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Have Evening Game Shows Disappeared?

Updated on June 10, 2009

Television game shows used to be a mainstay for any television viewer. Now though it seems like you have a challenge of finding a game show on television during the primetime hours. Watching game shows though have many benefits that you can enjoy while watching them. I know that I have found these benefits to be great and wonderful and thought I would share them so you can ponder them while you watch the next game show that you find on primetime television.

The first benefit that you can find from watching the game shows is that if it is a trivia game you can learn how smart you are. I know that many a night when I would be watching some of my favorite game shows I would be competing with my husband to see who would get more answers correct. Now I am not talking about some of your main stays shows that have been around for years, but some of the newer trivia games.

The second benefit of some of the game shows is that they have interactive online games with the Internet that you can play. Now this could be a different form of continuation of the game that you just watched, but for most of them you can play just like you are a contestant on the game, but without the winnings! Which can be somewhat of a bummer, but it does get you prepared for if the game show does an audition for people in a town near you so you can go to the show and win some money!

The third benefit of the evening game shows is that they are typically very entertaining for the entire family. With so many of the shows not being meant for the younger viewers such as our children it is a nice change of pace to let our kids stay up to watch a television show with me and my husband as well that is not produced by PBS or Disney, which as a parent I am sure you are probably like me and get used to seeing the kids shows all the time.

While many people know that a cable network is devoted to game shows you have to remember not everyone has cable or satellite. So you will want to be able to enjoy watching the game shows that can present a challenge to your mind, a competition between you and a friend or loved one, and have some wonderful entertainment for you and your kids.

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