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Harry Potter is Just Okay

Updated on July 18, 2011

This is a topic I know I’m going to get a lot of negative comments on. I just can’t help it….I don’t care for Harry Potter. (gasp!) There, I’ve said it and sticking to it. I bought the first book and couldn’t even get into it. No, you don’t understand…I LOVE to read, always have, and always will. I can read anything and find something interesting about it. But some intangible factor has to catch my interest. I bought Harry Potter because it sounded like just the genre I adore best…fantasy. If it involves magic it is just my cuppa tea. So I eagerly took the book home, not daunted by the sheer thickness of the publication. To me, that just means the story is going to last longer, right? I tend to identify strongly with characters I like, but in Harry’s case, I couldn’t get past the first few pages to reach that point. I set it aside, thinking maybe I was just in one of those funks. It happens sometimes, and I just have to stay away from the written word for a few days…It’s sort of like cleansing your palate between flavors. So there was the book, occasionally reminding me that there was magic waiting to be discovered. Adventures waiting for me to undertake. Then I read some great reviews. I heard friends talking about how great it was and I thought, “I’ve just got to stick with it and I’ll get hooked, too!”

So I made myself a nice hot cup of tea, got cozy with “the book” and prepared to settle in for a long wonderful read. Harry discovers he’s a wizard whose parents died under mysterious circumstances and he is now living with relatives who cannot stand him and treat him horribly. The idea of a young child being mistreated should have roused some indignation or at least stirred some soft sentiments. I kept reading. Harry got his first wand ever. I should have felt the thrill of acquisition. A few pages into it, and nothing was happening. No sparks at all. It not only was not getting my attention, I started thinking “What is everyone so excited about? I just don’t understand.” I just accepted that it was going to be one of those experiences for me. It’s happened before. Then I thought, I’ll just go to the movie. Surely, that will get me interested in Harry’s life. And it was a pretty good movie. Just not enough to make me want to read any of the other books. I hope the author forgives me. The whole franchise is worth billions I hear, so I know she won’t miss the money I didn’t spend on it. I can’t bring myself to say it was awful because it was not bad at all. It’s just one of those rare times when something fails to intrigue me sufficiently to retain my interest.

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