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Hey Monday fronted by Cassadee Pope who charms us as she now turns solo

Updated on January 14, 2016

Hey Monday

Cassadee Pope with her band Hey Monday

I have grown to appreciate music through the years and have been exposed to all kinds from the early 1960's through present day. It is a pleasure to hear a great tune that stays with you and brings a smile to your face when you hear it. Equally satisfying is finding a band you have a connection to. I could go on and on about all the songs I enjoy listening to and all the bands I have come to know and follow. It seems when you become a fan of a rock band you stay a fan forever. I have always enjoyed new bands and a new sound and find that music is always evolving and changing and when you find a new band to follow it brings a new and fresh perspective and a new found sense of excitement. When I hear a new tune I like or see a new video on youtube I like I always find it interesting learning about the band and the musicians behind that new song.

I now have a son approaching his teenage years so I am also learning of music and new bands from his perspective which I find very interesting. I have always enjoyed spending time with my son and exposing him to music and talented artists. He has grown to like music from my generation and I am starting to appreciate music from his generation.

I find that although we have a fondness for and a connection to music of our generation we also appreciate the new sound and the up and coming music artists of today. One such band I have started to notice and truly enjoy listening to is a band based in Florida called Hey Monday who formed in March 2008. I happened to come across a video my son enjoyed of one of their popular songs and I really enjoyed watching and listening to it. The song and the performance was amazing and the members of the band were great together. The lead singer is a young woman seemingly still in high school. I am in awe when I see such young performing artists playing with such talent and with such maturity and poise. I was instantly hooked with their song How You Love Me Now.

I must have played it 3 or 4 times in a row and then posted it to my facebook page Music Showcase and my personal facebook page so I could watch it anytime. I also favorited it on my Youtube channel which is my source for finding new music artists and learning more about them and their songs. I find music has a way of keeping us young and when we come upon rising stars we kind of enjoy the association because it is our way of rekindling our youth and appreciating music played for a younger generation.

Hey Monday is fronted by a young woman, Cassadee Pope, 21 who has a tremendous stage presence and a beautiful voice and she is complemented by her band mates, Mike Gentile, Alex Lipshaw and Patrick Mackenzie who are all equally very talented musicians who seem to have a tremendous chemistry and make wonderful music together. She sings and writes the songs for her band and she has star power and is a very attractive young lady. Hey Monday is compared as a band to similar bands like Paramore and Versa Emerge and they are one of many on the scene today where many bands are looking for the big break that launches them into the spot light. Certainly Hey Monday has made their presence known and they have the talent and the music to bring them front and center and have set out on the road now touring to play the songs from their albums and join forces with other bands showcasing their talents and touring.

They are signed to two record labels, Decaydance and Columbia and they were initially discovered by Peter Wentz of Fall Out Boy who heard them and immediately pushed to have them signed to his record label, Decaydance. When you see a young band making their way onto the music scene and you like their music and the band members you start to pull for them hoping they will be around awhile making the music you've grown to enjoy. It is inevitable that some members may come and go but the heart and soul of the band rests with their lead singer, the guitarist and the drummer. You keep them together then you have the makings of a great band that hopefully will have staying power. I know I will be a fan and will continue listening to them as I try to book tickets for one of their upcoming concerts as a surprise present for my son who is starting to formulate his own tastes and choices of music bands he enjoys. This is one of his favorites and now one of mine as well.

Hey Monday is certainly a band that teenage kids, college age students and young adults in their early 20's will be drawn to. I would also say that the parents of these kids may also find themselves becoming fans as well like myself. I have already treated myself and my son to their 2 releases on cd and we now can listen to them as we drive in the car. Next step is to see them in concert. Oh what fun it is being a kid again! Thank you Hey Monday! Thank you Cassadee!

Edward D. Iannielli III

Hey Monday - How You Love Me Now

Hey Monday - I Don't Wanna Dance

Hey Monday - Homecoming

Hey Monday - Wish You Were Here

Cassadee Pope

Cassadee Pope, the winner of The Voice, 3rd season. She is early 20's and has superstar quality!
Cassadee Pope, the winner of The Voice, 3rd season. She is early 20's and has superstar quality!

Cassadee Pope an artist who has it all

I am a fan of Cassadee Pope from the beginning as she sang lead with her band Hey Monday which were a group that was fun and had a lead artist who could sing and turn heads. She was the energy and heart and soul of the band and she was a star in the making. I knew all along she would be a solo artist because she just had the talent, the voice and she had a fan base growing and loving all she does. She has such a bright future ahead of her and she was tremendous on The Voice as the winner without question. She has such charisma, talent, beauty, charm and a voice that is refreshing as she belts out songs with such emotion and truly inspires and touches her audience. She is truly a very special artist. I love you Cassadee! Don't miss her on the Jay Leno show airing this Friday, November 22, 2013 and check out her Facebook page, I will be watching and I know all her fans will too. I can't wait!!!


Hey Monday - Candles


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    • ediann profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Love you Cassadee, This is my small tribute to you. I wish you all the best and love you and your music! You are incredible and watching you on the Voice was so much fun and so very exciting. You have it all, my friend.

      A fan,



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