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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo -- That Pig Has Got To Go!

Updated on August 23, 2012

I don't think I've ever hated anyone as I do Mama

I just found the woman completely loathsome in the latest episode of this nightmare on wheels.

Mama's wrath fell down of poor little Glitzy the pig, because he was hungry and squealing and wasn't allowing her to sleep in til ten in the morning. I'm guessing that's how late she sleeps in as she was yapping about how the pig would have squealed from five to ten in the morning if she didn't get her lazy fat butt out of bed and feed him.

The woman seemed to be blaming the pig cause he was hungry and needed to be fed. Hello? He's a pet. He can't feed himself. When you have a pet you have to take care of him. How this woman didn't seem to get this and blamed the pig for squealing because he was hungry showed just how truly ignorant she is.

I have a cat and sometimes he'll wake-me up wanting to be fed at four in the morning. Guess what? I get up and feed him and then I go back to bed. Something this woman could have easily done. I also have to clip his nails every few weeks and change his litter. I don't whine and complain as this woman did. It's what you're expected to do when you have a pet. When you get a pet you make a pledge to take care of it. And this woman thinking fulfilling this pig's basic needs is asking too much is just plain ridiculous. She didn't even offer Boo Boo the chance to get up and take care of the pig, herself, since it's her pig. She just declared it had to go.

Although, I guess Glitzy is lucky she decided to send him back and didn't want to eat him to get rid of the problem instead. I think his small size is what saved his life, since if she roasted him over a spit, I doubt she'd be able to get a decent burp or fart out of eating him, and she's all about farting.

Sugar Bear wasn't happy about sending Glitzy away, but the other fat lazy sisters didn't like the pig and sure didn't want to take care of him.

The family also were decorating for Christmas In July. Mama claimed it's a charity they do every year, because they're all about giving back to the community. Sugar Bear dresses up like Santa and has kids sit on his lap and tell what they want. I'm guessing the money comes from kids telling Santa what they want. Call me cynical, but as hard up as this woman is for money for The Boo Boo's pageants, I can't help wonder if the charity they're doing it for is themselves.

The family took Boo Boo to the school auditorium to practice her routine, but she doesn't even know half of it and instead of practicing, she laid down on the stage wanting to take a nap. I'm sorry, but unless the contest is fixed or all the other contestants are from the bottom of the barrel, this kid is never going to win Ultimate Grand Supreme. She doesn't want to do the work required to be good enough to win and she's also overweight. I know that's harsh, but in a pageant where they make these little girls where false teeth and be put in full make-up, don't tell me they aren't going to judge against you if you're overweight.

Finally, Chickadee started having cramps and had to be taken away in an ambulance. She's only 8 1/2 months pregnant. Mama said she didn't want the baby born yet. I think her reason was that an early-term baby would require too much care. Wonder if it requires too much care if she'll want Chickadee to give it up for adoption the same way she insisted sending Glitzy back because he took too much care.

For the love of God, TLC, once all the episodes for this show airs, please don't renew it.


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