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Hellraiser...the Cenobites Are Just as Exciting Today? as They Were at the First Introduction to the Labryinth!

Updated on April 16, 2019
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Terry is into Horror, Science Fiction, & Fantasy! Join him on an extraordinary journey into the Worlds Unknown!

Hellraiser...Clive Barker...You Opened The Box! We Came!

Clive Barker is an absolute genius when it comes to gripping Horror. When he wrote 'The Hellbound Heart'? Little did he know that it would give birth to the journey into macabre Hell that became known as 'Hellraiser'. When I was younger? I was actually afraid to go see it, even though I went through films like 'Phantasm'. Finally in the 90's, because I thought I was really missing out? I bought it! And I fell in love with the story! That love is basically how a cannibal loves his next meal! I ate this one up!

The story revolves around a very dangerous Toy. It is a Puzzle Box called the Lament Configuration. Opening the diabolical contraption opens a Gateway to a specific part of Hell called the Labyrinth! When summoned by Kirsty Cotton, Frank Cotton's Niece.Pinhead looked at her with stark darkness, saying, "You opened the Box! We Came!" It is always the Cenobites' intention to rip the summoner to bloody ribbons of tangled flesh, or return with them to Hell where they will be tortured intensely until they become twisted unholy Cenobite Monsters.

Clive Barker's Ultimate Horror Creation!

Clive Barker's Original Story
Clive Barker's Original Story

Frank Cotton Finds The Puzzle Box!

Frank bought a Puzzle Box known as the Merchand or the Lament Configuration. Opening this box? Led to the Schizm which connected to the a place in Hell known as the Labyrinth. This area is ruled by Leviathan, a large diamond like entity in the center of the maze. The denizens of the Labyrinth are known as Cenobites. As Pinhead claimed 'Demons to some, Angels to others'. Frank, with a Lust for the strange and wicked, commenced to open the Box. What came next was blood curdling. Pinhead, The leader of the Cenobite Gash showed up with them all desiring to kill Frank in a most 'deadly' and 'wicked' way. The Gash was composed of Pinhead, The Female, The Chatterer, and Butterball. Pinhead summoned hooked chains to rip Frank to pieces like bloody confetti. When finished, part of Frank seeped through the floorboards of this Damp Room in the house & had been lodged like a left over of a Beast's Feast. It sat until Frank's brother Larry was injured in the room & his blood activated Frank's ghastly Resurrection. Frank enlisted Larry's wife Julia to get more men to return to the House where he viciously murdered them to reconstitute his half formed skinless body.

Frank Cotton's Brush With Hell!

Frank Opens The Box
Frank Opens The Box
Frank comes through the Floor after contact with Blood
Frank comes through the Floor after contact with Blood
Frank tries to reconstitute himself
Frank tries to reconstitute himself

No Waste Of Good Suffering!

Pinhead is the Cenobite Leader of a group known as a 'Gash' that comes when summoned by the open Lament Configuration. As Pinhead also said, 'You opened the box! We came!'. At that point the Cenobites would rip you to shreds, Pinhead usually did that summoning things like chains with hooks on the end, or other nasty devices. If not to kill you? Then they would take you back to the Labyrinth to be tortured in suffering & pain like they have been, until you are converted into a Cenobite as well! As you can see, Pinhead has spikes driven into his head in a crosscut pattern that forms a painful matrix of evil corruption. The Female has a spike through her bony nose & a nasty slash exposing her raw & raspy vocal cords. The Chatterer has his face basically mangled into a hideous contortion with devices pulling back his skin from his ever clicking & gnashing teeth. Butterball is fat & nasty & is a large ball of agonized flesh. He wears bizarre sunglasses and is a wickedly obese Demon. This is Pinhead's ever lustful Gash wanting to kill or collect souls to go back to the ever winding Labryinth. Pinhead tells Kirsty Cotton, Frank's niece that her tears are a waste of good suffering. Cenobites take glee in causing pain to others which they consider unspeakable pleasures.

Pinhead & His Gash Lust For Pain!

Pinhead & his Gash, The Female, The Chatterer, & Butterball.
Pinhead & his Gash, The Female, The Chatterer, & Butterball. | Source
The Chatterer
The Chatterer
The Female
The Female
And Pinhead!
And Pinhead!

The Labyrinth, A Unique Part Of Hell!

The Labyrinth exists in a Dark Pocket of Hell where the unimaginable Horrors of the Cenobites exist. The maze is overseen by the Massive Leviathan, a large floating diamond shaped device inscribed with Devilish Runes. It makes a constant menacing thrum all of the time which can drive one excessively 'mad' in a very short amount of eternity. Leviathan issues black beams of ominous darkness from its center that turns those struck into Cenobites. The Lament Configuration is the Arcane Puzzle Box that opens a rip in the fabric of Reality between the Labryinth and Earth! Cenobites move through this horrific tear to come to our reality & back to their never ending maze of torturous pain.

Cenobites, The Labyrinth, & The Lament Configuration

The Lament Configuration
The Lament Configuration
The Labyrinth and Leviathan
The Labyrinth and Leviathan
Pinhead & The Cenobites
Pinhead & The Cenobites

Seeing This Is Horror Incarnate

Indestructible accept to other Cenobites, you will join a Gash to travel the Labryinth until summoned to inflict pain yourself! Hellraiser is a fantastic story of horror unleashed! If you haven't at least seen the first movie then you owe it to yourself to check it out! There are many other films to see. Some good? Some not so much! But if you are into Bizarre Horror? You must check it out!


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