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He's her Prince Charming: Angelina Jolie is accompanied by Brad Pitt at private reception for Disney movie Maleficent

Updated on May 8, 2014

Is Brad Pitt the Prince Charming for Angelina Jolie? Well, at least she says so. He accompanied her recently to the private reception for Disney movie Maleficent and Angelina glowed. She could not be more happy. Not sure if this whole perfect couple thing is simply staged for the cameras, but they must be very good actors if they are faking since their love and affection looks very real. Well, I guess for professional actors like themselves it is easy to fake things. Sometimes you cannot tell the difference between the truth and a lie. I do hope that they themselves know what's what.

Now the couple looked stunning and classy. Angelina looked perfect as always. Brad looked a bit shabby, but still good. So Angelina played her dark side in the film Maleficent. I think that horned creature is more like her real personality if you ask me. She is the devil in a pretty dress with a soft voice. So much games and seduction. I guess she must feel very powerful and awfully insecure at the same time. What's going to happen if one day Brad finds out about her games? Will he leave her? Well, maybe the two are worth each other after all. A cheater and a home wrecker. It sounds like they are a couple made in heaven or maybe in hell, depending on who you ask.

This Angelina Jolie does not fool me for one second with all her charity and adoption. I think she gets a thrill out of playing this kind hearted generous person. However, if she was really that nice she wouldn't date a married man. This woman lacks integrity and that is big for me. I would like to respect her, but given her attitude this is hard to do.

Angelina is certainly talented and beautiful. However, I am not sure that she is such a good person. I guess nice people like Jennifer Aniston get left behind and childless, while people like Angelina get everything they ever wanted and maybe more. This somehow sends the wrong message to our young women. You know what though, karma is a bitch and it can come back to bite you in the ass when you least expect it. Hopefully, Brad and Angelina can avoid this eventuality from happening.


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      Joy 3 years ago

      Oh my god, what an awful article. It almost seems like you were personally victimized by Angelina, what is wrong with you? What do you care if they are faking it or not, those comments are completely unprofessional and plain rude. And personally I believe that if she helps people doesn't matter if she just does it to pretend she's a nice person because at least she helps, for whatever reason, wich is something very much needed. Finally I really don't think you should say that she is a player or evil since you can't possibly know that, it's just stupid to assume she's an evil person just because she fell in love with a married man.