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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo -- Red Neck Slip And Slide

Updated on August 16, 2012

We learned a little bit more about Boo Boo's Mama in this weeks' episodes.

For starters, Sugar Bear is only the father of Boo Boo. He and Mama have only been together for 8 years. So it seems Mama's four daughters: Chickadee, Chubbs, Pumpkin and Boo Boo all have different fathers. It's Mama and Sugar Bears 8 year anniversary of shacking up together. That isn't a euphemism for them being married; they're not. Sugar Bear would marry Mama in a second, but Mama doesn't want to make it legal. I guess it also explains why Mama's the boss in the family, as it's her house and Sugar Bear is just a guest that could be asked to leave if he ticked Mama off in some way.

Okay, I try not to judge people, but Mama said she got pregnant with Chickadee when she was 15. So shouldn't have that have taught her, I don't know, to use birth control when she has sex? Once is a mistake; four times is a lifestyle choice. Apparently, the only guy that stuck around after getting her knocked up was Sugar Bear.

Mama also reveals she's an extreme couponer, but not really. She went to the store and spent, I think, less than $130.00 and only had to pay less than $30.00. That's not extreme. I've watched Extreme Couponers. Getting $300.00 worth of stuff for $8.95 is extreme. But Mama does it to help pay for Boo Boos pageants.

Anyway, Mama goes to a Piggly Wiggly to do her couponing at. I've heard of the store but never actually saw one. I was kind of awestruck like I was the first time I actually saw a real live outhouse in person. It was just a legend until I'd actually seen one with my own eyes. I even took a picture of the first outhouse I saw up close and personal. I'm afraid I may be a little bit of a redneck myself.

Pumpkin said she hates couponing. But she likes standing up in supermarket carts making them move back and forth until they tip over with her inside them. While out couponing its revealed Mama has a rust stain around her neck.

Mama reveals that they done broke their Slide and Slide and since it's hot she's going to rig up a Redneck Slip And Slide. She gets a tarp and smears and soap on it and the squirts the girls as they going sliding by on it. See, this is why I'm worried I may be a redneck. As a kid I used the plastic chair pad from the lounge chair as a Slip and Slide and had a good time doing it, too. And after that they were wrestling in the mud. That I can say proudly I never did.

With some of the money Mama saved couponing she hires Boo Boo a new pageant coach named Amanda. She's teaching her a routine for the glitz pageant Boo Boo will be in in a few weeks time. Boo Boo is going to be Elvis in the pageant. When asked if she knows who Elvis is, she replied that Sugar Bear told her Elvis was Santa's helper and helped him make toys. I've heard a lot of theories about where Elvis might be hiding out if he faked his death, but living up at the North Pole making toys was not one of them.

Amanda tells Mama and Boo Boo she needs to rehearse her act twice a day. I really have my doubts that Boo Boo will ever reach her goal of winning Ultimate Grande Supreme. She's a pretty little girl with more personality than one person should have, but the way these judges are at these kiddie pageants, I don't think they'll ever vote her Ultimate Grande Supreme.

Next up, the girls have a weigh-in to see whose winning in Week #3 of their weight loss challenge. Mama is winning so far, as she's lost 6 pounds. With Chubbs coming in second taking off 2 pounds. However Pumpkin and Boo Boo have gained weight.

In preparation for Boo Boo's pageant and Mama's date with Sugar Bear to celebrate their anniversary, Mama takes the girls to have a facial and pedicure. However, when it comes to pedicure time Mama won't take off his sock because she reveals her foot got run over by a forklift. I guess it must run in the family because Uncle Poodle also revealed on Toddlers and Tiaras that he lost his toe because he got his foot run over, too. Mama settles for having nail polish applied to her socks where her toenails should be.

Sugar Bear takes Mama to the Crockett Cafeteria for their anniversary dinner. He gives her a giant deer statue for their anniversary. Mama isn't impressed, even when he explains is to celebrate how they eat roadkill. Meanwhile, the girls are also planning a little surprise for Mama. They get into her toilet paper supply and TP the house and yard. Needless to say when Mama gets home she's not happy and makes the girls clean it all up, amid grumbling over all the money they wasted.

Finally, Mama gets Boo Boo to try on her glitzy pageant dress and realizes it just won't do, so they have to go to a dressmaker to make her a new dress. Boo Boo decides she wants Glitzy to have a dress just like her, so the dressmaker measures Glitzy, too.

I supposed the biggest surprise of the episode was learning that Mama was only 32. I thought she was in her forties.

I do wonder how the other girls feel about how Mama is spending so much money on Boo Boo's pageant dreams and if they feel any jealousy about it.


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