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Hercules Disney - Animated Film Review

Updated on May 12, 2015


Hercules is a Greek mythical story about a hero of the people and the son of the god of thunder Zeus and who is known for his many adventures on his travels around the world.

In 1997 Disney decided to animate this adventure which was based off the original Greek mythology. This lead on to a squeal Hero to Zero which was only released on video and then an animated TV series after.

The Film

The film story for me is a little all over the place. Hercules has been focused on finding his true purpose in life from being a young age which is basically what the film is meant to be about. Yet suddenly Hercules focus changes so quickly which is a little off putting. For example he is meant to be 'playing' the hero role yet is more interested in the girl which seems to be a continuous distraction which is annoying, as why would he jeopardize his future because of a girl? It was nice when the film started but as it goes on it gets less and less to the point where his true purpose seems and after thought until the end.

The pace of the film at the beginning seems just a touch fast. You don't really have change to get used to anything it's not until they get to the point where Hercules is older that you start to settle into what is happening.


The film story and pace might be poor but the characters are worth watching. I love Phil he is a brilliant spirit who is always wanting Hercules to try his best. I feel sorry for him that he has trained many others to be heroes but they have never managed to be 'the best' by his standard of things. It's so nice that he had his own dreams he wanted to accomplish and in this kind of film it's nice that they are showing that each character are individual. Every character has reacted to different situations and does have emotions towards them even though they can be there one minute and gone the next depending on what's happening. Meg seems to be the most emotional character but it can be a bit misplaced for me at times. However I love the fact she is a strong woman and is not afraid like many would be, it's a nice change to many of the newer films Disney created. The only thing is that they needed to stop doing the whole boy runs after girls thing. Pegasus who had been playing war with Hercules over him running after girls just automatically turns when something similar happens to him. This gets old very quickly.

The other characters who are maybe not considered but who I think are just brilliant are the singing ladies that explain the story in their own way. They give the film a whole knew depth and yet again are their own individuals. They turn up as objects and paintings as well as people and for me are some of the most developed characters in the entire film. I just wanted to see more of them so I could bop along.


The other character who is fab is Hades. The man who does his voice is just perfect for the role and I like the way he treats his minions and all the unique ways his powers can be used. A little uncontrollable at times but it all fits his profile which is good.

The characters were always the strong point in this film a little flawed like the unnecessary romance stuff but its the reason you actually watch the film.

I'm not talking about romantic relationships but actual relationships between the characters is good. For instance Phil seems to have taken on a very fatherly supportive role in the film which was a perfect fit for his profile and how he supports each of his hero through their training. Or the way Hades plays and mocks with his minions not just shouting at them all the time. Sometimes he is very nice and gets them off guard and others he really lets them have it. But he can also change very quickly between the good and the evil which adds a little mystery and entertainment to him otherwise being just evil all the time would make him plain boring.


I like how the relationships where played on in the film and how upsetting it can be when things go wrong. However my only downside with this is that when something did happen it seemed to get forgotten very quickly and all went back to normal. I don't know whether they felt they were running out of time or budget but it feels like the beginning rushed and a little off pace which is a shame as there was some brilliant character moments leading into this.

The music in the film is brilliant!! You could quite easily listen to it all day and never get bored. All the voice actors in it give life to the story rather than flattening the character like we have already seen some of the reviews I have done. The music and voices complement everything very well and along with the characters help push it along.

Overall the film is not entirely strong and does have some major flaws but if you are more character driven and like your hero types its worth a watch. Even when trying to write my reviews I had to stop and watch because I do secretly enjoy this film. It's not everyone's cup of tea as there is no real thrill or drama to it as such but for a kids film and made by Disney it's not a bad watch.

My rating is 6 out of 10

Hercules, Disney and none of these images belong to me I just use them as reference for my review.

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