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Hao Lulu's Plastic Surgery Transformation

Updated on July 13, 2014
Before and after photograph.
Before and after photograph.


Hao Lulu was born January 9th, 1979 and is known in China as the "Artificial Beauty." Before turning to plastic surgery she attended college China University of Geosciences until 2001. Later she attended college in the United Kingdom. After graduating, she began work as freelance fashion writer.

While she was writing, she entered and won the grand prize of $50,000 in the "Beauty Dreamworks Project." This product allowed her to go under the knife. In total, she had 14 plastic surgery procedures which were designed to completely alter her appearance. In fact, the Hao Lulu from the before pictures would be completely unrecognizable after the surgeries.

The project was organized by Beijing Cosmetics Clinic known as EverCare. They sponsored the project to help support their business. The organization in question has been criticized by the media, who claims the contest was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Even so, it led to an uprise in interest for plastic surgery in China.

Another before and after shot.
Another before and after shot.


She began the surgeries shortly after winning the contest. In all, she's had work done on her legs, butt, nose, chin, breasts and eyes. The most notable procedure she underwent was for her eyes, receiving eye lifts and a double-eyelid surgery, which is designed to give her eyes a "Western" appearance.

Apparently, all of the surgery had made her feel better about herself. She had said she will celebrate two birthdays - one for her natural birth date and the other symbolizing her change through plastic surgery.

After the surgery, she kept a diary. In the diary she stated she felt a lot of pain and numbness, but over time it got better. Hao Lulu said that it was, however, worth it because she was pleased with the results and loved her new appearance.

According to Hao Lulu, "Before, a lot of men liked my personality and character, but I lost a lot of guys who were overly concerned about a woman's appearance. Now, all kinds of guys will like me no matter if they're interested in appearance or character."

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