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Has Channel Ten Lost the Plot?

Updated on July 19, 2012

Programming for the Lowest Common Denominator

Just when you thought reality TV couldn't go any lower. Channel Ten launched its Jersey Shore inspired dramality TV show last night.

In one of the opening scenes, The Shire "Starlets" Vernesa and Sophie disclosed "We have fake lips fake boobs and fake tan and so forth but in the end we are real".

MItch went for a surf and his desperate ex girlfriend Gabby stalked him to the beach where he reluctantly invited her to a party at Sylvania Waters. Sylvania Waters...The birthplace of Australian Reality TV... How ironic.

We were then introduced to Joel aka Riff Raff who then rapped about "leaving us physically and mentally and emotionally disturbed."

Sophie and Vernessa had a brainless fatblasting scene where Sophie declared that her life mission was to make people "skinny and beautifull"

The next scene featured Beckaa the daddies creditcard wielding fashion label addict freshly back from her European shopping trip and nose job.

The climax of the show was when pin up boy Mitch got friendly with ex girlfriend Kitty at Riff Raffs party. He was looking very sheepish when Gabby showed up at the crucial moment.

Fade out to a scene of Vernesa getting Botox in her forhead with Sophie by her side for moral support and you have wrapped up a show that is as far removed from reality as that other great story that featured the shire... Lord of the rings. Give me hairy Hobbit feet any day.

You can view episodes of The Shire on Channel Tens webite. or view the sneak peek below.


The show was universally panned in the press with the SMH running a story titled "Australian TV gets a Lobotomy a Modest hit for Ten" The Herald Sun led with "Makes Lara Bingles Show Look Like Q & A"

A Current Affair investigated the shows cast and revealed that Sophie and Vernessa have never lived in the Shire and currently reside about half an hour away in Homebush.

Channel Ten may have the last laugh however as the old saying goes. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

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Upcoming Offerings

In addition to their current shockers "Being Lara Bingle" and "The Shire" Ten will be bringing out "Puberty Blues" based on the 1981 Bruce Beresford film and "I will survive" a male talent show loosely based on "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" and co hosted by Jason Donovan. Add Channel Nines "Big Brother" into the mix and you have an unholy trinity of unoriginality.


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