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Hannah Montana: The Movie

Updated on April 13, 2009

 It is very possible that some readers may not have a clue about the topic of this hub. If it is you, it is because you do not have a 7-17 yr old daughter (maybe son) in the house.

Hannah Montana's real name is Miley Cyrus. She is the star of the Disney TV show Hannah Montana who lives the life of a rock star and one of normal teenage kid with a brother and dad. The show is comedy with her several number one pop songs that have sold millions, she earns around 20 mill a year! The show has been around a few years now and Disney knows their pop star will no longer be in their stable for much longer. Some rumors have it that her last year is upon us.

The dilemma for Disney was that for years, it was Hannah Montana, that the world tweens and teens made famous. The name itself is a logo, Visit any girls store like, Limited too, its like a Hannah Montana this or that with a picture of Miley. The market is huge for most of the girls are between 7-14. Go to her concerts, it is Montana mania! But, it is really Miley Cyrus.

To fix the problem, the Hannah Montana Movie came out and the first week grossed $35 mill! No doubt the purpose of the movie is to make sure the fans know Miley Cyrus IS superstar Hannah Montana, for the day is not too far off when Miley will refuse to play that role anymore.

The movie hints that the day is sooner than not, for the theme of it is how sick she is in living a duo life, duo stardom, how crazy being a celebrity can be on anyone, let alone a teenager. So, her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus ( a one hit wonder back in the 80s, he also co-produced the movie, and plays her dad on the TV show) sends her to detox--their real home in Tennessee, to live a normal country life for two weeks. She meets a boy who does not know she is Hannah Montana, just Miley from way back when; she rides a horse; she tries to farm; she rebells; she sings. Of course, after Miley tells the boy she is close friends with Hannah, the boy, volunteers her to try to get Hannah to come to a hoedown benefit to prevent a developer from bulldozing the old town for a shopping center.

That sets up for several hilarious scenes as Miley switches back and forth between herself and Hannah for mayor, for her boyfriend on a date, for little girls wanting autographs etc. Sort of like the old crazy I Love Lucy series. All this ends with the grand finale concert where Hannah is doing her hits in the blond wig. Then right in the middle, she stops. Pauses. Takes off the wig and declares to the World, her name is Miley Cyrus, not Hannah Montana, that made her rich and famous. The crowd is silent. She begins to walk off the stage. Then, like in the old Popeye cartoons, where some one has a can a spinach to toss to Popeye when fighting Brutus, a little 7 yr old fan states: But your Hannah montana and even though we love Miley, we want Hannah. How could she ever resist?

The crowd (and Disney) refuses to let Hannah go and begin the chant. Miley relents, puts the blond wig on and rocks the show, showing that they are the same person, yet, different and one Miley is not quite ready to toss away forever.

Fans will love the movie. Non-fans (i.e, anyone over 21) will find the movie entertaining, light, comedy, with some truly funny moments. The songs are not bad either.


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    • profile image

      aracely 5 years ago

      Hey i am aravely and i am a fan and i really like your sing and i am10 years old o am a good fan belive me dont belive the other people that i am not but i am ok .s love yaaaa

    • profile image

      campbell 6 years ago

      hey dose any body now the name of the boy how about tony do you now it if know it email me at thanks

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 8 years ago from South Africa

      Yeah - I have a seven-year-old daughter so I know who Hannah Montana is!

      Thanks for the info.

      Love and peace


    • profile image

      hairy A.S.S. 8 years ago