressed by her determination and the fact that she was the only girl in school who was uninterested in him, and started to fall in love with her. However, Makino despises him a lot especially since that incident. She prefers the much mild-mannered and cool Hanazawa Rui, Tsukasa's best friend, as she believes he is very different from the other F4 boys.

However, Rui is in love with his childhood close friend Todou Shizuka, a model.

The other members of the F4 gang is Nishikado Soujiro, a well known playboy and Mimasaka Akira, the peacemaker in the group.

Read this story for much more love triangles, scandals and many catfights (It's not gonna be pretty), while enjoying the humourous and romantic parts.

The Good

Tsukushi Makino

Tsukushi Makino is a gutsy, brave and hardworking girl. She tolerates being in Eitoku Academy only because her parents force her to be in there. Her parents want her to "seduce a rich man" there so that they could have a good life in future. (you can imagine their ecstasy when Tsukasa became her boyfriend)

Hence, Makino spends her day in school, hoping that she would stay "invisible" to the other rich and snobbish students there. However, this wish of hers went unfulfilled the day she met Tsukasa. After that, school was a terror. She was bullied everyday, and even dragged along the school compound once while dangling from a rope tied to a car.

The only thing she enjoys about school was Hanazawa Rui, who is a calm and quiet person unlike the rest of the F4 guys. Rui treats her like a little sister to him as he is in love with his close childhood as well as Makino's idol, Shizuka.

After Rui left to find Shizuka in France, Makino begins to develop feelings for the hotheaded leader of F4, Tsukasa. After meeting Makino, Tsukasa was changing day by day into a better and less violent person.

Even after being together with Tsukasa, both of them encounters many problems in their relationship, mostly due to Tsukasa's mother. However, Makino decides to become strong so that she and Tsukasa can be together.

Makino is also very hardworking as she juggles both work and studies, so she can help her family with the financial problems. She mostly works at the dango shop with Yuki or at a restaurant as a waitress.

Makino is also a very caring and loyal best friend. Her two best friends are Matsuoka Yuki, her colleague at the dango shop, and Aoike Kazuya, who is in love with her but she does not know it.

In the course of her life, she met many new friends and even became the runner-up for the "Teen of Japan" contest, a well known contest for the smartest and most beautiful teenager in Japan to compete in.

The 3 pretty ladies acting as Tsukushi Makino in the Taiwan, Japan and Korean remakes of HYD!

The 3 pretty ladies acting as Tsukushi Makino in the Taiwan, Japan and Korean remakes of HYD!
The 3 pretty ladies acting as Tsukushi Makino in the Taiwan, Japan and Korean remakes of HYD!

My Favourite Character

My favourte character is no doubt, Tsukushi Makino. She is brave, gutsy, hardworking and such a loyal friend to have. I admire her alot for being the only one to stand up to the F4 and side with justice. Furthermore, she is very humourous and her antics sometimes are funny to watch. (:

Domyouji Tsukasa

Tsukasa is the wealthiest and most influential student in Eitoku Academy. Nobody, even the teachers and principal dares to scold him, as his family donates a lot of money and funds to the school. Hence, in other words, Tsukasa is just a spoilt brat.

Just like Makino, he is a very stubborn person who must get everything done his way. He could beat up people just because they did something very minor, like forgetting to greet him. For your information, Tsukasa is very skilled in all kinds of martial arts such as karate and judo as rich people like him need to learn self defense to fend against abductors. he is also very bad tempered and gets jealous very easily.

Because of Makino, Tsukasa began to change gradually. Makino also learns that Tsukasa actually has a soft side which he does not show publicly.

Tsukasa is a very humourous character as he often gets his Japanese mixed up and messes up every saying in the book. However, he still believes that he is right, no matter how others try to correct his mistakes. He also always gets beaten up by his older sister, Doumyoji Tsubaki.

Although his relationship with Makino gets rocky sometimes, it is still apparent that the couple loves each other a lot. Their problems include the lack of trust in each other sometimes, other third parties and most importantly, his strict mother who does not want him together with Makino, a commoner.

As his parents were always working, they have no time for him, and Tsukasa grew up being lonely. He did not have any friends at first, as no one wanted to be friends with a snobbish rich kid. At that time, he had often cried to his sister and even tried to "bribe" other children to be playmates with him, by giving them an expensive toy. It was only later that he made friends with the Rui, Soujiro and Akira.

The 3 hotties acting as Domyouji Tsukasa in the Taiwan, Japanese & Korean version of HYD drama

The 3 hotties acting as Domyouji Tsukasa in the Taiwan, Japanese & Korean version of HYD drama
The 3 hotties acting as Domyouji Tsukasa in the Taiwan, Japanese & Korean version of HYD drama

Boys Over Flowers Vol. 1 (2009)

Boys Over Flowers Vol. 2 (2009)

Hanazawa Rui

Hanazawa Rui is in short, every girls' prince. Well mannered, calm, talented and really cool. Makino was even more enchanted by him after she saw him playing the violin beautifully, another one of his talents.

Rui often keeps to himself and mostly puts on a poker face. He is very in love with the beautiful and cheerful Shizuka, his childhood playmate. However, she treats him like her own little brother. Rui was heartbroken when she decides to leave for France and would not return back to Japan again. He became even more depressed after newspaper reports about rumours of Shizuka marrying a French politician surfaces.

Nonetheless, he is still on good terms with Makino who idolizes Shizuka. He almost got expelled out of the academy after Tsukasa caught them both together and became very angry with them.

Ruis parents were killed in an accident when he was young and he became autistic after that traumatizing experience. He did not smile and was never happy, until Shizuka appeared in his life. That was when he started to smile once again.

His relationship with Makino got a little complicated later, after he slowly found out that he loves her actually. However, as Tsukasa was his best friend, he did not pursue Makino. It was in New York when he confessed to her his feelings.

However, both of them are still very good friends, and as Makino puts it, they are the "Eitoku stairway buddies", since both likes to hang out at the fire escape stairs at their school. As the series progresses, Rui becomes more talkative and cheerful, thanks to Makino's influence.

Hanazawa Rui- in Taiwan, Japan and Korean!

Hanazawa Rui- in Taiwan, Japan and Korean!
Hanazawa Rui- in Taiwan, Japan and Korean!

Nishikado Soujiro

Soujiro is the ultimate playboy, always picking up girls at nightclubs and parties. Together with Akira, they will try to "educate" Tsukasa and Rui on how to get girls. He also often makes fun of them for not losing their virginity yet. Nonetheless, the two of them tries hard to join Tsukasa and Makino together, when those two fights.

However, Soujiro has a talent and specialty in Japanese tea appreciation arts, since he was a young boy. As the next heir to a large company, Soujiro knows the outcome of his future. Despite his family looking really happy to others, Soujiro's father is a playboy who neglects his family. Hence, sick of being in such a family, Soujiro's elder brother left the family to become a doctor.

In this story, Yuki, Makino's best friend, falls in love with Soujiro, but always gets rejected by him. Soujiro's reason is that he does not date "good" girls, and especially girls associated with his friends, and Makino was considered his friend.

Another reason which he kept to himself was that he was still in love with another girl, his childhood friend Sara. He broke her heart by not turning up to meet her once, when she finally had the courage to confess her feelings to him. Hence, he now regrets it a lot, and never has a true, long term girlfriend ever.

Thus, the sentence "Ichigo Ichie" or "once in a lifetime opportunity" means a lot to him.

Beware of these heartbreakers! :)

Beware of these heartbreakers! :)
Beware of these heartbreakers! :)

Mimasaka Akira

Akira is just like Soujiro- a playboy. However, the difference is that he prefers older women, and has no qualms dating married women too. He is usually together with Soujiro at nightclubs and parties. He had even once been caught by the husband of the woman he was dating.

Akira is also good at sports such as basketball and volleyball too. In F4, he is the peacemaker, often trying to help Tsukasa calm down when he gets mad. You could say that he is "neutral" and prefers to side with no one.

It is shown in the manga that he has two younger sisters who are very pretty, just like his 38 year old mother. Even Makino was stunned by how pretty and young she looked, and mistook her for another of his little sisters.

Just like the other F4 guys, money is no problem to him, as Akira's family owns a large trading company. Just like the other 3 guys, Akira lives in a mansion too.

Mimasaka Akira!

Mimasaka Akira!
Mimasaka Akira!

Todou Shizuka

Shizuka is best known as Rui's first true love. She was the one who had made him smile and be happy again after his bad childhood experience. Makino idolises her a lot, as Shizuka is smart, pretty and very kindhearted.

Shizuka helped Makino many times too. For example, she gave Makino a spare clothes to wear when Makino's uniform was dirtied during the bullying, and also dressed Makino up prettily during a formal ball event. Furthermore, she always encourages Makino to stay by Rui's side as she likes Makino a lot. Shizuka's favourite phrase is "Wear great shoes, and they will take you to great places someday", which Makino bears in heart.

However, Shizuka broke Rui's heart after he learns that she is going to live in Paris and become a lawyer, and would not return to Japan again. While announcing this fact to the crowd, she also snipped off her beautiful long hair, saying that she was going to "disown" her family business, as she wants to earn her own money and help those people in need.

At the end of the series, she eventually gets married to a French guy whom she met. She also gets Rui's congratulations, who later realises that he was not really in love with her but just adores and idolises her.

I think that the Korean version (extreme right) Shizuka is the prettiest! She's Han Chae Young, btw.

I think that the Korean version (extreme right) Shizuka is the prettiest! She's Han Chae Young, btw.
I think that the Korean version (extreme right) Shizuka is the prettiest! She's Han Chae Young, btw.

You're Beautiful (2010)

Doumyouji Tsubaki

Tsubaki is Tsukasa's older sister. She does not hesitate to beat Tsukasa if she feels that he is doing something wrong. Otherwise, she is a cheerful and caring person who loves her younger brother and Makino a lot.

She likes Makino and supports her as she thinks that Makino is able to help Tsukasa. Another reason is because to the rich people out there like her and Tsukasa, true friends are very difficult to find and keep.

Hence, she would even go against her mother to help Tsukasa be together with Makino. She had been forced by her mother to marry a rich company heir when she was young, and she had to give up her real love back then, Hence, she does not want her little brother to follow her mistakes. After marrying the company heir, she had to move to Los Angeles to stay with him and only returns to Japan sometimes.

Some other good qualities about her is that she is a straightforward and trustworthy person. Tsubaki is also unbiased and does not side with her own brother if she knows that he is wrong. Tsukasa fears facing the wrath of his sister too. Hence, she is a very likable and AWESOME character. :D

Best of all, Tsubaki is very beautiful and she always does her best to help the couple Tsukasa and Makino stay together. She was also the person who taught Makino many things for the "Teen of Japan" contest, something she herself had won before.

Matsuoka Yuki

Yuki is Makino's colleague at the dango shop as well as her best friend. Makino will always confide in Yuki as Yuki is trustworthy friend and a good listener. Their relationship is so good until Makino is willing to stay away from Tsukasa in order for Yuki's father not to get fired (caused by Tsukasa's mother)

Yuki is a very sweet, likable and innocent girl. She falls for the popular playboy Nishikado Soujiro, as he helped her get back at a bad guy who was two-timing Yuki and another girl at the same time. Influenced by his love for Japanese tea appreciation art, Yuki joins a club for that in her school. Little does she know that her senior, Sara, is actually Soujiro's childhood playmate and first love.

Later, she helped Soujiro realised that Sara had actually wanted to confess her feelings for him at the top of a building, but he did not turned up.

Thanks to Soujiro, Yuki becomes a more confident girl who dares to speak up for herself. Even Makino was impressed by how much Yuki had changed, as she was the one normally "protecting" the sweet innocent Yuki, who might not even survive a day in Eitoku academy.

Yuki is a very supportive friend of Makino and also dishes out some advice to Makino. She also encourages Makino to be nicer to Tsukasa and hopes that the two could be together.

(Picture: Yuki cut her hair later in the story)

Aoike Kazuya

Aoike Kazuya has been Makino's good friend since they were very young. He had always have a crush on her, but she is always oblivious of his feelings for her. Hence, he does not have the chance to tell her. *poor guy*

When his father became rich due to owning some real estate, Kazuya transferred over to Eitoku Academy to accompany Makino. However, he arrived there at the wrong time since Makino was the hit target of the school then, and he had gotten implicated by staying near her. Thus, both of them were targets of the whole school. Furthermore, the F4 guys often mock him for being a "new rich kid", as unlike them, Kazuya was not born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

Despite being bullied too, Kazuya still remains cheerful and continues to stick together with Makino. Hence, he is one of the friends that Makino trusts a lot besides Yuki.

Both Yuki and him felt very guilty after Makino left Tsukasa so that their parents would not lose their jobs, due to Tsukasa's mother evil doings.

Ookawahara Shigeru

Shigeru was the girl Tsukasa's mother chose for him to marry, so as to help her company business, as Shigeru was the "princess" of the large and famous Ookawahara Corporation. At first, Shigeru and Tsukasa were completely against this arranged marriage, but as she started to know him better, she fell in love with him. Hence, Shigeru always pesters Tsukasa and treats him like he is really her fiancé.

She does not know much about Makino's relationship with Tsukasa and went to ask Makino a lot of questions about dating and everything about Tsukasa. However, she does know that Tsukasa still loves Makino a lot.

After she realises that Tsukasa would never love her as much as he loves Makino, she decides to give him up, and pairs him and Makino together. She even planned a surprise trip for them by "kidnapping" the two of them alone on board a ship headed to an island. Hence, the pair's feelings grew for each other.

Shigeru also went to help Makino a lot. Once, she even let Makino's family stay in one of her large mansions, when they were having financial difficulties. She also supports Makino and Tsukasa being together.

Makino was her first best friend and later Sakurako too.

Shigeru is a gutsy, adventurous and kind hearted character too! :D


Tama-san is an old woman who has been in charge of housekeeping matters in the Doumyouji household. She had worked 60 years of her life in there, and even Kaede Doumyouji would not defy her.

Tama dotes on Tsukasa and Tsubaki and hopes that Tsukasa would be together with Makino. She trusts and knows that Makino is a good person who has changed Tsukasa a lot for the better. Before Makino's appearance, Tsukasa had always been violent and unhappy. Hence, she supports Makino.

Tama was married when she was young, but her husband was killed during a war. After that, she began to work for Tsukasa's father, and decided to live in the Doumyouji household then.

She has a lot of influence in that household. Despite being old already, she could still be rather energetic and active. In fact, many of the humorous scenes occurs with her around.

She was also the one who had helped Makino to live in the Doumyouji household when Makino was working as a maid there.

Amakusa Scinosuke a.k.a Kin-san

Amakusa is the son of a well known politician. His grandfather was even a former Prime Minister. Hence, he comes from a very wealthy and influential company. Amakusa saved Makino from con men while working. As Amakusa was working, Makino assumes that he was in the same dire financial situation as her family. The two of them even went for a "date" together. Makino had named him Kin san after an actor.

However, Tsukasa returns from New York to expose Amakusa's real identity to a shocked Makino. Amakusa turns out to be an Eirin High student, which is also a very well known school for the wealthy.

Amakusa reveals to Makino later that even though he is rich, he does not want to always live off his parents and eventually succeed the position of his father. Thus, he wants to earn his own money and stand on his own two feet.

The only reason why he did not tell Makino that he was rich previously was that he was afraid of losing this new friend. Furthermore, he did not get the chance to tell her, as she interrupted him when he wanted to tell her about his family. After meeting Makino, he felt that she was his ideal girl and wanted to court her.

However, he already has a fiancée Kurimaki Ayano, the daughter of an UN ambassador. His fiancée had heard about Amakusa's affections for Makino and is coming back from the US to compete with Makino in the upcoming "Teen of Japan" contest, an event which only happens once every 3 years.

Amakusa is a very loyal friend and always help Makino. When her room collapsed (seriously), he took her to stay in his house and gave her food to eat, meanwhile calling the Domyouji family to scold Tsukasa (Tsubaki picked up the phone then) for not taking good care of Makino.

Later, he have his own happiness with Ayano, who helps him at his sushi shop. Amakusa had been training to become a sushi chef and his dream is to own his own sushi restaurant one day.

Secret Garden

From shiny tracksuits to cappuccino foam kisses, the SBS fantasy romance Secret Garden provided some of the hottest topics and most heartrending small screen moments of 2011. The hot drama attracted audiences from the get-go with its body swap premise and superstar pairing of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, but what elevated it to a national sensation was the cast's sizzling comedic and romantic chemistry. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won bicker away in the series as an eccentric, elitist CEO and a spunky stuntwoman who hate each other almost as much as they're undeniably attracted to each other. Hyun Bin, in particular, rose to a new level of popularity for his versatile performance as the arrogant man-child hero who is maddening, hilarious, and lovable all at once when faced with the unfamiliar challenge of courting a girl from the other side of the tracks. It'll take some magical intervention to get these two stubborn lovebirds to 'fess up to their feelings!

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2011)

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

In Korean mythology, a 'gumiho' is a nine-tailed fox spirit (and a shape-shifter that usually appears in the guise of a woman) with magical powers and an appetite for human organs. Wannabe movie star Dae-woong (Lee Seung-Gi, Brilliant Legacy) learns that a gumiho isn't so evil after all when he accidentally frees 500-year-old Mi-ho (Shin Min-Ah) into the human world. Naive, inquisitive, and beautiful, Mi-ho just wants to hang out with Dae-woong and eat beef every day, bringing barrels of unexpected troubles into his life. Mi-ho learns of a way to become human from a mysterious hunter named Dong-joo (Noh Min-Woo). But what Mi-ho doesn't know is that her dream of becoming human could end up killing Dae-woong. A modern love story steeped in ancient folklore, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is the latest must-see Korean TV drama from the creators of You're Beautiful and My Girl.


......and the bad.

Doumyouji Kaede

The ultimate baddie in Hana Yori Dango. When she learns that her precious son Tsukasa was in love with the commoner Makino, she does everything in her power to intervene.

She also threatens Makino by causing Yuki and Kazuya's parents to be jobless. Hence, she put Makino in a difficult position by trying to make her decide between love and friends. Before that, she even tried to give money (a large sum) to "bribe" Makino into leaving Tsukasa's side. Furthermore, she even arranges the marriage between Tsukasa and Shigeru, as Shigeru is someone who has high status and someone that matches Tsukasa.

Kaede runs a line of hotels that are named after her. Hence, she is always busy at work and have no time for her children. She does not have a good relationship with Tsubaki either, as she made her daughter gave up her true love to marry a rich company heir then.

Kaede is the only person whom the F4 fears. She's the person who can shut them up. She's so influential and powerful that she has the Japanese army and politicians all in her control.

Her dislike for Makino grew after Makino called her a "shitty old hag" and Makino even slapped her once.

However, it was later in the series when it was revealed that Kaede loves her children a lot. For example, she had always kept a toy bunny that was Tsukasa's favourite toy when he was young, to remind her of him when she was busy at work. She had also made her daughter marry a rich company heir instead of a poor boyfriend then, as she wants her daughter Tsubaki to have a good and comfortable life and future ahead, instead of suffering.

Hence, she is actually not a very bad person after all, despite the horrible things she did to Makino and her own son.

Once, during an important deal she had with another company was saved by Makino who went to help her, and Kaede could not bear the thought of being in Makino's debt.

Later, she even gave Makino and Tsukasa "one year" to be together, meaning that she had accepted Makino already. By doing so, her relationship with Tsubaki also improved. :)

Asari Yuriko, Ayuhara Eriko and Yamano

They are a gang of 3 girls whose aim in life is probably making Makino's life in school horrible. In love with F4, they hate Makino for "stealing" the F4 guys from them. As they are from rich families, they take every chance to make fun of Makino's lowly status in school, hoping to embarrass her.

Once, they even spread a rumour about Makino being very "wanton" and "sleep around with different guys, and is now pregnant". That caused Makino to believe that it was Tsukasa who did it as she was given the F4 red card then.

Worse still, they almost caused Makino to nearly die. They went together with the F4, Makino, Yuki and Sakurako to the resort Tsukasa's family has in Canada. It was snowing very heavily then, and they lied to Makino that Yuki was out by herself skiing. Hence, Makino rushed out to the mountains to find her best friend, without thinking, and nearly would have died if Tsukasa did not go and find her. Even after Makino let them off the hook, they still say that they do not regret it and wished that she had indeed died then.

Hence, they are just sneaky and petty people who stab people in the back.


Sakurako is probably the second bad-est person in this story.

Makino first met Sakurako at a party, and even saved her from a lecherous old man trying to get fresh with Sakurako. At first, Sakurako came across as a sweet and pretty doll-looking girl. Sakurako then made friends with Makino and acts really nice and innocent.

However, she bought Makino to a club one day to party. Makino, probably after drinking a spiked drink, became unconscious. When she woke up the next day, she was in a hotel room alone. Later in school, pictures of her sleeping with a guy surfaced. He was Thomas, someone she met in the pub the previous day and who looked like Hanazawa Rui. Hence, Tsukasa was mad with Makino and she was bullied everyday again by the students.

It was later revealed that Thomas was Sakurako's German/American friend. She had purposely framed Makino so that she herself could get close to Tsukasa, whom she always liked. Despite her cute and innocent appearance, Sakurako was actually a regular at a pub and always went dancing and clubbing, wearing scantily clad clothes.

When she was young and in the same kindergarten as Tsukasa, she fell in love with this hotheaded leader of F4 back then. However, after knowing that she likes him, the young Tsukasa made fun of her and taunts her, calling her an ugly person.

Hence, she undergo plastic surgery to become prettier, hoping to take revenge on Tuskasa. She had wanted him to fall in love with her, and play with him for a while before dumping him. However, she later could not do so as she knew that she still loves him. Tsukasa was still uninterested in her as he only has eyes for Makino.

Later, Sakurako turned for the better and became a loyal friend to Makino. When Tsukasa lost his memory of Makino during an accident, and a girl called "Yumi" tried to get close to him, Sakurako stood up for Makino and went to confront Yumi. This proves that she is also actually a good person at heart.

Sakurako's favourite phrase is calling those uglier looking girls than her "ugly cows".

Her good friend later was Shigeru. She gained Shigeru's utmost admiration after she stood up for Makino.


Junpei was first seen by Makino to be the younger brother of a previous classmate that she had. He also said that he was in Eitoku academy too.

Later, she found out that he uses a "nerdy" appearance in school so as not to gain attention. In actual fact, he was a professional model who is very popular.

Junpei made friends with Makino and pretends to save her many times during accidents, like a crashing flowerpot someone throw at her. Hence, Makino trusted him. She also feels that Junpei was the only one in school who was in the "same world" as her, unlike the other rich kids. During that time, he tried to convince her that it was Tsukasa who did all that, but she did not believe it.

Hence, one day, he kidnapped her and brought her to a warehouse. He also called Tsukasa to come and rescue Makino, whom he had tied up. He also cut off some of her hair to send as a warning to Tsukasa.

When Tsukasa arrived, JunPei and his gang went to beat up Tsukasa badly, breaking some of his ribs. Makino also uses her body to shield Tsukasa then.

It was revealed that Junpei wanted revenge for his brother, whom Tsukasa had beaten up severely during a fight, until his ribs broke. Tsukasa got away with assault as his rich father settled the matter with money. After that, his dear brother's health changed a lot for the worse, and Junpei vowed revenge. Hence, he got close to Makino for this purpose of avenging his brother.

The other 3 F4 guys then dealt with the men who had injured Makino and Tsukasa then. Junpei was left for Tsukasa to deal with, though it was not show what had happened to him later. He showed up at the hospital to apologize to Makino later, but Makino did not forgive him.


Thomas is Sakurako's German/American friend. She uses him to frame Makino back then, so that Tsukasa would dump Makino.

Thomas reminds Makino of Hanazawa Rui as they looked quite alike. Hence, she fell for Sakurako's trap then.

However, even though Thomas looks like Rui, his mannerisms and table manners are really horrible. He chews loudly and even farts in public. He can speak Japanese, German and English.

Later, while on her way to New York to find Tsukasa, Makino ran into him on the streets again. He had been deported from Japan after the officials learnt that he had been living there illegally. Bored with Germany, Thomas headed to New York then. His friend then had even robbed Makino of her luggage earlier.

Together with his friends, all of them went to accompany and support Makino as she went to the Doumyouji mansion to find Tsukasa.

City Hunter

City Hunter
City Hunter

Based on a famous Japanese comic, City Hunter is a Korean TV drama thriller starring Lee Min-Ho (Boys Over Flowers) and Park Min-Young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) that follows a trail of revenge and romance all the way to the presidential Blue House. In 1983, South Korea sent an undercover military unit to North Korea on a top-secret mission. On their way home, the special agents were mercilessly killed as part of a cover up. Years later, the mission's sole survivor Jin-pyo (Kim Sang-Joong, Palace) and his adopted son Yoon-sung (Lee Min-Ho) return to South Korea to exact revenge on the five men behind the betrayal. One by one, Yoon-sung (the 'City Hunter') exposes his targets' crimes and delivers them to dogged prosecutor Young-ju (Lee Joon-Hyuk, City Hall). Jin-pyo, however, is out for blood, putting father and son at dangerous odds as the stakes rise and the targets hit closer and closer to home.


Kunisawa Amon

Amon was the Tsukasa-lookalike whom Kaede Doumyouji hired to make him break up Tsukasa and Makino.

Makino first met Amon during a party with Shigeru, Yuki and Sakurako. There, she saw Amon together with 3 other guys, and was shocked at how much he resembles Tsukasa. Amon looks, behaves and even sounds like Tsukasa.

Later, Amon told her that he was the cousin of Tsukasa. Apparently, he was not rich like Tsukasa and lives in a normal apartment.

(Tsukasa did not believe Makino when she claims that she had met his cousin, as he does not even know he has one, much less one that resembles him so much.)

Amon and Makino later dated for a while. Just like Junpei, Amon was someone whom she could relate to, someone who was in the "same world" as her. Of course, the fact which he looks like Tsukasa helps. Amon was also someone who works for a living, and knows hardship like her. He later revealed to her that he had been living alone for many years, as his parents abandoned him when he was young. Since then, he had to learn to be independent.

As time passed, Amon really began to develop feelings for Makino. However, both Amon and Makino knows that no matter what, Makino was still deeply in love with Tsukasa, and he later reveals whom he really was. In actual fact, he was not the real cousin of Tsukasa, just a lookalike whom Kaede Doumyouji paid a lot of money to break up Makino and Tsukasa.

Amon later helped Makino and Tsukasa, by pretending to date Makino, so to give more time for the couple to be together. That way, since Kaede thinks that Amon is with Makino, she will not interfere as much.

Chapter Analysis and Quick Summary (Part 1)

Spoilers alert!!

Chapter 1-50

- Makino attends Eitoku Academy.

- Her friend Makiko offended Tsukasa, leader of F4

- Makino stood up for Makiko, offended Tsukasa too.

- Received red tag the next day. Bullied by student population.

- Makino resisted and declared war on F4.

- Tsukasa falls in love with her.

- She in turn loves Hanazawa Rui.

- Her friend Kazuya arrives to Eitoku.

- Shizuka Hio returns from France. She is Rui's childhood friend and crush.

- Makino saves girl, Sakurako, from a pervert.

- Makino meets a guy, Thomas, who resembles Rui.

- Pictures of her and Thomas in bed leaked in the whole school.

- Makino found out later that it was Sakurako who framed her. Meanwhile, she was tortured by the students again.

- Tsukasa goes to save her, and confesses his love for her.

- F4 and Makino went for a trip to one of Tsukasas family private island.

- Tsukasa caught Makino hugging and kissing Rui and is heartbroken.

- He goes back to school and vows to expel both of them.

- Kazuya becomes the new member of F4, since Rui is not part of it anymore.

- Tsukasa's sister, Tsubaki, arrives back to Japan from L.A.

- Prevented her brother from expelling Makino and Rui. Suggested way to solve problem.

- Sports game to be chosen and F4, Makino and Kazuya are to play basketball to "fight". Losers must accept demands of the winner.

- Tsukasa's team was winning. Tsukasa quit the game during the last 10 seconds.

- His words cause Makino and Rui not to be expelled.

Chapter 51-100

- Life becomes a little more normal for Makino.

- Tsukasa and Rui make up.

- Makino's father was retrenched. Their family have to move house.

- Makino decides to get another job.

- Was nearly taken advantage of by con men. A guy saves her.

- Makino calls her saviour "Kin-san". Kin san finds her a job at a fast food restaurant.

- At the same time, Tsukasa decides to go to New York, and would stay there for at least 2 years.

- Rui finally tells Tsukasa that him and Makino and nothing going on, and that Makino might be in love with Tsukasa.

- Tsukasa learns "Kin-san"'s real identity while in New York.

- He returns to Japan and exposes Kin-san's identity. Kin-san is actually Amakusa, the son of a politician and is very wealthy and influential.

- Amakusa confesses his love for Makino.

- Makino's father lost $10000 gambling. Makino vows to find a solution.

- Tsukasa lends Makino the money, in return, Makino has to join the upcoming "Teen of Japan" contest, an event which happens once every 3 years.

- Makino trains hard for the contest. Tsubaki hires trainers for her.

- Makino wins first runner up for the contest. Kin-san's fiancée, Ayano, wins the TOJ contest.

- Makino goes on a date with Tsukasa with a little boy whom she met on TOJ.

- Falls out with Tsukasa. Again.

- F4 decides to go to Canada for holiday. F3, except Tsukasa, invites Makino to go along.

- The mean trio overheard and tags along. Sakurako goes too.

- The mean trio tricks Makino into going out into a snowstorm.

- Tsukasa saves Makino. They spent night together in a cabin.

- Back to Japan, Makino hangs out with her middle school classmates. Tsukasa ruins the gathering and insulted her.

- Makino meets Junpei, the brother of her classmate whom Tsukasa injured.

- Learns that Junpei is a famous model. Makino then appeared on a magazine cover with him.

- Tsukasa is enraged that Makino is together with Junpei. He tells her that he loves her.

- Tsukasa disappears. The next day, Makino was nearly killed by a falling flower pot. She also receives a red tag again.

- Makino gets kidnapped. Mastermind turns out to be Junpei. Tsukasa goes to save her and is badly beaten up.

- Junpei tells them that he was taking revenge for his good friend, whom Tsukasa injured very badly in the past.

- Later, Makino attends Tsukasa's 18th birthday party and made a very bad impression on Tsukasa's mother, who just came back from New York.

- Tsukasa runs away with Makino.

Chapter 101-150

- They return.

- Tsukasa's mother goes to visit Makino's family and tells them to stay away from her son. Makino's mother pour salt over her.

- Tsukasa's mother then invites her over and introduce Tsukasa's fiancée, Shigeru to Makino and Tsukasa.

- Tsukasa pulls Shigeru out of the room by mistake.

- Shigeru tells Tsukasa that she has come to like him. She befriends Makino.

- Tsukasa hits Makino and regrets it. He realises that he should give up Makino.

- Tsukasa begins dating Shigeru.

- Tsukasa, Shigeru, Rui and Makino goes to Shigeru's summer house for a stay.

- Tsukasa tells Shigeru that he only loves Makino.

- Makino's parents and brother move out to live at a fishing village, as they are really broke.

- Makino lives alone by herself. Shigeru visits and tells Makino that Tsukasa only has Makino in his heart.

- When Soujiro, Akira and Rui bought too many furniture for Makino, her small apartment caves in (seriously!!!) and Makino is homeless.

- Kin-san appears and helps her. He later calls Tsubaki to pick Makino up. He was training to become a sushi chef.

- Tsubaki invites Makino to stay over at her house. Makino insists on being a maid at their house in return for letting her stay.

- Tama san makes her Tsukasa's personal maid.

- Tsukasa takes her to stargaze, and gives her a saturn necklace.

- Makino agrees to go out with Tsukasa. They have a double date together with Yuki and her boyfriend.

- Tsukasa beats Yuki's boyfriend for insulting Yuki and Makino. Tsukasa and Makino quarrel again as he did not tell her why he did that.

- Yuki is heartbroken when her boyfriend breaks up with her. She met Soujiro who comforted her and help her to get "revenge".

- Yuki and Soujiro team up to get Makino and Tsukasa together again.

- Tsukasa's mother returns. Tama, the head of all the maids in the household, sided with Makino when Tsukasa's mother wanted her to leave.

- Makino gets to live there.

- Tsukasa wants to leave home, so that he can protect Makino. Makino tells him not to.

- Tsukasa's mother causes Yuki and Kazuya's fathers to be fired, and Makino accepts her condition to leave Tsukasa. Makino leaves the Domyouji family.

- She heads to the fishing village where her family is.

- Tsukasa reverts back to his usual violent ways.

- At the fishing village, Makino meets a strange young man, Yoshimatsu Matsutaro who mistook her as his ex-girlfriend Rika when he was drunk.

- The villagers there wanted to chase Makin's family out of the village as they believed that Makino's parents were lying about Makino dating Tsukasa.

- Rui and Tsukasa arrives there to help Makino pay back the loan.

- Makino decides to go back to Tokyo. Shigeru gives her a place to stay.

Makiko Endou

Makiko is Makino's first good friend in school. It was also Makiko who started the whole "red tag" problem for Makino. Makiko had tripped and fallen down the stairs, unfortunately landing on Tsukasa. Standing up for her friend, Makino offended Tsukasa, which later resulted in him giving her the red tag.

Even though Makino had helped her get out of trouble, Makiko pretended not to know her when Makino was being bullied. Hence, she left Makino alone to suffer and fend for herself. In other words, Makiko is just a coward and un-loyal friend, unlike Makino.

However, when Makino's class took Makino's table and chair away and hid it, Makiko went to get it back for her, without anyone seeing her do that, of course.

After that incident, Makiko was not mentioned in the story anymore.

Chapter Analysis and Quick Summary (Part 2)

Spoilers alert!!!

Chapter 151-200

- She goes on a get together party with Yuki, Sakurako and Shigeru and mets someone who looks a lot like Tsukasa. He claims he is Kiyonaga, Tsukasa's cousin.

- Makino falls ill while retrieving her necklace in a cold river. Kiyonaga takes care of her.

- Kiyonaga later tells her that he is not the real cousin of Tsukasa, but a man whom Tsukasa's mother hired to break the couple up.

- Makino makes the fake Kiyonaga to go find Tsukasa's mother.

- Makino begins dating Amon, the fake Kiyonaga.

- Meanwhile, Tsukasa decided to pursue Makino, even if it meant using force.

Makino and Tsukasa gets back together again.

- They decided to date in secret. Amon had informed Tsukasa's mother that he was "dating" Makino, so that Makino and Tsukasa can have more time together.

- Soujiro and Akira "kidnaps" Tsukasa and tricks Makino into going into Akira's house, so that the couple can spend time with each other in private.

- SPS from Tsukasa's family goes to Akira's house to find the couple. Fortunately, Makino managed to avoid them.

- Makino reveals her true feelings about Tsukasa at Soujiro's party. SShe also tells her friends that Tsukasa and her have been dating in secret all this while.

- Yuki also confessed her love for Soujiro and is unfazed even though he rejected her.

- Makino's parents found a job. Makino and her brother Susumu have to live together in a small apartment. A burglar breaks into the house on the first night.

- Yuki tells Soujiro that she wants the full course: date, kiss and bed.

- Tsukasa rents the apartment to stay next to Makino so he could watch out for her. He can't adapt to the living conditions and goes home at dawn each day.

- Soujiro tells Yuki a little about the girl whom he liked last time, and how he stood her up once, and therefore regrets it now. Yuki spends the night searching for a building where the girl waited for Soujiro.

- SPS goes to Makino's house. Makino and Tsukasa goes back to his home. Tsubaki just came back too.

- Tsubaki is glad Tsukasa and Makino are dating.

- Soujiro's childhood friend Sara and his strained relationship with his parents is revealed.

- Yuki finally found the building she was looking for. She brings Soujiro to show him what Sara had been trying to show to him back then.

- Tsukasa's mother found out about Tsukasa living next to Makino and cancel all his credit cards. She gets specially trained agents to take him away. She also found out that her son had been dating Makino on the sly, after she saw them both at a major baseball match.

- Soujiro, Rui and Akira suspects that Tsukasa had been apprehended by his mother, as he even dropped out of school.

- Makino decides to go to New York to find Tsukasa. She gets robbed of her luggage within 30 minutes, and meets Thomas there too.

- After finding Tsukasa's house, she meets Tama-san there and manages to get inside.

- She meets Tsukasa's mother inside, and surprisingly, she takes Makino to see Tsukasa.

- However, when she sees him, Tsukasa is cold to her and tells her he is not going back to Japan.

- Just when she was feeling down, Hanazawa Rui appears. He takes her to his apartment in New York.

- Rui kisses her and tells her later that he just realise that he adores and admires Shizuka more than he actually loves Shizuka. He tells Makino that he likes her.

- She meets an old man at a park and they get along well. He brings her to his office and Makino realises that he is the president of a major company whom Tsukasa's mother is trying to work with for a merger.

- Makino helps the two parties make up. She decides to go back to Japan with Rui.

- Tsukasa's mother does not want to be in Makino's debt and goes to the airport and tells Makino she will grant one wish of hers.

- Makino's wish is for Tsukasa to remember his promise.

- Tsukasa arrives at the airport and saw Rui kissing Makino. Rui tells Tsukasa that he loves Makino. Rui punches Tsukasa for the first time.

- Makino tells Tsukasa to remember all his promises and leaves.

Chapter 201-241 (end)

- Soujiro, Akira, Sakurako and Shigeru are all upset that Tsukasa is not coming back and that he and Makino are breaking up.

- Soon, Tsukasa arrives and both of them have a stew meal. But before they could enjoy the meal, agents appear and take them away.

- Both wakes up on a boat. However, both have no idea whose boat it is and where the boat is heading to.

-Makino gets seasick on the journey. Tsukasa takes care of her.

- Tsukasa finally tells Makino that he regretted sending her away when she went to look for him in New York. He also tells her that it is okay of she wants to be with Rui. Makino scolds Tsukasa and tells him that she only loves him.

- The boat stops at a deserted island.

- While looking around the island, Makino and Tsukasa found a large resort. They also found out that Shigeru wad the one who planned everything, so that Makino and Tsukasa will make up and be together again. Soujiro and Akira also came along with her.

- As Makino was injured after falling into a swamp on the way, Tsukasa was angry with Shigeru.

- All of them went back to Tokyo. There was news nationwide that Tsukasa was missing and speculations that he was kidnapped.

- At the boat pier, Tsukasa was stabbed by a man amidst the crowd. Makino carried him to the hospital.

- Tsukasa was in critical condition due to loss of blood.

- Tsukasa's mother arrived and appeared emotionless about her son, whose life was in danger. Makino slaps her for being heartless.

- Later, Tama-san saw Tsukasa's mother throwing a toy bunny into a rubbish bin outside the hospital. She realises that it was Tsukasa's favourite toy when he was young, and that his mother had kept it all along.

- In his sub-consciousness, Tsukasa remembers Makino and his condition was finally out of danger.

- Makino rushes to the Domyoji household just in time before Tsukasa's mother left and apologizes for slapping her.

- Tsukasa's mother tells Makino that she will give her and Tsukasa a year to be together and she will no longer interfere with them.

- Tsukasa wakes up, but he no longer recognizes Makino.

- The other F3 and Makino tried different methods to make Tsukasa remember her.

- Makino feels uneasy when a patient at the hospital, Umi, starts to get close to Tsukasa.

- Makino makes a bento and leaves it beside Tsukasa's bed.

- Tsukasa wakes up and Umi lied that she had made that bento. Tsukasa thinks that she is the one he has forgotten.

- Makino visits Tsukasa at his house when he was discharged from the hospital. She realises that Umi had lied that she made the bento.

- She decides not to visit Tsukasa anymore. Sakurako went to confront Umi. Umi went to confess her love to Tsukasa, and went to boast to Makino.

- Makino makes a decision to return all of Tsukasa's gifts to her. Upset when he claims he does not need a girlfriend, she throws a baseball at his head and left.

- She does not know Tsukasa regained his memory upon that hit, until he went to find her. The couple reconciles.

- Soujiro went up the building with Sara, hoping to see Sara's confession that he had missed last time. However, the building was torn down and they did not get to. Sara leaves. Soujiro calls Yuuki. Both spent the night together.

- Tsukasa proposes to Makino. She thought that he had gone crazy. Tsukasa reveals that he has to go off to New York to work, as his father had collapsed, and he wants to do something for his company, and will only be back after four years.

- Tsukasa attends a press conference. He claims he will return to Tokyo after four years to find the girl whom he loved.

- He asked Makino out and bought her to Kin-san's sushi place, where he was working. Ayano was with Kin-san too.

- Makino bought a new pair of expensive leather shoes as she remembered Shizuka's sayings. They head to Tsukasa's house and meets his sister.

- Tsukasa hires a helicopter and bought Makino to a private island. Both spent the night together.

- Makino's parents wants her to transfer to another school, as they cannot afford the expensive tuition at Eitoku.

- He bought a dress for Makino to wear for the graduation party, but her mother ruined it. Makino goes to the fancy ball dressed in her normal clothes. She dances with Kazuya and the F3.

- Tsukasa's mother decides to let Tsukasa do whatever he wishes after the four years. Tsukasa leaves for New York.

[Special One-shot chapter]

- One year passes. Makino is working at a real estate agency. Rui goes to her home and gives her an invitation to Shizuka's wedding in France.

- Makino went off alone to get more camera film, and gets attacked by a robber. Tsukasa arrives to save her.

- At the church basement, Makino tells Tsukasa her feelings. He tells her that he has bought over her working place and paid for her four years of tuition fee at Eitoku University.

- She catches Shizuka (the bride)'s bouquet.

Hana Yori Dango Anime Opening

Hana Yori Dango Ep1 Part 1/3 - With english subs (:

Hana Yori Dango Ep 1 Part 2/3 - With english subs

Hana Yori Dango Ep 1 Part 3/3 - With english subs

The different drama remakes of Hana Yori Dango!

The different drama remakes of Hana Yori Dango!
The different drama remakes of Hana Yori Dango!

Japanese Version- Hana Yori Dango

Makino Tsukushi is the only student who comes from a poor family in the Eituko Gakuen academy, a school which caters for the rich and upper class people. Makino's wish is to remain as a normal and non attention-seeking student in the school until she graduates. However, to protect her friend, she offended the most influential students in the school: the F4 gang.

The F4 consists of Domyoji Tsukasa, leader of F4 and heir to the largest company in Japan, the Domyoji World Finance Group; Hanazawa Rui, the introverted heir of a large company and musician; Nishikado Soujiro, the heir to a popular and large tea ceremony school and Mimasaka Akira, someone whose family has connections to the underworld and an attraction for older women. Anyone who goes against them will get bullied and driven out of the school.

As a result, Makino was bullied but she refuses to give in. Instead, she declares war on the F4, gaining the attention of the leader Domyoji Tsukasa as well as Hanazawa Rui, the one guy in F4 that she has a crush on.

Extra note: this show has won many awards in Japan! (for both actors and the drama itself) ^.^

Hana Yori Dango Opening Theme - Japanese drama remake of HYD manga!

Korean Version- Boys Over Flowers

Geum Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun) is a hardworking and gutsy girl whose family owns a Laundromat business. She saves a student from a suicide attempt and gets enrolled into the prestigious ShinHwa Academy as a swimming athlete, where only the top 1% rich people in Korea gets to go.

In there, she meets the famous F4- four rich and good looking guys in ShinHwa Academy. Unfortunately, she offends the leader, Goo Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho). The next day, she receives a "red card" from the F4 in her locker. After that, her life in school becomes miserable as the whole school gang up to bully her.

Despite all the bullying, Jan Di remains strong and vows not to give up. Her determination causes Jun Pyo to fall in love with her. Jun Pyo is the rich heir to the large and influential ShinHwa Corporation. However, Jan Di is in love with the cool, mild mannered and talented musician Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong), who happens to be Jun Pyo best friend. Ji Hoo happens to be in love with his childhood playmate and friend, Seo Hyeon (Han Chae Young). This results in a complicated love triangle between the characters.

Besides them, there are the other 2 F4 members- Yi Jung (Kim Sang Bum) and Woo Bin (Kim Jun). Yi Jung is a talented potter whereas Woo Bin's father owns a large business which has ties to the mafia. Jan Di's best friend and colleague, Chu Ka Eul (Kim So Eun) then falls in love with Yi Jung.

As Jun Pyo and Jan Di date, complications arises between them as obstacles such as Jun Pyo's mother, Kang Hee Soo (Lee Hye Young) arrives and does all she can to break the pair up. She even goes as far to get Jun Pyo a fiancée, Ha Jae Kyung (Lee Min Jung).

Expect a lot of tears, laughter and heartbreak in this story.

Be prepared to be awestruck by the beautiful scenery of the places they filmed BOF at. Examples are New Caledonia and Macau, and even Jun Pyo's grand mansion. Do not miss KBS's costly 25 episode production!

Boys Over Flowers Opening Theme - Korean remake of HYD drama!

Taiwanese Version- Meteor Garden

This is the first HYD remake which first aired in 2001 and has 2 seasons. This show caused a storm all across Asia and shot the actors and actresses to stardom.

The story revolves around a plain and poor teenage girl Shan Cai (Barbie Hsu) who was forced by her parents to join a university for the rich. Shan Cai is a very hardworking, helpful and loyal friend. She dislikes the F4 after they caused a student to withdraw from school by bullying him. Soon after, she meets and offends the hotheaded leader of F4, Dao Ming Si (Jerry Yan). Dao Ming Si hates her so much that he gives her the F4 "red card" which made the whole school gang up to bully her. No one in the school would help her, even the teachers, as Dao Ming Si is the richest and most influential student around.

Although she suffered a lot, Shan Cai still refuses to give in and continues to go to school. By doing so, she gained the admiration and love of Dao Ming Si. Unfortunately for the latter, Shan Cai is in love with his best friend, Hua Ze Lei (Vic Zhou). However, in the end, Shan Cai still ends up with Dao Ming Si after a series of unfortunate events happening to their relationship.

Other characters include the other 2 F4 hunks- Xi Men (Ken Chu) and Mei Zuo Ling (Vanness Wu), as well as Shan Cai's best friend XiaoYou (Rainie Yang)

Meteor Garden Opening Theme - Taiwanese drama remake of HYD!

My favourite remake

It is very difficult to choose which I like best. I prefer the Taiwanese and Japanese version as their plot is the most similar to the manga. However, the Korean version has the best scenery and sets (eg, the cast went to Macau, New Caledonia). ^.^

Do watch and compare them for yourself! :D

How the 3 remakes differ from the manga


Jan Di can swim very well and is accepted into ShinHwa High for saving a student from a suicide attempt. For the other versions, the female lead, Makino, had to study hard to get into the prestigious school.

WooBin's family did not appear and he does not have any relationship with older women, as described in the manga.

JiHoo has a more important role in Jan Di's life, as compared to the other versions.

Furthermore, JiHoo suddenly has a "grandfather" who appeared, someone new created and was not present in the manga.

Jan Di's parents works in a laundromat; they worked odd jobs or were jobless in the manga.

YiJung and Ga Eul have a much emphasized relationship in the korean drama. It was more subtle in the manga. In fact, YiJung and Ga Eul ended up together in the drama, unlike the manga version.

There was no "Aoike Kazuya" in the korean drama. Jan Di does not have this good guy friend.

Shizuka snipped off her beautiful long hair in the manga, and not in the korean drama.

Jan Di has short hair throughout the show, except until the last episode. Makino Tsukushi in the manga had long hair which was snipped off after JunPei kidnapping incident.

YiJung is a master in pottery, whereas in the manga, he was more interested in tea appreciation arts.


Meteor Garden had a second season (due to its popularity)

Shan Cai does not have a younger brother.

The mean trio in the manga consisted of 2 people only in the Taiwan version.

Shan Cai rides a motorbike to school everyday. Makino does not know how to do so in the manga. (except those motorbike stimulation games in a game arcade)

The characters are all currently in university, and not high school like the manga.

There was only 2 rich girls who like picking on Shan Cai when she was in school. There were 3 in the manga version.


Just like the Taiwan version, Hana Yori Dango had a second season.

Check out the different characters in each country's remake! Taiwan, Japan, Korea

Check out the different characters in each country's remake! Taiwan, Japan, Korea
Check out the different characters in each country's remake! Taiwan, Japan, Korea

Who is your favourite character in Hana Yori Dango

See results

Which HYD remake do you think is the best?

See results

Who do you think suits Makino the best- Tsukasa or Rui?

See results


In short, I feel that Hana Yori Dango is one of the best manga series which I had read. Interesting and captivating plot, well developed characters, it is not surprising that this series had gotten so popular.

Furthermore, this must be the only manga series that had spawned not only one, but THREE drama remakes by Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

If there is one manga which I would recommend to you to read, it would definitely be Hana Yori Dango. (:

The End!! Thanks for viewing!

The End!! Thanks for viewing!
The End!! Thanks for viewing!

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