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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo -- Mama's Weird Foot Is Unveiled

Updated on September 2, 2012

This episode began where the last one left off. Chickadee was rushed to the hospital. Much to Mama's pleasure the bun didn't come out of the oven before it could finish baking and she was sent home on complete bed rest. Good luck with that with the annoying Boo-Boo refusing to leave her alone.

Mama and the girls had their final weigh-in. Apparently, they were doing the diet for only a set number of weeks. Mama and Chubbs managed to take off weight, while Pumpkin and the Pageant Queen managed to put it on.

Mama decides to take the girls, minus Chickadee, to a water park for a day of fun. Seeing Mama in a bathing suit stuffed into an innertube while she goes floating down a water slide is a sight most of us probably won't soon forget. Or the aftermath of struggling to get said tube off of her as she got stuck in it. Pumpkin wanted Mama to go on an even higher slide, but Mama refused, so she agreed to show the girls her deformed foot.

It didn't look that bad, while the girls were acting like it was the worst thing they'd ever seen. I worked in a nursing home and had to give care to someone who had all their toes amputated, so to me it was no big deal. They also were going on about how bad it smelled. I'm guessing the reason it smells is Mama never removes her dirty old sock and keeps wearing it and never washes her foot. I'm guessing she probably keeps the sock on when she showers and thinks because it gets wet in the shower that cleans the sock and her foot. The sock she had on was the one she wore to the manicurist/pedicurist and had them put nail polish on it because she wouldn't remove her stinky old sock. So she obviously hasn't put on a clean sock since then.

Finally, Mama entered Boo Boo into a beauty contest to see how well she did before the big one she's entered in. No surprise she didn't win, again. She was given another tip to why the Boo Boo failed; no eye contact with the judge. The problem is Boo Boo wants to sit on her lazy butt and not practice and then expects to win the top title. The pageant kids that are at the top of their game practice their butts off. The one time the family took Boo Boo to the local gymnasium to practice she flopped down on the stage and wanted to take a nap.

I have a feeling the show will conclude with her actually winning Ultimate Grand Supreme. I'm hoping that will be the end of this series, because these people are pretty disgusting. Yes, people do live like this, but that doesn't mean a spotlight should be shone on it. By the way, maybe I missed it, but I could have sworn I saw a scene last week of these people jacking the Goodwill bin where people donated things to Goodwill. Or is that something we all have yet to look forward to seeing?


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