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Hans Was A Magical Person In Frozen

Updated on July 14, 2016



Who Is Hans?

Hans is from some unknown location. What is known is that he is one of 8 brothers.

8 is a lot of brothers. Most Disney princes do not have that many brothers. So, who is this guy? Where did he come from?

He is seen as a statue in another of the Disney movies in Big Hero 6. Why would their be a statue of this guy that can be destroyed? The only thing, I can think of is that Big Hero 6 takes place years after Frozen.

This would make Hans some type of hero in the future. Not many random people get a statue of themselves placed in a park.

He Could Have Been Born To Marry One Of The Sisters

Ana and Elsa have been a castle for years. It could be that 7 men where conjured up to come before them to offer marriage to one of the sisters.

Each of the brother might have been rejected as candidates. It was Han's turn. Han's knowing he was the last of the brothers panicked, not knowing how to handle the situation when the youngest sister appeared to be cheating on him with a new guy.

She had promised to marry him but she is seen with a new guy.

Being a magical being, he can't just disappear ... he gets angry and lies because he does not know what else to do.

Hans Does The Right Thing No Matter What

Hans proposes to one of the sisters in a song.

The only reason he would do that is because he feels something for the sister. The kingdom that the sisters have come from has not been in good condition since the king and queen left.

I know someone could have taken over. But, there was no ruler in all those years. Why would he want to take over? There no reason for him to take over. Him helping was only being nice.

He went past being nice when he went to the mountain to try to protect both sisters.

Why Hans Is Mean At The End Of The Movie.

He is mean because he wants the sisters to be back together. He is not villain but he pretends to be to get them back together.

He has fallen in love with one of the sister at first sight. Yet, he has to let her go. He knows that if he says the sisters will not be able to stay together. They need a villain to overcome even if he has to become one himself.

The Movie Without Hans

Ana and Elsa would be apart.

Ana would still be in her ice castle. Eventually, her ice creatures would have killed people.

Elsa would be trying to fix the castle all by herself. She would have fallen for some random man. Also, she would have had to stay at the castle and not chase after her sister.


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