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Hidden Singer

Updated on September 23, 2014

About Hidden Singer

Hidden Singer is a Korean TV show about one talented singer and five impostors (who usually are fans of the said singer & have amazing singing talent). All six of them will hide behind the curtain to sing the singer's famous songs, 100 people in the audience will choose the real singer. The host is Jun Hyun Moo.

Pilot episode featuring amazing singer Lena Park aired in December 2012. Hidden Singer is now airing it's third season, the first episode of this 3rd season kicked off last month with Lee Sun Hee who just celebrated her 30th debut anniversary this year as the first guest. Her episode recorded the highest rating to date (7.18% based on average AGB Nielsen ratings)

To J - Lee Sun Hee & five awesome imitators

The purpose of this show is not about finding the best singer, but to find the best imitator and the real singer. That's why the show's PD usually picks the singer's four most famous songs that the audience are most familiar with.

Besides the competitive four rounds, the singer and the imitators also sing together. Their harmonization is amazingly good that sometimes it gives me goosebumps & eargasm.

Hidden Singer - Four Rounds

Second Round - Kim Tae Yeon (Gee)

The first round and second round are the most difficult because the audience (and us the viewers) are not familiar with the impostors' voices yet, so it's very hard to pick who's who. The first two songs are usually the singer's debut song and the song which catapulted the singer to his/her fame. For these two rounds, the audience will choose the person who they believe is NOT the singer. The person who receives the highest votes will be eliminated.

Fourth Round - Lee Sun Hee (Meet Him Among Them)

The third round is easier to guess because the impostors are introduced to the audience after they passed the second round. Moreover, viewers and audience are quite familiar with their voices by this round. We can feel their technique, their vocal color, etc. The audience will vote the person who's NOT the real singer. The person who receives the most votes will be eliminated.

The song choice for the fourth round is usually the hardest, it requires complex technique, perfect emotions, etc. The audience will vote the real singer. The person who receives the highest votes is the winner of this Hidden Singer episode.

If the winner is the real singer, the other two remaining contestants (the best imitators chosen by the audience) will take part in King of the Kings round where they'll receive 100,000 won for every single vote they receive. If the imitators beat the real singer on the fourth round, they will receive prize money.

Taeyeon - Hidden Singer 3
Taeyeon - Hidden Singer 3

In rare cases, the imitators are able to upstage the real singer because of various reasons. Few real singers confessed they got really nervous hence it affected their live performances.

The most recent controversy was when Taeyeon from Girls' Generation got eliminated on the second round because Hidden Singer PD chose SNSD's very famous & popular song "Gee". Because it'd be unfair for her to sing her part, she was given Tiffany's line. She probably got confused, she ended up trying to imitate Tiffany's voice.

She's the first idol from an idol group who took part in this show, but because of this controversy, there won't be any more idol on this show.

Hidden Singer "Guests

Pilot Episodes
Lena Park & Kim Kyung Ho
Season 1
Sung Si Kyung, Jo Kwan Woo, Lee Soo Young, Kim Jong Seo, Bobby Kim, Jang Yun Jeong, Park Sang Min, Baek Ji Young, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Moon Se, Yoon Min Soo, Kim Gun Mo
Season 2
Im Chang Jung, Shin Seung Hun, Jo Sung Mo, Kim Bum Soo, Joo Hyun Mi, Yoon Do Hyun, IU, Nam Jin, Wheesung, Park Jin Young, Kim Yoon Ah, Kim Kwang Seok
Season 3
Lee Sun Hee, Lee Jae Hoon, Park Hyun Bin, Hwanhee, Kim Tae Yeon, Tae Jin Ah

Good Day

Taking Part in Hidden Singer

Anna Darnley shared her experience auditioning and participating in Hidden Singer (IU episode) on her VLOG below.

The imitators will have to go through several auditions and if they're chosen to take part on one Hidden Singer episode, they will be given vocal training lessons. It's an awesome one-life time opportunity.

Vocal Lesson BTS Video

Anna explained that they gave her vocal training lessons to best imitate IU's voice before the recording.

It's a standard procedure for Hidden Singers contestants to ensure their voice is on tip top condition giving them the best chance to win the show.


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