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Hemlock Grove Not A Sour Review

Updated on May 20, 2016

Let me start this out by saying when I first sat down to watch Hemlock Grove I was rather excited considering that it combined story lines for two of my favorite monsters; Vampires, and werewolves. As season one came and went I have to admit I was enthralled, Famke Janssen slayed me as Olivia Godfrey; cruel and beautiful just as an Upir should be.

As the show went on it introduced characters like Roman Godfrey (Bill Skarsgård) a spoiled little man boy with issues with his mommy(Olivia Godfrey), Peter Rumancek (Landon Liboirn) a gypsy werewolf who moves into town with his mom Lynda played by Lili Taylor who is of course flawless. You also meet Roman’s cousin/sister Letha, his uncle/daddy Norman, his uncle’s wife Marie who I have a hard time remembering the name of because her part is so unnecessary other than her crazy split up with her husband.

There’s other characters that they somewhat halfway developed like Peter’s cousin Destiny (Kaniethtiio Horn), who came in the last couple of episodes of the first season, and had more of a character development in the third season with her boyfriend/fiance Andreas Vasilescu played by Luke Camilleri. There was also Dr. Johann Pryce and Shelly (Madeleine Martin) who ended up to have an incredibly close relationship but this only develops really in season 3, before that she is close with her uncle Norman. Who is her brother Roman’s father, but you don’t find this out until later.

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers because then there is no fun in actually watching the show, but let’s talk about the incest in this show. Not quite as bad as the Borgia's but we’re close here. First you have Roman having sex with Letha as an “angel” in her mind, and impregnating her with their daughter Nadia. Which you know, ok it’s a supernatural show I get it I can swing with that. Of course Peter becomes a love interest to Letha while she is pregnant and Roman gets weird jealous, the awkward tension of it all is enough to keep you watching honestly. Meanwhile none of the three actually know that Roman’s the father of the baby until later on. This is the part of the story line for the show altogether, meaning it leads into the next season and then again to the next.

The whole story line for the first season was actually really well laid out and beautiful, it honestly left me wanting more instead of wishing that I was done watching all together. There was murder and mayhem, and plenty of blood of course. The werewolf vibe was strong and they hit on a lot of ancient werewolf culture in America. It was all very interesting, and not only that but it became rather apparent that this cast was going to be one of the most attractive casts I had seen on a t.v. show in awhile which helps things.

The only problem is, after the first season you really will not be satisfied.

Season two was jumbled together and awful, the only thing that was interesting about it was the tattoo on Madeline Brewer’s back as she played Miranda Cates the love interest of both Peter and Roman. Yeah, you get some partial threesome action in this season. She also apparently can breast feed Nadia with her blood producing nipples. In this season also it just starts to appear that Roman is a plague on Peter’s life and his family, and everything just starts to crumble and fall apart; including the story line, not to mention the giant flying monkey thing that snatches Nadia and Miranda at the end of the season.

In season three some crazy shit happens, Roman has sex with yet another sister, Annie played by Camille De Pazzis, and Peter is apparently in some type of gypsy gang, I had high hopes for this season a first. Destiny and Andreas get engaged, Shelly escapes the clutch of her mother, and Dr. Johann Pryce gets a boyfriend. I really liked the first five or six episodes and I had no problem sitting there binge watching them all day, after that it was rough. Not because the story line fell apart but all of the sudden everything seemed very rushed and confusing, nothing really made much sense. I wasn’t too happy with the ending with Shelly driving off into the sunset with Nadia and Richard Gunn’s character Aitor, also Olivia Godfrey’s last scene fucked with me really hard, the last time you see her she appears to be dying and crumbling apart, it’s pretty tragic and horrifying.

Honestly plot holes and shaky writing aside, it was a decent t.v. show, and if it's drama you want there is enough in this show to go around, there’s plenty of girlfriend sharing/wife sharing to go around. There’s cheating, lying, sex, and of course blood. The show is visually pleasing as well thanks to Todd Masters and his amazing sfx, and Roman's Jaguar XK150.

I honestly feel like this show would have been better with more time if Netflix had allowed it, and if the writers went more into the story line behind what Roman and Peter were exactly because the show left people confused about what an Upir is, and confused about the difference between Peter and Jacob from Twilight.

Hemlock Grove Season 3 Trailer


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