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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo -- The Red Neck Shopping Mall

Updated on September 6, 2012

It's a little jarring when I'm watching another show to hear someone talking about The Boo Boo. According to Jimmy Kimmel the show is a hit, which is bad news if you want this family to disappear. But it was good news if you saw the ridiculous parody he did of The Boo Boo Clan. It was supposedly a show on one of the nature channels. It's gave me a good laugh. Conan also mentioned them as something he wishes we'd never been exposed to. And Nigel Lythgoe of So You Think You Can Dance said Tiffany was a positive example of a young girl, while the Boo Boo was a negative one.

Anyway, this episode takes place around the Fourth Of July. Mama takes the family to buy a new wig for the Boo Boo in hopes the right wig will help her win Ultimate Grande Supreme. It's going to take more than the right wig to help her to win. The rest of the family starts trying on wigs. Sugar Bear says it turns him on when he sees Mama in a blonde wig. Ultimately, Mama decides that Shh! It's A Wig doesn't have anything in its stock for the Boo Boo.

Next up, Sugar Bear brings home a pool for the girls and Big Mama to cool off in. Sugar and the girls got it put together, while Big Mama sat in the shade making negative comments. Sugar says he bets the girls will have it ruined within two months. He's a little generous in his estimate, when the house is already starting to leak within two hours.

Sugar also wants to take the girls out to dinner, so he takes them out to a BBQ restaurant and Big Mama continues to be negative. The Boo Boo orders more than one dinner for dinner and if she keeps that up she's going to be morbidly obese by the time she's a teenager.

Chickadee who is no longer on strict bed rest, apparently, wonders why Big Mama won't marry Sugar. They all think of him as their daddy and he thinks of them as his own daughters. Makes you wonder if the whole almost losing her baby was done for dramatic effect. Things take a gross turn as Pumpkin has a cow when Chubbs lifts her leg and farts all over her. Nothing like the aroma of a fart to make your dinner real appetizing.

For some reason Pumpkin is my favorite of this motley crew.

Finally, the family decides to go and celebrate the Fourth Of July. First they have a fish fry, then they go to The Red Neck Department Store. I thought they were jacking one of the Goodwill bins. Turns out they're just dumpster diving. There didn't look like there was any garbage in that dumpster. Sugar jumped in a pulled out a fan and rolled up Pumpkin in a dirty mattress that could have been full of bed bugs. The Boo Boo claims all of Pumpkin's clothes came from that bin.

I really do wonder that the other girls don't resent The Boo Boo, since most of their money goes to her and her silly attempts at winning Ultimate Grande Supreme.

They end their day with a fireworks show.


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