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Here Comes The Boom

Updated on November 26, 2012

Here Comes The Boom

Director: Frank Coreci

Writers: Kevin James, Allan Loeb, Rock Reuben

Cast: Kevin James, Salma Hayek, Henry Winkler, Greg Germann, Joe Rogan, Gary Valentine, Charice, Bas Rutten, Reggie Lee, Mark DellaGrotte, Mookie Barker, Jackie Flynn, Nikki Tyler-Flynn, Melissa Peterman, Thomas C. Gallagher, Blaine Stevens, J. Michael Trautmann, Germaine De Leon, Steven Ritchie, Shelly Desai, Earnestine Phillips, Richard Arum, Nils Veenstra, Philippe Stella, John C. Blenn, Gabriel Ricker, Evan Reuben, Krzysztof Soszynski, Mike Goldberg, Bruce Buffer, Herb Dean, Jacob 'Stitch' Duran

Synopsis: A high school biology teacher looks to become a successful mixed-martial arts fighter in an effort to raise money to prevent extra-curricular activities from being axed at his cash-strapped school.

MPAA Rating: Rated PG for bouts of MMA sports violence, some rude humor and language


After getting arguably one of the best sports films of all time in "Warrior", it was kind of expected that other genres of films would partake including MMA fights, as part of the story's narrative. In this particular case, we get a comedy called "Here Comes The Boom." Is it good? Is it bad? Or is it Well, lets get into that now.

The story focuses on a high school biology teacher, Scott Voss (Kevin James), who has lost all faith in teaching his children through the school system; which is kind of sad considering they mention he was once named "teacher of the year" a mere ten years ago. In fact, he's become so much of a slacker, at his job, that he doesn't even bother teaching anymore, as he merely reads the newspaper, and allows his students to do as they please; while showing up late frequently. Oh the mighty have fallen...

However, things start to change when Scott learns that the music teacher, Marty Streb (Henry Winkler), is having another baby. Sadly, the bad news is that the school needs to cut the budget, and Marty's job becomes in jeopardy; which would also eliminate him before he could get tenure as well. To make matters worse, the only way to save his job is for the school to somehow raise over forty eight thousand dollars to balance the budget. Scott volunteers to help Marty; along with the school nurse, Bella Flores (Salma Hayek), the girl that Scott constantly hits on throughout the film. However, she turns him down all the time.

Anyways, to get back to the story, Scott tries working another teaching job, where he helps illegal immigrants become U.S. citizens. Unfortunately, it's still not enough to raise the money the school needs to save Marty's job by the end of the school year, but lucky for Scott that one of his students, from his adult class, might've given him a revelation. One of them not only introduces the concept of possibly entering MMA to raise the money, but this student also happens to be a former fighter from MMA that agrees to help train him; with the condition that Scott helps him ace his citizenship test. Therefore, an unlikely alliance is formed, and Scott pursues a career in the MMA; while thinking his high school wrestling experience might help him out, so how hard could MMA be right?

Well...lets just say he gets beat up...a first. However, as we all know, he does get better that leads up to a Hollywood cliche climax that I'm sure most movie fans will expect. Unless you've never seen a movie in your life, then chances are you know exactly how this film will play out from beginning to end. Heck, the trailers alone pretty much give it away already. But, lets be honest, "Here Comes The Boom" was never meant to be taken seriously like "Warrior" was. No, this is just one of your run of the mill popcorn feel good flicks; with a bunch of cliches, a few inspirational over the top speeches, while giving the audience a few cheap laughs along the way.

Most audiences that would go to see this kind of film merely want to be entertained, and on that note, "Here Comes The Boom" succeeds rather well. Granted, the story is hardly memorable, as I doubt we'll be talking about this one like fifty years from now. However, it's a decent movie that'll give you a few laughs, and it's fairly entertaining for what it tries to be. In fact, I'd probably have to put this movie up there with films like "The Mighty Ducks." Sure, that film had an over the top cliche ridden plot, where you could immediately tell how the story would end just by seeing the freaking trailers alone.

However, "The Mighty Ducks" had heart, and it was a nice entertaining feel good sports movie; which is exactly what "Here Comes The Boom" happens to be. Sure, there's also a subplot where Scott starts to feel invested in teaching again, which leads to other cliches as well about teaching. Again, if you've seen as many movies as I have, then you know that's kind of expected at some point as well.

Sadly, unlike "The Mighty Ducks", "Here Comes The Boom" really doesn't have any memorable scenes that would differentiate it from other over the top feel good sports films, but it's okay though. For what it happens to be, most audiences should be pleased by it.

Although I wouldn't go on record saying this is Kevin James' best role, as that honor still belongs to "Paul Blart: Mall Cop." However, if you're just looking for a decent film that'll pass the time because you have nothing else to do, then this isn't a bad one to watch. Just don't expect too much out of it.

In the end, I'd have to give this one a two out of four, as it's good for a rental, but I wouldn't see this in a movie theater. It's a decent film, but it's not worth the ticket price to see it.

Here Comes The Boom Song (Warning: Contains Adult Language. Parental Discretion is Advised)


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    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 5 years ago

      Nah no worries. Be sure to let me know what you think of it then. I hope you like the movie whenever you get a chance to watch. Anyways, thanks again for stopping by, as i always look forward to seeing you. you be sure to have a great holiday flightkeeper. :)

    • Flightkeeper profile image

      Flightkeeper 5 years ago from The East Coast

      Hi Steven, I was sorry to have missed this on the big screen, I heard some good things about it and I love silly feel good movies. I'll probably wait to see it on DVD.