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Having Fun with Ventrilo

Updated on January 7, 2010


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Ventril Tutorial

On this Tutorial I will show you how to have some major fun with the voice program ventrilo!

Ok first things first! this is to be use as entertainment purposes only I do not support you using this tutorial for harassment however much fun it may be :D

Ok first of I want you to go to the desktops were ventrlo is and right click it. Go to shortcut, and you should see this in the text field "C:\Program Files\Ventrilo\Ventrilo.exe" I want you to change it to "C:\Program Files\Ventrilo\Ventrilo.exe" -m that will allow you to open as many vents as your computer can handle! The most i have had ever opened was 48 and I could have put more on, but most servers are 75 slot servers :(

Ok Now you got to make a funny name for your fun times with ventrilo I personally go with Don't Taze Me and my phonetic is Sprinkler time fse fse fse.

Now what is this about an ip changer? So lets say you go on a vent and get banned for some reason or another, all you got to do is right click this lil program down on your toolbar and reconnect with another name and off you go again! It is as easy as that! The program is called
Hotspot Shield and there will be a link to get it at the bottom of the page. REMEMBER even if you connect and it says connected on your browser page wait for the icon to turn green on your toolbar!

Ok that was fun but I do not want to use my voice anymore what other alternatives are there?

Number one You can talk via comment or go into binding and set up TTS and make it one of you num keys and enter custom text my fav to do is Sprinkler time fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse tttttttttttttttttttttttttte fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse fse try it out you will LOL there are plenty like this on the internet just google FUNNY TTS or try the link in the bottom for some

Number 2. Go get a soundboard and set up ventrilo with the mixer. Go to setup then mixer then it will have a drop down menu make sure it's your Audio device then go to recording control and set it to stereo mix what that does is stream whatever you hear thru ventrilo when you have your push to talk key pressed!

You can always get a voice changing program but those cost money and the others do not :D

Ok twist I connected to a vent and there all in a PW protect channel now what?

Chances are the admins did not disable this for the channel so go to binding push to talk advance set a key (mine is left control) set the channel to the channels there in then press the key you made for PTA and do w/e you want talk to them or just stream music to that channel!

Ok so how do I record this? You can use the standard ventrilo recording program. Right Click your name go to view then record/play back then click recorded! You can also get a 3rd party program and set up your stereo mix the program is called audacity just set it from mic to stereo mix and click record link for the program is at the bottom of the page

Another funny thing to do is connect to one vent server and connect to another vent server and stream then to one another you will get some luls out of that! Also make sure when you setup your new name to uncheck Receive pages and Receive private chat request.

Here is another fun thing to do.

Ok if any vent has this setup were you cant have duplicate names if someone connects with a name that is already on there it will disconnect that user. Try that out LOL!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Just wondering...

      Im aware that you can bind a single key on your keyboard to a specific sound, but is it possible to have multiple key binds avaiable at any given time that are binded to different sounds? A sort of soundboard on your keyboard?

    • twisterdude1009 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from WV

      Ty Bull Any other Feedback from anyone out there>?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Not Bad Twist, nice work :)


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