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Hans Zimmer Retires from Super Hero Scores

Updated on March 30, 2016

The End of an Era

You've heard a Hans Zimmer score and probably didn't even know it. He provided the music for Chris Nolan's Dark Knight series, Inception and Interstellar. Hell, he even did Lion King! The man is known for making, otherwise, suspenseful scenes even more suspenseful with the music he creates as an undertone.

But now, the man behind the music hangs his cape and says goodbye to super hero scores making Batman V. Superman his last one. For us super hero fans, it's a loss but understanding. The man has created epic themes for our favorite heroes and to come up with something like that must be hard, even for him.

This isn't the end for him just the end of super hero scores from the Zimmer studio. Thanks for contributing to these epic universes. Thank you.



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