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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Updated on July 30, 2013

History and Origin of Wolverine

Hey Bub, I'm not finished with you yet!!!

"I'm the best at what I do but what I do, isn't very nice", stated by Wolverine/Logan (Hugh Jackman). I guess that means he's the best at delivering great action sequences and special effects, but offers a mediocre story line while trying to cram in as many mutants as humanly possible into one film, like "X-Men 3" did. Based off the popular Marvel Comics' character, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" is essentially an origin story about Wolverine, as it covers his top secret government missions to his complicated relationship with his brother, Victor Creed/Sabretooth (Liev Schrieber). After Sabretooth allegedly kills Logan's girl friend, Kayla Silverfox (Lynn Collins), Wolverine goes on a quest for revenge. Ultimately, leading him to volunteer for the "Weapon X" program, that turned him into the adamantium killing machine, he is today. The special effects are pretty much what you'd expect from a big budget film like this, and the acting performances are fairly decent. Unfortunately, since the film rushes through a lot of story content in favor of action and cramming in as many random characters as possible, the movie leaves a lot to be desired, in terms of substance. The acting performances are pretty solid, as I thought Liev Schrieber and Hugh Jackman carried out their parts rather well. Directed by Gavin Hood, whom has been known for his independent films such as "Tsotsi." Although I can't say I'm familiar with his previous work, I will say that he tends to make a lot of the same mistakes that Brett Ratner made, when he directed "X-Men 3: The Last Stand." "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" fails to live up to the hype.

As I've stated earlier, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" has great special effects as one would expect, and the fight choreography is top notch. The various fight scenes that Wolverine has with Sabretooth are pretty awesome to watch, as well as his confrontation fighting the Blob/Fred Dukes (Kevin Durand). Heck, even Ryan Reynolds does some cool action sequences as he takes on the role of Deadpool/Wade Wilson, a sword swinging mercenary. Audiences will certainly be impressed when they see Wade slice a bullet in half, as it's about to hit him. Indeed, "20th Century Fox" spared no expense on special effects, as they even tried introducing various other mutants from the "X-Men" comics such as Gambit (Taylor Kitsch), Emma Frost, and many others.

Liev Schrieber does a much better job portraying the sinister Sabretooth, in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" than his predecessor, Tyler Mane. As he's able to give the character more depth and conviction, allowing the audience to see how deep his hatred for Wolverine is. In the scene, where Logan decides to leave the government agency, because he felt bad about murdering innocent civilians, you could almost sense how Victor felt betrayed by his brother. Allowing in later scenes for audiences see how much that hatred grows, when he tries to kill his own brother while mercillessly taunting him, to prove his superiority. Schrieber adds a sense of depth to the character that was lacking, in "X-Men", thus allowing the viewer to feel more immersed into their sibling rivalry. Hugh Jackman gave a solid performance as well, proving why he was made for this role. During various scenes, as the film explores Wolverine's complex past, you can see the complexity of Logan's life as he tries to live a normal life, but haunted by his past, as his brother mercillessly tries to kill him, and a government that tries to use him for their own gain.

Unfortunately, that's where all the pros about this movie ends, as "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" pretty much falls short on substance. Unlike all the other super hero films that are successful, where you have a great villain and hero rivalry building up to a climatic battle scene, this movie doesn't offer that. If anything, the film pretty much builds up the story between Sabretooth and Wolverine to the point where you can sense the hatred between them. Then only to find out around the ending, that murdering Logan's girl friend, Kayla, was all part of an elaborate scheme to trick Logan into the "Weapon X" program. Which would've been fine, had they kept the prospect of Sabretooth feeling betrayed by Logan, when he left the government agency because he felt bad about killing innocent civilians. However, instead Victor Creed feels bad for his brother around the time, Logan finds out he's been tricked. Therefore, Victor and Logan put aside their differences to take on the government officials, that have been capturing and experimenting on mutants, in an effort to create the dreaded, "Weapon XI." A powerful mutant, that has the collective powers of various other mutants. Unfortunately, all this plays out as a rather badly written "B-movie", to say the least.

Although I can't compare this to Gavin Hood's previous work, I'm sure he could've done a better job directing this film. At the beginning of the film, it started off strong as it build up the climatic tension between the siblings, but it was ruined as they suddenly become friends again to fight against a common enemy. Throughout the film, Victor hunts and persues Logan mercillesly as he tries to kill him; even going as far as beating him up after he killed Logan's girl. Portraying Victor as an insane psycho bent on destroying Wolverine's life. Which kind ruins the rivalry as one would hope for the final fight scene to be with Sabretooth and Wolverine, and not some sci-fi super powered mutant experiment, Weapon XI, that pops out of nowhere. Plus, if Sabretooth really hated Wolverine so much, then why would he bother to help him towards the ending? Plus, throughout the later half of the film, Gavin Hood sacrifices most of the story content, as he rams as many mutants into the film as possible. Most of which didn't even fit into the story, like Gambit, Proffessor Charles Xavier, and Emma Frost.

"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" fails to live up to the hype. It started off strong with solid special effects, solid acting performances, and a strong rivalry build up between the protagonist and antagonist. However, it quickly falls apart when the protagonist and antagonist team up to face a common foe and in the process, destroys the heated tension that was built up in the earlier part of the movie. What could've been a promising movie, turns into another action super hero film thats only purpose is to make money.

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