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Here Are The Top 7 Best And Most Affordable Weapons For A Zombie Apocalypse

Updated on November 28, 2016

So You Want To Survive A Zombie Breakout?

When the zombie breakout is gonna happen, you'll be the best of the best. You are gonna have an easy time slicing zombie heads off with your shovel, an digging graves for your fallen teammates who DIDN'T read this article. Jokes aside, let's get started! (before we start, these are not organised in order)

No. 7 - A Bow And Arrow! ~$200

A bow and arrow is nice, shoots well (if you know how to use it) and it is pretty silent. What are the pros and cons? While you may be silent, it is gonna take time for you to reload. You don't want to stand as the victim in a horde of zombies, trying to shoot your way out, head by head, with only a bow. The bow should mainly be used for shooting at distance.

No. 6 - A Machete! ~$100

A Machete is always good to have. Especially if you live in a jungle, or in a very dense forest. The machete can be used as a tool to make different kind of things, or cut down bushes to get past them. They are even useful for slaying zombies! They tend to be pretty sharp, they have a longer range than normal knives, and they are "easy" to use! This is one of the good close-ranged weapons on this list! Even though machetes are nice and sharp, again, it's not easy to cut down a horde of zombies.

NO. 5 - A Folding Shovel! ~$40

A shovel can be used for many things - Digging, oh wait, theres not really much to it. A FOLDING shovel, this little cool and compact tool, with a sharpened edge, can easily be turned into a zombieskull crusher. It's seen in alot of movies too, why? Because it's affordable and makes a great mark in your already dead victims head! And, it can dig too, of course... While it's good at digging out zombie hearts, it may not be so effective if you wish to kill alot of zombies at once.

No. 4 - a Katana! ~$200 - $400

A Katana. The Katana is a very sharp sword, that basically cuts through everything. It's cuts like a charm, if you have a quality one of course. These swords are very expensive, therefore not that affordable, but you can still find cheaper ones, they are just not as good. I mean, wouldn't you pay a little extra if your life was on the line? The katana is one of the best swords for slaying zombies, just not at long range of course - unless you are a professional katana thrower, which i doubt.

NO. 3 - A Tactical Knife! ~$100

A tactical knife is always great, you can use it for carving wood, cutting strings, opening your bacon packs, even slaying zombies! The tactical knife is a good choice for basically anything involving outdoor activities. The knife is one of the most essential tools, and trust me, when the zombies take over, you are gonna need one.

NO. 2 - Throwing Knives! ~$25

Throwing Knives. They are a very good weapon, if you know how to use them correctly. These doesn't really cost that much, you can even make them yourself pretty easily! A throwing knife is very good for semi-long range zombies. You can even use them like a normal knife, but be careful, you can also cut off your fingers!

NO. 1 - Your Brain ~$0

Since most of us were born with a brain (hopefully) you gotta know how to use it! You have to know how to work together, and stay confident. You gotta know how to concentrate and relax people when they are freaking out, because a zombie just stole their lunchbag. If you can't use your brain, then you are gonna have a hard time using these weapons.

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-Just A Quick Reminder-

We do NOT have anything to do with any injurings, illegal activies and so on, from this post. So if you cut your fingers off, don't try to sue us please.


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