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Harry Brown (Michael Caine)

Updated on January 16, 2010

Harry Brown (Michael Caine)



The movie is set in The Elephant and Castle London apparently Michael Caine is from "The Elephant". I heard or read somewhere that he wanted to make this film, and although he doesn’t need to work, he felt he had to make this film. In the movie he plays a vigilante. Gradually becoming more and more determined to avenge the brutal murder of his old mate (fast on the heels of his wife's death). At the hands of a bunch of local scum who terrorize the neighbourhood.

The casting is wonderful and the thugs that terrify the local community are entirely believable. From start to finish this is Caine's movie, Caine at his very best. ( Michael Caine, I’ve often like his films, his famous “your suppose to blow the bloody doors off” in the 1969 Italian job film, always makes me think of him). We feel sorry for him as at the start, first his wife, and then his only friend (Len) is killed. Leaving him quietly tormented and then incredibly angry as he learns that his mate’s death was mockingly filmed on a mobile phone to the accompaniment of raucous laughter. He knew that he as to do something because the police are slow to do anything about the murder. So Harry Brown takes the matters into his own hands. I won’t spoil what happens in the film, as that would be unfair

The brutality of this movie is searing and shocking at times a hard-hitting film indeed. The riot scene is entirely believable, which is difficult to achieve on a low budget but certainly hits the spot. It plays an important central role in undermining the police and showing them off as the useless and uncaring force.

Two main points that make this movie stand out Caine and the pacing of the action. It starts slowly showing Harry going around doing is daily routine. Getting up in the morning, getting ready to go to see his dying wife in hospital. Playing chess with his friend, Len in the local pub. However after some time it gets going and gradually winds up in pace and tension. Don't forget that Caine is a pensioner! Amazingly it holds your belief throughout - not an inconsiderable achievement in a style that become overblown and ridiculous.

All I can say about the film is go and see it for your self-if you can it’s very, very good and Michael Caine is Brill. They need to make more films like this, good old British film, but they are few and far between. If you can’t make it to your local cinema to see Harry Brown because it’s no longer being shown it’s out on DVD in March so it say on Amazon pages.


 Enjoy and have fun.


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