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Hats Off...And Standing Ovations.

Updated on October 6, 2009


Hats off...and standing ovations.

 © -MFB III 


"Hats Off!!"
to the 17
or Neanderthral men
who bravely sampled
for the first time ever
in human history
17 different species
of mushrooms
16 fell dead
for their heroic efforts
but one emerged
from his corner of the cave
with a new food
to thank the gods for
today his work
his primitive research
graces our pizzas
our salads
and our soups
"Hats off!!"

"Standing Ovations!!"
or should I say
out-standing ovations
to that prehistoric woman
who first pulled a lobster
from the shallows of the sea
and then had the tenacity
to think of it as something edible
for I would have taken one look
and hurled it back with disgust
having no intentions to eat
such a monstrosity
but she being a visionary
saw beyond
that thorny-crust-taste-shun 
threw it into
some boiling
hot water spring
to soften it
and then promptly devoured it
opening the doors
that now allow me
to dip it's succulent white meat
into heated bowls of butter
in a kind of burnt offering
to my ancestral explorers finesse

"Hats Off!!"
to those unshaven savages
and kisses blown from afar
to that woman who discovered
my culinary passion
A Standing Ovation
and "Bone-appetit!!"


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