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Harry Styles : Top 15 Things He Wants You To Know

Updated on May 23, 2016


Harry Edward Styles

Born on the 1st February 1994. Raised in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, England. Worked as a part-time baker before auditioning as a contestant on the X Factor talent show in 2010. He was eliminated as a solo artist. It's here he believes he would've carried on his A-Level education and still been working at the bakery, but that's not what happened.

The X Factor

Enter Nicole Scherzinger, who suggests bunching some of the eliminated boys together and sending them through as a group.

Harry comes up with the name One Direction and they finish third in the final of the 2010 X Factor series. Simon Cowell offers them a record contract. Then BOOM!!!

One Direction take the world by storm and Harry becomes one of a long line of pop heart-throbs.

What He Wants You To Know

Based on various interviews here are the top 15 he wants you to know.

He speaks in a pleasant kind of drawl. He's fairly quiet spoken, except if he is quoting something somebody has said. Then he will usually adopt an outrageous impersonation of them saying it.

Twitter Or Facebook ?

He's got 17 million Twitter followers, which he uses a lot more than Facebook, that's the same as the entire population of the Netherlands. He says that you would stand out more to him if you just said something like "How was your day today?". He considers his own posts as the worst tweets ever. They're not even interesting.

One Direction

He thinks the reason One Direction are so popular is that they remind people of the guys who are mucking about at the back of the class.

The 1D Business Empire

His response to the criticism that One Direction are more of a brand than a band...."If the music goes away everything just stops. It just does, because you can't ride just on the fact that you can sell a lot of t-shirts."

United States Versus United Kingdom

When he was questioned whether he thought American women were hotter than British women, he said there was an even spread. He advised that Tamworth ( a large market town in Staffordshire, England) was the place to go, because that's where the babes are.


For Harry the biggest turn off for him a girl can do is spitting. He thinks he did okay with girls before he was in the band. He'd like to think that a girl would like him for him and says he would be able to tell if they were genuine.

Had he ever kissed a fan? he said "I think I have, but I can't remember. It said in an interview that I had, but I can't remember. It's really bad."

Harrys Typical Day

A typical day on tour consists of getting up, putting some stuff on his hair and drying it. Going to do interviews at press conferences, TV and radio. Preparing for the performance at night. Then after the gig, flying to the next venue.

Favourite One Direction Song

His favourite song is the "Best Song Ever". It's about having fun and kind of, you're having a good time, but you can't really remember the song that was on.


There are no secrets about Harry Styles, he states. They've all been revealed. Harry is too shrewd to say anything controversial.

Living The Dream

He is very aware that this crazy life of living the dream will not last forever. He states this in several different interviews. He can't answer the question "Where will you be in 5 years?" This is due to the fact that two years ago they were attending a Harry Potter film premiere and two years later they were attending their own film premiere for "This Is Us".

Hazzas Family

Harry is a nice charming lad with a sensible head on his shoulders. He puts this down to the family that's around him, especially his mum and sister. #

His family pretended they were a bit embarrassed to be in the film, but really they loved it. It was all over Facebook.

Harrys Other Family

Louis has smelly feet. Niall trumps a lot. Liam always can't wait to do stuff (He adopts impersonation of Liam. "I can't wait for tonight.....I can't wait to do that.")

Dating Harry Styles

Should you be lucky enough to date Harry he likes nothing more than dinner and a movie.

If you want to make him a meal yourself, his comfort food is Toad In The Hole, a kind of Yorkshire pudding with sausages embedded in it.

Harrys Home Town....Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England

A markerHolmes Chapel Cheshire uk -
Holmes Chapel, Crewe, Cheshire East CW4, UK
get directions

Best 1D Songs


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    • villyvacker profile image

      Billy Turnock 3 years ago from Manchester England

      thanks amie...glad you like it

    • amiebutchko profile image

      Amie Butchko 3 years ago from Warwick, NY

      This is really a cute hub! I am going to pass it along to my daughter - she will love it! Filled with lots of info on Harry!