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Hiding Superman

Updated on January 20, 2012

Angels!, the lowest rank of the nine-choirs hierarchy, so elegant on the ears yet sublimely neglected in the human world. They are commonly termed as our 'guardian angels' and were assigned to every man that has spirit, from the time of their birth. Some proved to be God's messenger and some fall on the wrong message underground, and they are called 'fallen angels'. 'Thrones', third from the highest ranking in the angelic hierarchy are angels tasked to penalize the six down line levels, if such offense committed in the divine order. Others say that when angels die, they become one of the stars and shine upon our world, so they will never perish.

There was this story about angels and an earthly angel committed not only for an obligation on earth but also to show where our daily task will lead us and how?, question is to which angel am I ascribing this?

There were once two Angels having a bet on a deserted island. One guardian angel named 'Rindel' and a fallen angel 'Boxx'. Boxx was exiled in this island for ten years; he could not go further out of the island due to its disability to fly. He’s wingless. His mind is totally powerful but cannot control human emotions. He has a flame sword that burst in his palm when provoked and since its exile he already killed a hundred guardians out of his intent to grab those wings. 'Glim' a throne responsible of taking Boxx's wings, laughed at this because Boxx can only grow wings at his victims will.

At the time Boxx captured Rindel as his prisoner five years ago, he knew he could use a trick for Rindel, so they made a pact, that if at a certain point, Rindel’s master will give-up life in any situation, Rindel must offer his wings to Boxx. In reverse, Rindel finds his freedom.

'Anytime now…I smell feathers on my back… I’m seeing manifestations on your pathetic master, I'll take both of your wings as you desperately crawl on my triumph'. Boxx expressed bragging.

'Let's just wait then; after me comes a new sprout more righteous.' and Rindel smiled a mystery.

Miles away from this island, Jerry waited for a passenger for the last trip of his taxi that night. He was a typical tertiary student in the morning and an assiduous taxi driver at night. Everyday seems the same for him 365 days a year. A daily caught in the rain, a monthly delivery of ‘Pepsi’ bottle right to his head, an undying branch flowering in his arms, and a massive annoying from the public. Jerry was tired of these phenomena that beset him for five years, but he did not have a single thought that God has something to do with this curse. He told God before releasing the vehicle’s clutch aboard his last passengers. ‘Please give me a chance lord, and I’ll serve you. Not this! , and he shed a tear. He was Jerry, the person whom Rindel served for sixteen long years, which could have been twenty one.

‘Wow, is your master from the theater arts? It was very touching indeed! but I still think he looked like a clown grown with wild plants…ahahahaha’. Boxx’s loud voice echoed the whole island. For years, these thorny botanical organism that Boxx summoned, acted like barb wires on Jerry’s arms.

Rindel could only take a bow and threw out a deep sigh as he glided his wings down to sadness and whispered words for Jerry, ‘I could have took this agony from you five years ago, forgive me for I am a prisoner and my feelings are hindered. I don’t want to give up either, for you’ll die worse without me, master!’

When Jerry looked at the rear mirror, he twisted it a bit for a clearer look. He was stunned, and the night chilled him more. It’s his ex-girlfriend sleeping in the arms of her newfound lover. Jerry almost lost a grip of the steering wheel. At his courage, he gently raised his head back on view and put an endless gape to immortalize the journey they had left hanging in the past. Clare was her name; infantile and prudish, yet a very amiable being.

‘Sleep tight my Cuddly Cat; I left because I don’t believe you can continue to love a monster. Just pretend I’m lost...forever’.

As Jerry uttered these words, it rained heavily.

Boxx thought that it would be much intimate, but rather crucial if it will be just the two of them together. So with his powers in time, Clare’s boyfriend arrived home within 3 seconds, leaving the two of them together. Boxx also made the temperature of the backseat three times colder so Clare would transfer right next to the side of Jerry. As everything happened in Boxx’s plan, Clare transferred in the front seat and saw for a first time a taxi driver wearing a long sleeved jacket and with a fully covered helmet on his head. She didn’t mind it at all for she thought it’s just probably for his protection, though it’s quiet unusual.

Boxx was a bit furious, so he lowered the temperature in the front seat so she could ask Jerry’s jacket for a warmer. This was the worst fear of Jerry, seeing his condition with the girl he loved and knowing he could fall all over again. Then Jerry stopped the vehicle. When he offered his jacket to her, green thorny stems with leaves and tiny flowers over it surrounded both his arms. Clare was alarmed, so he calmed her down but she moved out from the vehicle instead. ‘Get away! You freak me out! I’d rather be soaked in the rain than to be eaten by a vegetable monster ‘, she shouted with a fading voice.

‘Oh how I love climax. Bring out the popcorn, I’m winning Rindel!’ Boxx was brimful with his expectations.

Suddenly Jerry removed his helmet, looked into her paled eyes and said, ‘Clare! if these thorns reminds me of how much I was thankful of the moments we had been, I’ll embrace it with joy’.

And his blood was overflowed by the rain that ran down through his arms as he embraced himself. Clare was speechless on the sudden twist. She remembered his face beneath the archive of her treasured belongings.

Jerry added, “I volunteered as a firefighter so I can save your burning house; I was the Bugs Bunny mascot on your 18th birthday, I was Mr. Comfort who calls you when you were sick, and your crazy ‘sensei’ in your Kendo class. Remember? I didn’t want so much everything from you. This isn’t patience, hope or persistence. What more could I ask for if I have the uppermost virtue in me, LOVE. I am no superman when I first saw you in a smile but since then I knew I can protect you with all my might. Life means never letting go as long as we aspire for the goodness in our hearts, even at times of sacrifice we can find bliss. It’s easy to forget but it’s hard to remember the valuable ones we had left forgotten. True heroes don’t need recognition; the fulfillment is way too much for a refund. “

‘Cuddly Bear? I’ve searched for you long enough as an unending thread.’ Clare approached Jerry on a graceful sway of a run.

With Boxx desperation, he waved out Pepsi bottles to fall all over their place. The sound was like a raging storm and was like a grenade explosion as it hits the ground. Rindel knew this could be the time for his revolt. So he gave a flapping blow from his wings to Boxx that intimidated his concentration, but with intense anger Boxx thrust his flame sword to Rindel.

In the meantime, Jerry shouted to Clare to get inside the vehicle, and she was saved. Jerry was already used of getting rid of flying bottles, but a hundred was too much. His bones were battered and his eyes blinded by the broken glasses. Though stumbled and fallen into the muddy ground, he crawled and raised his hand to Clare and said, ‘One last touch for one last longing breath.’ and she grabbed his hand without feeling the prick of the thorns. This was Jerry’s last words.

Rindel also died like a light burst in a glow and fade. ‘Seraphims’, a six winged angel and protector of love and truth threw Boxx to a vacuum island where nothing else can pass through, not even light and he suffered an eternity of darkness and isolation.

One month has passed!

Jerry’s spirit roamed around earth. He found ‘Glim’ and asked him a favor,

‘What? You will replace her guardian angel? That’s absurd! There’s no such thing as guardian spirit!’ Glim exclaimed.

‘But what can I do with these wings slowly growing on my back? Boil it? Jerry grinned.

Glim never thought that a mortal’s spirit can be rewarded with additional journey by the Seraphim’s.

‘‘Well, his heart can fly, why can’t he? Glim whispered on himself.

‘You truly can be an angel with an attitude, won’t you give up on her?…alright! Go, and find her, tell her guardian angel that he’s been terminated’. and Glim hid a smile.

‘Up up and away….I’m coming Clare.’ and Jerry glided forth his new wings beneath cliffs and soared through the spacious blue sky. Jerry made a smooth landing on the back of Clare and quietly secured his wings. He whispered to the grieving Clare and said: “‘Don’t cry there’s no sugar! Our love was an aspartame, artificially created but naturally sweet!”

Suddenly she felt the relief and comfort as if Jerry was around, without even knowing ‘being around’ was already his responsibility for as long as she lives.

“Never forget a single person that comes in our life. They may just passed by and let you learn the groovy pages of life, telling you how beautiful it is to know love with its rare connection, Not giving up Life!”


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