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A Review of 2011's "Hanna"

Updated on April 19, 2016

"Hanna" Intrigues Then Confuses

The new action/suspense movie to hit theaters is understandably titled Hanna, and is full of both action and suspense. The movie starts with an intriguing plot about a teenage girl being trained as an assassin in an isolated forest. After learning just what she is capable of, you find yourself hypnotized by the anticipation. However, "What happens next?" slowly transitions to "What's going on?" as you try to understand the random, yet slightly tiresome, plot twists.

Cate Blanchett gives a superb performance as usual, and Eric Bana plays a worthy, yet seldom-seen co-star. Rising-star Saoirse Ronan gives a talented execution of the title role. However, the distraction of her bleach-blond and almost invisible eyebrows nearly clouds that performance. I found my thoughts wandering from the dialogue and twists of the movie to more puzzling questions, like "Who's idea was it to dye her eyebrows that blond?," "Were her eyebrows that light in the Lovely Bones?" and "What is the reason behind her eyebrows looking non-existent? Is that important?" If you are like me, and things like this tend to distract your thoughts during movies, let me ease your mind by informing you that the answer to the latter question is no. There is no apparent reason for her eyebrows to be the exact color of her skin, so don't waste your time or brain power wondering.

The final scene of the movie, where the sound of a gunshot joins a large "Hanna" spelled out across the screen in red, is straight out of a Tarantino film-but not nearly as entertaining. Overall, Hanna was nowhere near the worst movie I have ever seen. It is definitely a unique film, and is worth watching. My advice, however, is to wait until the street date to do so. It's just not worth the extra $7.

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