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Heard It On The Radio

Updated on January 31, 2014
Beach Boys
Beach Boys

Radio of Yesterday

On a warm summers eve on a train bound for nowhere…… wait that is a Kenny Rogers song. On a warm summer afternoon in a small town south of Indianapolis I graduated from high school in May 1970. Music was a big part of my life and listening to the radio meant everything to me and all my friends. It was our window on the world. You had four television channels you could get, that is if you wanted to watch soap operas, game shows or talk shows. There were two major radio stations out of Indianapolis. One was WIBC and the other was WIFE. WIFE played more rock and roll current Beatles, Beach Boys and the Stones plus all of the British Invasion bands and Motown. Motown sound was beginning to break into the mainstream and boy did I like that. Even older adults liked it’s music. I came home from school one afternoon only to hear the Four Tops drifting out the open windows ( no one had air conditioning back then) and into the street in front of my house. Upon further inspection there was my Mother Ironing clothes while watching The Mike Douglas show. On the show the Four Tops were belting out “Baby I Need Your Loving” and she was really getting into it. There were different styles of music playing on the radio but it wasn’t divided like it is today. You could hear the Beatles followed by Frank Sinatra and then an Instrumental ending with Elvis. Sure you had the occasional businessman or preacher shouting out Rock and Roll it must go but that went nowhere. I sometimes wonder how they would react to the rap or hip hop songs eroding the air waves today with sexual lyrics and vulgar language. At sixty one I suppose I am becoming like my parents resisting change. Alas changes are inevitable. Try as I might accepting many of the new sounds seems impossible to me. “I hate Rap and Hip Hop.” THERE I SAID IT. I know it sounds prejudice but I could not stand to watch the Grammy’s the other night. To me that type of music has invaded the music business and has taken it over. Vulgar lyrics and gang gesturing have replaced love song and ballads. It is hard for me to believe that this is good for our youth. They are young and impressionable and I think this shows them the wrong way to treat women and others. Not everyone lives in The Hood where these songs seem to originate from. I know many of the new singers and hip young actors and actresses have never known a hard time in their life let alone lived in The Hood yet they talk the talk like they were born there. To sum things up I miss the way it used to be. To even listen to the old sounds I have to pay for something that used to be free. XM radio allows me that choice. At least I have that.

My Radio
My Radio


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