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Heather Mitts and AJ Feely Wedding

Updated on December 2, 2010

Heather Mitts wedding


Heather Mitts, sexiest female athlete, is engagaed to the Phily eagles quarterback A.J. Feely. Heather Mitts is wearing an engagement ring on her left hand and has set their wedding date. The wedding of Heather Mitts and AJ Feely is planned for Feb 13, 2010. They have been going out for sever years now. Heather Mitts and team got the gold medal during the 2008 Olympic games held in Beijing, China.

Heather Mitts picture

Heather Mitts
Heather Mitts

Heather Mitts biography

Heather Mitts was born in 1978 in Cincinnati, Ohio, stands 5'5" tall and is a great soccer player. She plays a little harder as she is smaller and no doubt Heather has won many awards. Heather Mitts is the sexiest athlete and has been recently pictured on Philadelphia magazine as one of the most eligible singles. Heather has shown that hard work and perseverance will pay off big time over time if one sticks to it and the rewards are huge.

Heather Mitts and AJ Feely

Heather Mitts is the 25th female player in the history of U.S. to earn 100 caps. Heather fought her way back from a broken leg in 1003 and proved herself worthy of playing on two teams that won the Olympic gold medal. Heather Mitts got an early Christmas present from AJ Feely that is the day when Feely popped the question to Heather Mills on Christmas Eve of last year. Heather is so excited and also have announced a date for their wedding. Some of the pictures of Heather Mitts and A J Feely reveal how close the lovebirds Heather Mitts and A J Feely truly are and let us wish them good luck even though sadly she is not available anymore. Have a happy married life, Heather!

Heather with Feely engaged

with A J Feely
with A J Feely
Heather Mitts and A J Feely pic
Heather Mitts and A J Feely pic

Heather Mitts - Goodbye Girl

Heather Mitts and A J Feely

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