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High Noon and The Guard

Updated on June 13, 2013

Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper | Source

High Noon

I had seen a little bit of the movie High Noon before and so I knew about it and what it was about. It is something that mostly everyone hears about. I would hear that it was high noon then and the sheriff was going out and there were the bad guys that would be waiting for him. I knew that the townspeople for the most part were not or could not do anything in the way of helping him. I also knew that Grace Kelly was in it. It was a famous movie to me.

So when I saw it again on cable I was surprised to see how fresh the movie really was. It was just a wonderful movie. I think it deserves all the praise that it gets. Grace Kelly did an excellent job on it. She was just great and she looked very nice, really beautiful. She was being accused by the other character of not doing anything to help her fiance. But there was more spirit in that girl than there is in a lot of the young female actresses that are out there today.

Of course, Gary Cooper did a great job and without him there would not be much of a movie. He had a horrible time trying to round up volunteers of course, it was heartbreaking.

For the director it was a great job of building up tension. There was all the music adding to it. It was all just perfect. The bad guys were coming in against him and fooling around. They had decided to go to rob a women's clothing store first. One of them had taken a women's hat and put it on his belt. That really puzzled me. I was not sure if he was planing on giving it to one of the girls there or what. It seemed to me just about as if the crew was attacking.

What it came down to, was all this was happening on what was supposed to be their wedding day. They had just been married and they had no honeymoon. Because she was against fighting from her religion the girl had decided that she had to leave. But she stayed there and decided that she had to fight for her man. She killed one of the bad guys herself. I was really surprised. Then Gary Cooper had gotten rid of all of the bad guys and it was a happy ending. The townspeople came out. The Cooper character then threw his badge down as he had done what he wanted to and had had enough of them. They then rode off in their buggy together.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly | Source

The Guard

The Guard was just a very fun movie. It had to do with drug deals going on in Ireland. There was a guard there that was Irish and that is the name of the movie. He was getting in trouble for his language, etc. There was an American black guy that had been sent there to help and to learn about their ways of doing things there. I thought it was pretty funny the way that they were relating to each other. There was a Christian newspaper that gave it a bad review and said it was not working, but I thought it was just fine.

The guard himself got in a lot of trouble. He was stubborn though and he wanted to finish it and stop the drug shipment that was coming. He found out that there were guards or police from Ireland there that were all in on it with the criminals. He had no one to ask to help him. He knew that he would have to do it himself. He would get in trouble then and not be able to stay there. There was even western music on it. It was meant as a send up of the westerns in a way. He needed help and the American guy finally decided to help him.

Before that he had killed one of the bad guys that had come to attack him. It was done in a very subtle way. All of it was pretty fresh to me and I mean it in a way that it was pretty tongue in cheek.

In the end the American is wondering if he died or not. He thought that he had died. It seems that he had really lived through it though.


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    • profile image

      rmcmillen 4 years ago

      I've never seen The Guard, but I love High Noon and thanks to this wonderfully written article, "Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darlin" will now be in my head for weeks.... thanks for that.

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