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Heavy Metal Thunder

Updated on March 26, 2011

Steppenwolf "Born to be Wild"

Heavy Metal Thunder

These three simple words came to define a genre, being birthed around them with other acts like Led Zeppelin, but a genre that hadn't been named. A genre known for its intense bass, and its abilitiy the manipulate guitars in ways that it seemed only gods should be able to. A genre that was as hard and sometimes as unforgiving, as its namesake.

These three words were chosen by those outside the Genre, and by those in the genre itself. Heavy Metal wasn't born in the words of that song, but to continue the metaphor, the song might have been the christening of the new baby, and Steppenwolf the High Priests of all that was Metal. 

Now, the genre has exploded, with many different fans, and reviewers, and more sub-genres than you imagine...than you can imagine. Really.

Still, I live and breathe heavy metal. Always have. Always will. 


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