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Happy Together: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Updated on January 6, 2017

The Happy Couple


Be Happy, People!

So I just got into #JohnLegend and Chrissy Teigen as a couple recently. I enjoy Legend's music considerably - his duet with #MeganTrainor is awesome - and Chrissy Teigen always makes me laugh whenever I see how much fun she's having on Lip Sync Battle.

But I'm bothered by the ongoing assault on them as a couple, seen by blog posts everywhere.

#ChrissyTeigen seems to wear the brunt of the smear. She's gorgeous, she seems to speak her mind, and she's now a successful cookbook author. You go, girl! She also, judging from her Twitter feed, adores her husband and child (who is also adorable) and yet, seems to get trolled with relative regularity.

What the hell is wrong with people? Have we become so cynical, in a world where a 40 to 50 percent or higher divorce rate is the norm in "civilized" countries like the United States, that we can't be happy for a couple for whom marriage appears to be working? Where the husband and wife seem happy being together and love their work and children?

Love Me Now

Raise People Up

John Legend has made at least two appearances on Lip Sync Battle, while his wife Chrissy Teigen has shown up in at least three of his videos ("Stereo," "All Of Me," "Love Me Now"). This is a super busy couple, and while they're seen making red carpet appearances and so forth, the fact that they have been able to connect while working seems to show that they have made each other a priority in their relationship.

Now that relationship has expanded to include baby Luna, who has captured the hearts of pretty much anyone on social media - as well as those of Legend and Teigen, which is as it should be. Teigen and Legend are parents in the public eye, to be sure, and with Legend's super hot music career, it comes as no surprise that the couple is living under something of a microscope. The thing is, living under a microscope and putting up with unnecessary negativity regarding their relationship and how they do what they do isn't warranted.

While we don't know what happens behind the scenes with anyone's relationship, we can safely assure ourselves that no one relationship is perfect, and odds are good that Legend's and Teigen's is no different. They are, after all, human and prone to feelings and flaws just like the rest of us, while we might want to ascribe them with superhuman traits simply due to their celebrity status. That celebrity status does not, and should not, make them open season for those who just want to rob them of what seems like happiness.

The expression, "Those that live in glass houses shouldn't be the first to throw stones," comes to mind.

Look, I don't know Chrissy Teigen and John Legend at all on a personal level. I have no idea what they do behind closed doors, and like you, all I can go by is what I see through the various media channels I follow. I follow both Teigen's and Legend's Twitter feeds, and if they are trending, I look at what's being said. That's pretty much the extent of it.

My problem is this: they seem to be two people just trying to live life in the best fashion they know how. There are so many people who'd want to argue that since they are celebrities, they have forfeited the right to any degree of privacy or respect, but this is most definitely not the case. The dictionary definition of celebrity is "a famous person" or "the state of being well known." Nowhere in that definition does it say, "the state of forfeiting any sort of legitimate personal, private life in order to get sliced and diced by people who don't know any better."

It occurs to me that society has gotten so accustomed, for whatever reason, to looking at the negative that when they see people who seem genuinely happy, there's a drive to take that away from them. It bothers me greatly; I see it with non-celebrities, and I see it in school hallways when I'm at work. We have to take a step back when we see someone's happiness and, if there is something about that happiness that resonates within us, we need to feel good for them. Happiness is something that we all strive for, no? Why is it, then, that we feel this urge to bring people down? It's by lifting people up that we all become better.

So, those of you who've been slamming celebs like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, dial it down and ask yourself why you feel the need to do this. Legend and Teigen, like so many other couples, are happy. What's your happiness?

...And Baby Makes Three!



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