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Cast of The Blues Brothers Movie:HIDDEN ACTORS

Updated on May 4, 2014

The Beginning

In the beginning of the movie The Blues Brothers we automatically see our first cameo. Frank Oz, a famous director, is seen checking out John Belushi from prison. Frank Oz is the voice of Bert from Sesame Street as well as Fozzy Bear and Miss Piggy from the Muppets. Frank Oz also provided the voice for Yoda in the Star Wars movies. Next we see Elwood and Jake visit the Penguin a nun who helped raise the boys. The penguin is played by Kathleen Freeman an actress who has made many tv and movie appearances. Cab Caloway(one of the obvious famous people in the movie) comes up next telling the boys that they need a little churching up. Elwood and Jake then go to a church that Cab Calloway recommends. The church is headed by Reverend Cleophus James who is played by James Brown(who really needs no introduction). What is interesting though is the appearance of Chaka Kahn in the choir of the church. There is one scene of the choir where you see a women raise her hand as her voice becomes louder. This is Chaka Kahn.

The Blues Brothers Movie

The Blues Brothers Movie from 1980 is one of my favorite films of all time. Not only is the movie funny, but it contains many one liners for movie fans to enjoy. However, recently when I saw this movie again (probably for the 100th time) I started thinking about the amount of famous people who are in this movie. Some of the actors or musicians in this movie were famous during the era of the movie, while for others fame came before or after. So i figured I would share with everyone some of the names of the famous people who are in this movie.

The Middle

Although this might not be technically the middle of the movie I decided to break it up this way anyway. The boys then go about trying to put their band back together again. Just before they begin a new day we see a scene with Carrie Fisher in it. Carrie Fisher is most known as Princess Lea in the Star Wars movies. She decides to blow up the apartment building that Elwood and Jake sleep at. Right before she detonates the bomb the police arrive. This is when we see the first of John Candy who plays Burton Mercer a Chicago detective. The boys then gone on a series of adventures as they try to contact former band members. On the way to find Matt guitar Murphy and Blue Lou Elwood and Jake see an Illinois Nazi demonstration. They end up breaking up the demonstration with their car, driving through the group. The head Nazi is Henry Gibson who is most famous for his stint on the variety show Laugh In. Right before the boys enter Matt Murphy's diner we see John Lee Hooker singing by the curb. Hooker is a famous blues musician. In the diner we also get to meet another famous musician. Aretha Franklin plays the wife of Matt Guitar Murphy and ends up singing one of her famous songs. Finally the boys have to get Mr. Fabulous to come back to their band. Mr. Fabulous is the head maitre De at a very expensive restaurant. At this restaurant Elwood and Jake are waited on by Paul Reubens. Paul Reubens otherwise known as Pewee Herman enjoyed much success in the eighties as his alter ego.

The End

Before the Blues Brothers Band head out to perform gigs they need to by more band equipment. They decide to go to a pawn shop to buy the musical equipment needed. The pawn shop is run by Ray Charles another person who really needs no introduction. The Blues Brothers play their first gig at Bob's Country Bunker. They basically tell the owner that they are the Good Ole Boys a band that is running late and not there yet. When the Blues Brothers finish performing we see a scene where the lead singer of the real Good Ole Boys confronts them. The Tucker Mcelroy(the lead singer) is played by Charles Napier. Napier has appeared in many movies and tv shows playing tough guy roles. There ends up being a big car chase when Elwood and Jake leave Bob's Country Bunker. A cop car pulls out from behind a billboard sign and crashes into the Good Ole Boys van. One of the cops, state trooper mount is played by John Landis a famous director of many films who also worked on the Blues Brothers. The ultimate plot of the Blues Brothers is that Elwood and Jake have to raise enough money to pay the taxes of the orphanage that the Penguin runs. They decide that they need to perform a big concert with their band. They decide to go and meet Maury Sline a concert promoter in their area that they have worked with before. Sline is played by Steve Lawrence a successful singer in the 1950s and 1960s. Sline get the Blues Brothers the gig they need and all Elwood and Jake need to do is to perform at the concert. On the way to the concert the brothers run out of gas. They stop at a gas station that ends up also out of gas. While at the gas station Elwood waits on a car and pretend to give it gas. The car is driven by Twiggy a famous fashion model. The Blues Brothers end up performing a smashing concert that does very well. There is one more adventure left. They must get to Chicago's tax assessors office by morning to settle the tax money owed by the orphanage. when they get to the office the clerk is eating his lunch. This is the person Jake and Elwood give their money to. The clerk is a cameo by Steven Spielberg another person who really does not need an introduction. The last scene of the movie is the Blues Brothers playing Jail House Rock inside a prison. All of the prisoners start dancing around. The prisoner that is first to jump on the lunch tables and dance around is none other than Joe Walsh of the Eagles.


I did forget to mention a couple of names. Stephen Bishop an American singer and actor has a brief cameo. He is one of the cops that are chasing Elwood and Jake in the mall scene. His car ends up flipping over. He then says "You broke my watch!" There is another famous person I omitted. When Elwood brings Jake to his apartment, there is an old guy who is playing cards by himself out in the hall. He says to Elwood "Get my Cheez Whiz Boy?" This old guy is played by Layne Britton a famous make up artist and actor. He was the makeup artist for the Blues Brothers Movie. Well I hope that this article was informative. I think it is fun to spot out small cameos of actors and musicians in movies. If I have omitted anyone else in the Blues Brothers Movie please comment.


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    • creamice profile image

      creamice 2 years ago

      Thanks for the comment Al. I did not know that!

    • profile image

      al 2 years ago

      James Avery played the dad on fresh prince of bel a dancer outside rays music shop!

    • profile image

      Rick 2 years ago

      Joe Walsh was the first one to start dancing on the table in he final scene in the prison.

    • creamice profile image

      creamice 7 years ago

      Thanks Jason for visiting!! That is awesome!! I did not know that!! It just goes to show how many famous people are in this movie!!

    • profile image

      Jason Hare 7 years ago

      Just wanted to mention Ralph Foody as the dispatcher. He played as Johny in Angels with filthy souls in Home Alone.

    • creamice profile image

      creamice 7 years ago

      Thanks Paul for the comment and for stopping by. My goal is to do the article over and make it even better. There is so much in this movie that is interesting.

    • profile image

      paul 7 years ago

      Thanks for the really great article. I have watched that movie so many times and had no idea who some of those other people were. Especially the old guy that says, "did you get me my cheez whiz boy." It's good to know that there are other people that think about that stuff.

    • creamice profile image

      creamice 8 years ago

      Thanks for the comment. I signed up to HUb pages awhile ago but have not done anything with until recently. I aim to become a regular contributor

    • Shinkicker profile image

      Shinkicker 8 years ago from Scotland

      Enjoyed your Hub creamice. I love spotting folk in movies before they became famous.