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Hey Hey What Can I Say TRibute

Updated on October 3, 2012

Zayleen's kind of Cover

Verse 1

Wanna tell ya 'bout this boy I love. And how he looks so fine.

Wanna tell him that I love him. how Hes the only one I been thinkin of.

Dreamin of him both night and day ... maybe some day he will be all mine.

Cause late at night

when I cant stop but hoping

that you will call and tell me to head your way.

To my late night lovin Ill come a runnin , while you drop off a street corner girl


I got a man, wanna ball all day.


I got a man stay high all the time.

Oh I said

I got a late night lover and he wont be true. no no

Verse 2

Friday evening when we go down to town , watch the women all gather round.

They all say they would never come between us.but when im gone they all head his way

My late night lover, a player undercover, and I believe the bullshit he says

one day soon your lies are gonna get you, youll call but ill be so long gone.


Hey hey what can I say ,

I got a man wanna ball all day

Hey hey what can I do?

Yeah I got a late night lover and he wont stay true. (No lo'oh"rd )

Hey hey what can I say? With my lil lover when he wants to stray.

Verse 3

In the bars, there are men that play guitars

Play the women just the same

But every night the girls are gonna flock them

my midnight lover thinks hes undercover

with one arm around me as we go by

He kisses my neck and whispers words of love

and I fall a little harder each time

Guess Ill just keep on drinkin and let him be one his way....

Maybe later ill stray to the stage... search for a guitar man

Maybe he will even see me, as we leave while his guitar plays


Hey hey what can I say ,

I gotta good man but like to stray

Hey hey what do I do?

when my late nite lover just wont be true,,,,,no loohrd

(Hey hey what can I say? I got a man gonna ball all day ...Hey hey what do I do?

When I dis-cover my undercover lover,, just wont ever be true.. OhLohrd

Guess some day when im a little stronger

ill pack my bags and be on my way...

yeah Ill try a little harder to find me another

while your lookin for your street corner girls

Hey hey what can I say ... I got a man gonna ball all day

hey hey what can I do... said I got a man stays high all the time

Oh hey you what do I do? find a new lover that'll treat me a little better

but my heart it longs for you......... yeah hey hey what do you say

tell me that our love was not just a game. oh no no no

* A tribute to Led Zepplin's "Hey hey What can I Say '

zayleen pain



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    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 5 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      What an amazing set of lyrics and an alternative version of a great song. You could write songs lyrics no problem. :)