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Harvey Levin challenges Hollywood … “Stop hating on conservatives!!!”

Updated on September 28, 2012

Harvey Levin had the courage to speak against Hollywood haters

Just watching TMZ

As I sat in the doctor’s office Monday, I watched TMZ. I watch the show more in the doctor’s office than anywhere else. It is a fun, talk format with three to four reporters commenting on celebrity people and events. The format includes replay of, and reflection on, what celebrities have said or done. Lindsey Lohan gets her fair share of coverage as do many others who display outrageous behavior.

Bashing of non-liberals at awards shows

Monday’s episode included clips from a recent awards program where celebrities made speeches. Often the speeches include sarcastic comments about conservatives, supposed homophobes, and other issues that are political in nature. After showing several clips of celebrities taking jibes at Republicans, Clint Eastwood, and Kelsey Grammer, Harvey Levin commented on the hypocrisy of Hollywood. He said that everyone should feel free to believe and express their opinions without being ridiculed.

Gay and rational

What initially drew my attention was the fact that Harvey Levin had the courage to vocalize his concern. It was not until I started writing this Hub that I found out that Harvey Levin is gay. My respect for him has risen to a much higher level. Now I will see if he is ridiculed for having the courage to express his valid opinion.

Hollywood and politics

Are your social and political decisions influenced by Hollywood?

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Harvey Levin challenges Hollywood … “Stop hating on conservatives!!!”

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