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Here Homes Honey Boo Boo -- Mama's Special Spaghetti Recipe

Updated on September 16, 2012

Familiarity does breed contempt

When this show started I thought Boo was a sweet and funny but a somewhat vulgar child. Over time I've come to think of her as an obnoxious brat. I know at 6 none of us were aware of the concept of money, so she doesn't get the sacrifices her entire family has to make for her Ultimate Grande Supreme dreams, but this episode really showed what a spoiled brat she is and her belief her entire family has to cater to her every whim like when she decides she wants to play a game and they all give into her demands.

The episode begins with Sugar declaring he wants to spend more time with the girls, but the only girl he's taking out on a date is Boo. He takes her to the Fun Factory. They try out the roller skating rink and both fall of their butts. So they decide to go around the rink in their stocking feet.

We also learn the family lives across the street from a convenience store. Pumpkin apparently loves to hang there. Per usual, Big Mama was making some derogatory comments about Pumpkin. That may be why I like Pumpkin. Think if that girl was trying to win Miss Ultimate Grande Supreme she'd actually win.

Next up Boo decided she wanted everyone to play a game she thought up. Because it was the Boo who thought it up, it bordered on the disgusting. It was called Guess My Breathe and everyone had to be blind folded as they guessed whose breathe they were sniffing. Considering how this kid loves to fart, I'm surprised she didn't have everyone sniffing each other's butts as they cut one and guess who was doing the farting.

Mama doesn't think Chickadee is ready to be a mother. Well, maybe you should have gone out and got her some birth control pills when she started dating. It's a little too late for her to decide she doesn't want to be a mother when she's about to pop one out. Later, Mama has a cow when Chickadee accidentally pisses on her couch. For a second I thought they were going to say her water broke.

Then Boo has another of her wonderful ideas. She wants to sell lemonade to raise money for her pageants. She's pretty loud and obnoxious as she tries to get passersby to buy her lemonade. The entire family has to help her sell her lemonade. What Boo wants Boo gets.

You know, if I were in that family, I'd have quite a bit of resentment towards that brat. She gets treated better than everyone else. Because she wants to be Ultimate Grande Supreme they all have to live in abject poverty and eat dead animals off the road so they don't waste money buying fresh meat at the store. Maybe they go along with whatever the little brat wants because Sugar seems to be the only one working in that family and supporting them. So they feel they have to cater to whatever his kid wants.

Finally, since Mama laments that fact there hasn't been any roadkill lately and they have no meat, she decides to make her special spaghetti recipe. Just thinking about it is turning my stomach. The sauce is ketchup and butter microwaved together. Okay, I have put ketchup on my spaghetti a time or two and it hasn't tasted half-bad, but when butter is in the mix...YUCK!

Mama also demonstrates how she tests to see if the spaghetti is done. I've never seen anything like that in my life. They throw a strand on the cupboard and if it sticks that means it's done, afterwards they eat it...EEW! I'm sorry, but I eat a strand to see if it's done and I sure wouldn't want to eat spaghetti that had been stuck against the dirty kitchen cupboards. Just thinking about it turns my stomach.

I'm sorry, but unless TLC bribes someone, I don't think she'll ever win Ultimate Grand Supreme. She's just too lazy to do what she needs to do to try and win it. She won't practice her routines. Mama has brought in someone to teach this little piece of vulgarity some manners and she wouldn't even do it. The girls that win Ultimate Grande Supreme work their butts off to win. They practice their routines, they also watch what they eat. Boo is so used to her entire family catering to her every whim that she thinks all she should have to do is show up at the contest and have the top prize awarded to her. When for once she isn't catered to she cries because she didn't win. Sorry kid, but if you win the top prize, you need to actually work hard for it.


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