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Top 10 Best Songs of Hemlata

Updated on September 17, 2017
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Kannan believes music is God's gift to mankind. With this in mind, he creates articles for other music lovers.

Do you know the real name of Hemlata? Try finding the real name of Hemlata, and you would find that her real name is Lata Bhatt. But then why did she choose Hemlata as her name, of course so that she does not gets confused with Lata Mangeshkar. In her childhood days she was also called "Little Lata".

There is a nice little story why she was called "Little Lata". When she was 7 years old she went to a concert which was organised by a person who had got training from Hemlata's father who was also a singer himself. The person, Mr. Gopal Mallick, introduced baby Lata on the stage despite her father refusing it. At such a small age she sung Jaago Mohan Pyaare in a beautiful way that the audience requested for "once more" four times, and she entertained the crowd every time. To everybody's irony Lata Mangeshkar was also to perform on the same concert on the same song where she got late. And destiny had something stored for Hemlata. After that performance she was fondly called Little Lata.

Now this was only the start of a lifelong journey with music. To be frank with you, I hardly heard much of her in my childhood days, there was only the Latas and the Aashas. But quite certainly Hemlata is a diamond which fortunately you and I have discovered. Many music lovers still remain faraway from a great tuneful voice.

So here is the list of hit songs from the vocal cords of Hemlata.

10| Sun Ke Teri Pukar - Fakira

I can't get this song out of head. A gem of a song from Ravindra Jain. This was the song that gave Hemlata instant fame and brought her to likes of other mainstream singers of that time.

Whenever you are feel low and need some motivation you can hear this song to lift your mood. To me this is the song of hope.

9| Sona Kare Jhilmil Jhilmil - Paheli

This is a funny song, at least to me. Lyrics of the song is particularly comic, the song starts with unusual lyrics but as you listen the song there is more to the song apart from being funny.

The song requires higher nodes as well as softness in the voice. Hemlata in her musical career had many romantic and duet songs, this is one of them in which Suresh Wadkar playbacks alongside her.

8| Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se - Title Song

This is a classic romantic number. Definitely this is one such song that every singer wants to have in his/her life. Such a song can make a person immortal. This song would be heard for decades to come and she will be remembered.

Filmed on Ranjeeta and Sachin. One such song that should be definitely in every music lovers collection. The song is just finished and I am pressing the repeat button.

7| Le to Aaye ho Hame Sapno ke - Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye

One thing about Hemlata was that in whichever song she lend her voice to Rameshwari that became a hit song. Hemlata was like the defacto screen voice of Rameshwari.

Rameshwari did some two or three films in Bollywood after which she moved to the Telugu film industry. Presently she is seen doing mother-type roles in Bollywood as well as South Indian film industry.

The song takes place when Rameshwari, a flower seller girl who had been married to a wealthy rich brat because of the unfortunate circumstances in the plot.

6| Megha Ore - Sunayana

Hemlata had a modest career but despite of that she has won five filmfare awards for best female playback singer, one of the song which she got a filmfare was this one Megha ore.

Again a song picturised on Rameshwari. This gives me the feeling that previously awards were given after so much thought and on actual performance, not like what is happening these days.

The song is a somewhat on the Bhojpuri side but that makes the song more beautiful and listen-worthy.

5| Jab Deep Jale Aana - Chitchor

She also sung many songs with Yesudas. And her songs with Yesudas were very well-received by the public.

Though she sings a few verses in this song, but she complements Yesudas so substantially that I couldn't keep this song out of my list. A song which is played so many times on the radio in the oldies-goldies kind of shows.

4| Khushiya Hi Khushiya Ho - Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye

Again one of my all-time favorites because I am a great fan of both Yesudas and Hemata. And this song once again brings them together. I couldn't resist this to include in my "Best of Yesudas" and the same goes here.

This cheerful song definitely makes for a great listen. So why not download this one by sites which offer downloads legally at an economical rate. Once you download it you won't stop listening to this.

3| Kaun Disa Mein - Nadiya Ke Paar

Another of Hemlata's mainstream song which is apparently a Bhojpuri language song. Hemlata sung Bhojpuri song quite impressively and this one is the best one when it comes to Bhojpuri songs of her.

Also, Hemlata has also sung songs in various other Indian languages and also in foreign languages such as English, Dutch and German to name a few. She had a career spanning more than 40 years and till now as late as 2010 she has recorded songs in regional languages.

2| Tu Jo Mere Sur Mein - Chitchor

A semi-classical song picturised on Amol Palekar and Zarina Wahab. Chitchor is one such album which is a definite in the list of greatest movie albums ever. The movie has excellent songs and the movie too is very good.

Delightful lyrics and a good composition by Ravindra Jain.

Hemlata recorded many songs for Ravindra Jain. In a way Hemlata was one of the favorites of Ravindra Jain. They worked together in films such as Geet Gaata Chal, Nadiya Ke Paar, Fakira, Naiya, Paheli and many other films.

1| Tu Is Tarah Se Meri Zindagi - Aap To Aise Na The

A sad song which will touch your heart. With beautiful lyrics this song has two versions other than this; one sung by Mohammad Rafi and another one by Manhar Udhas.

This version is a sad version whereas others were joyful. This is so well-crafted that actually the singer has to make this a sad or joyful. And the setting of the song wanted feelings of a heart-broken girl. Hemlata engages herself in the song and brings forward an awesome piece.

Recommend this song to anyone who just had a breakup, and he/she might kiss your hand for advising such a canticle. Yes this is laced with that much sadness that they will start loving you. If that statement seemed a bit far-stretched they you can take it as a joke.

I hope you liked reading this and listening to the beautiful songs.

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