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Harry Potter Once again.....

Updated on October 7, 2011

The magical journey....ended...!!!!

My dear friends...,

A hero started his journey from the nib of J.K.Rowling. You know who is it..? can you make a wild guess? No...Ok...its....HARRY POTTER.... He is the most unusual kid of his age. And the one more thing that makes him still more unusual is his scar. These are some of the pretty small and interesting words about the HARRY POTTER our beloved and most fascinating hero. And the most horrible and terrible villain YOU KNOW WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED... its obviously none other than the DARK LORD VOLDEMORT also had a lot of following in our heart. Every thing that belongs to HARRY POTTER will be alive in our hearts because its really astonishing and really incredible. The way the things happen one cannot guess about HARRY POTTER. Granger who is very clever , a good book mate, and a good friend to harry we cannot forget you too. The way you helped harry and the way you were in love with RON we cannot forget. It will be with us forever. And RON you too friend how can we forget you. HOGWARTS, DUMBLEDORE and professor SNAPE, HAGRID and another thing the QUIDDITCH beautiful every thing the story got.Its not possible to think that you were no more. ALOHOMORA , LUMOS, RIDDICCULUS even we remember the spells. How can we forget.? We were not convinced that its simply a story. But we have to agree that it is a story. As every story has an ending..this Harry potter too have an ending. Though it is very good as per the characters of the series not for us who don't want Harry potter to leave us. though it is little bit tough , we have to agree that the story ended splendidly getting the good rising and dark ending.

But Harry we want to make an appeal to you please come once again in front of us and do some charming spells. We will be very much happy if the magical journey of Harry Potter starts once again with a new beginning for ending of bad with still more and most awaiting adventures to show all of us. We want you once again Mr.potter...come again.

We still feel sad because the climax of Harry Potter ended just with in 2 parts only (Deathly Hallows1 and 2). It would be fabulous if it was done in in 7 parts...may be I was greedy but the the thing that makes me to do such a comment is...I love harry potter and his amazing adventures. And finally I want say one more thing to the author of this wonderful story J.K.Rowling is though the hero in our hearts is Harry potter...Its actually you who created it. thanks rowling for giving us such a will live as long as Harry lives...

And one thing all we harry fans hope is the journey should not stop and it must start in fresh once again...thankyou Potter...thanks a lot.


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