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Happy New Year Indian Movie

Updated on November 4, 2014

A Multitude of big Names but small work

You would definitely like to know about the newly released Indian movie 'Happy New Year' . Indian film industry is the second god of Indians. the actors are worshiped like gods and avatars. Each and every movie is thought to be of its own kind by the film makers. It is not the true proposition. there are a lot of movies which are not able to be considered as a movie even. The very big names some times make such movies which are just naught.

The recently released Indian movie Happy New Year was expected to be a big movie of the year but it is not. It falls in the same category of nothingness. Though there are few scenes and things which could be watched once but there is nothing to watch it twice.

It is a third class children's comic which has nothing for the grown ups. Even the national song seems for children. The sequel is also very boring. There is nothing like a plot or story.

The party of Shah Rukh who is Charlie goes to Dubai to take revenge from his father's enemy. There they disguise as dancer and meet a girl (which seems quite illogical.The so called friends of Charlie and his father commit a robbery and steal diamonds. The police arrest the custodian who is Grover (Jackie Sherrof.)The double role of Abhishek is of no use also.

From each and every point of view it is a bad bad bad movie. Nothing charming in spite of the big cast. There are big names but small work. It never attracts the attention of the viewer except the theft scene when the party is busy in stealing diamonds. Insane would be those who will watch it complete and mad will be those who will watch it again.

It is better for SRK and Farah Khan to let this profession go if they are going to make such third class movies. It seems a collage of bits of the old scenes from different english american and indian movies.

Technically it is not bad. The use of technology is good enough. The technical team is not to blame for this childish theme. the big cast of the movie is a strange trick to grab money from the pockets of the poor Indian middle class.

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