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Hillary Clinton's Unraveling Email Scandal

Updated on July 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton last spoke about the email controversy while she was Secretary of State on March 10. Then, she said she had given all the emails over to the State Department and did not email any classified material to anyone because there was no classified material. That was then. Recently, the State Department said that at least 15 emails of her's were work related that she withheld or partially withheld. They know this because the investigation forced Sidney Blumenthal, her confident, to hand over his emails with her. It was funny that he had them yet Hillary did not disclose them. These were emails that Hillary did not want to go public because she told him of State Department business, a violation, since he is just a private citizen. He was advising businesses seeking contracts in Libya! Yet, Ms. Clinton provide confidential information not for private citizens. Other omitted emails seem to undermine her position on the Libyan conflict. The State Department has now upgraded 25 of her released emails to Classified status, indicating that, she was sending sensitive information that she did not consider to be "classified" information at the time. The emails were on her private, hackable, email system, which is a federal crime because she "knowingly" did this.

The State Department sifting through the emails she provided has come to a conclusion that indicates she did not provide all of them and many of the ones she did are edited. Some of the edits are obvious according to State Department officials. Whole sentences and paragraphs are gone making the email chaotic to comprehend. Officials had to find the same email in Blumenthal's, which were complete, in order to make sense of what was deleted. Now, the State Department senses that of the 30,000 emails she provided, only a few can be proven as left intact and not edited before she handed them open. The process has been tedious. Some cannot be proven because they went to people outside of the government and are lost. What is authentic is becoming a moot point. Now, Hillary claims not to validate many of the emails Blumenthal sent to her. So, either Blumenthal is lying and fabricated them, or, Hillary deleted emails that were smoking guns, or she is lying. The bad thing is that all of the emails she sent to Blumenthal were Libya related.

So far, none of the Democrats running for President are willing to take on her regarding the evolving email scandal that is in slow motion. Why? The State Department now knows something is amiss with what she provided. She did, technically, break the law about email policy when she was Secretary of State by sending many now classified items to her buddy in Libya who was a private citizen with business connections.

The digging continues.


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