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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo -- A Very Boo Birthday

Updated on September 20, 2012

You know, this family is always crying poverty, but the big shindig they put on for the Boo couldn't have been cheap. Either TLC picked up the bill or Mama isn't as poor as she claims.

The episode begins with Mama once again trying to find a way to save money. This time by learning to put Boo's glitz make-up on herself so she doesn't have to pay someone to do it. Only problem is Mama can't see and she makes the Boo look like a clown when she's done.

Next the family went to play Bingo. Mama showed us her squinty-eyed bingo face. She looked like some evil monster. She wouldn't need a costume for Halloween. All she'd have to do is make that face when trick-or-treaters come knocking at her door and they'll all go running off in terror that the evil monster is about to get them.

The Boo really showed what a brat she was at the bingo game when some woman was winning and she wasn't and she accused them of cheating. Then she tried to say she'd won bingo when she didn't. I was hoping they wouldn't win at bingo, and I got my wish. They went home empty-handed.

Next up Miss Georgia 2011 met up with Mama and Boo to try and give her some tips to winning Ultimate Grande Supreme and fulfilling her long-time goal to be Miss America one day. It didn't look like the Boo took in anything Miss Georgia had to say. She was still eating like a little pig and farting at the table. To quote Sarah Palin, "It's like putting lipstick on a pig."

We also got a montage of how the Boo loves to look at herself in the mirror. It's like she's in love with her own image. Speaking of someone in love with her own image, Miss Georgia gave the Boo an autographed picture of herself like it was some great prize. Miss Georgia ending her appearance by saying Boo may need to work on her manners a bit. You think?

Finally, it's time for Boo's 7th birthday. They've rented this big water slide for the event and a hotdog stand. Neither of those things is cheap. Mama claims they always put on big shindigs for the birthday, but none of that had to come cheap. Either TLC footed the bill for this party or Mama has a lot more money then she's claiming to have. Maybe they're using the Christmas In July money they raised for a local charity to throw this party.

Pumpkin, Chickadee and Chubbs said they didn't have any money to get Boo something for her birthday, so they raided Mama's coupon stash for presents. Amongst the presents they wrapped up for the Boo was a super big container of hot sauce. When the Boo opened it she said her sisters had given her gifts from the heart.

The girls also tried to get Mama to climb up the water slide and slide down it. She didn't even make it half way up the stairs before she called it a day. I think it was a wise decision, as this isn't a water park slide. It looked like it was just an inflated slide and I doubt it would have been able to manage Mama's girth.

The episode ended when the Boo sneezed and had a bunch of snot coming out of her nose. She covered her face, so we finally found something she finds embarrassing, since farting in front of famous people doesn't do it. She tried to inhale it back in before walking off with his hand covering her nose.


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