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Has The Assassin's Creed Film Found It's Director?

Updated on April 30, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to start before I go into my other post that doesn't involve my Directors special that I am doing.I wanted to give a nice shout out to Bob Hoskins who passed away today at the age of 71.Most people would know him as Smee in Hook or Eddie Valiant from Who Framed Roger Rabbit as his two most popular.But he was most recently in Snow White And The Huntsmen and he will really be missed because both of those movies he was in are childhood favorites of mine and he was definitely THE best Mario that has been put out in film and I mean granted it was the only live action Mario but still he did a good job for him being who he was so Bob Hoskins RIP.

But back to the story of the day that belongs to the Assassins Creed film and along with Micheal Fassbender we might FINALLY have a concrete director doing the film and signed on to do it.Justin Kurzel just did an updated version of Macbeth with Fassbender as well so he knows his acting chops well and I mean as if the whole world couldn't tell he couldn't act after people seeing 12 Years A Slave.But no matter what Fassbender is without a doubt going to be Desmond Miles in the film because he is starring in it and even producing the film so his involvement in it is very deep when it comes to this and I almost want to say that he has been the only attached thing to this since the title that this is almost a passion project for him and he wants to play the character SO badly and wants to just get this movie out to the fans which is a very good thing because I do know that this is one game that has an incredible fan base which makes it very popular.

So looking at Kurzel's resume he doesn't have a look of over 15-20 films that people can look at and get a good idea of what he is as a director.But nonetheless his two shining examples in film are The Turning and The Snowtown Murders and they both have every factor needed to direct an Assassins Creed movie in every way so for me personally because I do play the game I do like this option of him doing this film because Assassins Creed isn't going to be exactly a PG-13 type film like the fans of the game are hoping it either gets a hard PG-13 or a Medium R rating because it can get very violent if need be.But for the film overall I am expecting since it isn't even green lit it would be a late 2015 or possibly summer 2016 film because I could see this film being part of the big summer movie craze that happens every year and even competing for great box office and being a great film as well.

Also the film is starting from the beginning it seems in the video games series as Desmond is a bartender who gets picked up and driven into the universe where he becomes the character that everyone knows and loves nowadays.Also if the film is a success I could see it becoming a franchise like every comic book superhero film is and them making the second and third games into movies and then being able to go all the places they go in the games because the AMC show Turn kind of gives us a little taste of what the show could be like as a full and being able to have known actors then have them show up and be like "Hi my name is George Washington" and blow everybody away with that response and especially with the 4th one coming out a while back being all about pirates and that story it could totally just turn the whole "Pirates Of The Caribbean" Thing on its ear and make it more dark and violent then the Disney franchise was and if it was done right to the fans liking then fans will go see it more then once and it will give them the huge box office numbers they need as well.

The one thing that is needed that if it becomes a franchise is that they can't do the first one then wait 3 years then the second one then wait 4 years and then go on to the 3rd one and have it be a thing of making it be this waiting game every time because the fans will get bored with it and more games will come out faster then movies will.I also know that Fassbender has like 4 other projects that are BIG named titles like him being Magneto and him as the ever lovable robot in the Prometheus film that is being made into a sequel right now as we speak or from what I hear it is Ridley Scott's "Secret Project" that he won't talk about until the time is right so he has those and if they decide to make the big title games with the next 3 they would have to act fast like they are with the Amazing Spider Man movies and do them like once every to every other year and it would keep fans happy and also not saying use everything Spider Man uses but a good tip that they could use to stick to the games but when Desmond is fighting slow down some of the fight scenes like in The Amazing Spider Man films because it really shows you what happens and how it all plays out and that could be a great thing to do with the film and really would pay homage to the video games.

No matter how Justin Kurzel handles this franchise I am just happy honestly to hear the news that this is going from the ground and cutting floor to getting to that next level and possibly being able to get green lit in the next month or two here and then by Comic Con maybe or thanksgiving we could get a poster if we the dedicated fan base are lucky enough to get it!

Favorite Assassins Creed Game?

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Ok Creed fans and hard core movie fans and gamers alike this one is just choosing your favorite Assassins Creed video game of the franchise and I did add the spin offs in there as well because I did hear of some people liking them as well.So just vote away and lets see what one comes out on top! LONG LIVE THE CREED!


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