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Top 10 Indian Comedy Serials of the Last Decade (2000 - 2010)

Updated on May 14, 2018
kannanwrites profile image

Kannan loves all things Bollywood. Being a Mumbaikar, he has a tremendous love for Hindi cinema.

The last decade had some of the very famous and funny shows which went on-air on Indian Television. With some older shows like Tu Tu Main Main and Hum Paanch returned for their second season, but later could not last for much episodes.

This decade also has had its share of excellent comedy shows.

The last ten years not only gave us comedy serials like "Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma" but also gave us comedy reality shows like "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge" and some rib-tickling prank shows like MTV Bakra and Chuppa Rustam.

With Sab TV branding itself as an all comedy serial channel there will be no dearth of comedy shows for some time now.

1| Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma

This is one show which is breaking all records and even giving various Saas-Bahu type serials a run for their money.

With more than 875 episodes (at the time of writing) and still counting, this show is one of the biggest hit comedy serial that the Indian Television has ever produced.

The story revolves around the happenings of the Gokuldham Society with its prime focus on the Mehta family. The best part of the show is that besides clean and funny comedy it also gives a morally correct message.

Famous Characters

  • Shailesh Lodha - Tarak Mehta
  • Dilip Joshi - Jethalal Gada
  • Disha Vakani - Daya Gada
  • Bhavya Gandhi - Tipendra Gada
  • Amit Bhatt - Champaklal Gada
  • Tanmay Vekaria - Baga

Episode no. 1154 of TMKOC

2| Office Office

Office Office went on-air between 2000 to 2004 on Sab TV, the series was a farcical comedy based on the corruption and mishaps that take place in a government office.

The main character played by Pankaj Kapoor of Musantilal was at the receiving end every time he had some work at various government offices.

Famous Characters

Bhatia - Manoj Pahwa

Shukla - Sanjay Mishra

Patel - Deven Bhojani

Another government office

3| Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

The show revolved around the happenings of the Sarabhai family. With amazing performances by Satish Shah and all other characters the show was a must watch.

The trademark of the show was the character of Maya - the Mother-in-law played by Ratna Pathak was often seen pulling gags on Monisha (Daughter-in-law) played by Rupali Ganguly.

Sarabhai Family : Top 10 Middle Class Trademarks

4| FIR

Chandramukhi Chautala (Kavita Kaushik) is a brave female inspector of Imaan Chowki who tries to solve crime and other cases.

The USP of the show is the amazing one-liners that every character says immediately after their dialogue.

Famous Characters

  • Chandramukhi Chautala - Kavita Kaushik
  • Gulgule - Kiku
  • Gopinath Gandotra - Gopi Bhalla
  • Raj Aryan - Ali Asgar

FIR - Just another hilarious episode

5| Khichdi

The story revolved around the Gujrati family called Parekh, who lived in a joint family and the comedy came from the part of the problems and their solutions that the Parekh family faced.

Famous Characters

  • Tulsidas - Anang Desai
  • Jayshree - Vandana Pathak
  • Praful - Rajeev Mehta
  • Hansa - Supriya Pathak

Best of Khichdi

6| Yess Boss

One of the longest running comedy serials which went on for 600 episodes.

Famous Characters

  • Vinod Verma - Aashif Sheikh
  • Mohan Srivastava - Rakesh Bedi
  • Meera Srivastava - Kavita Kapoor
  • Kavita Verma - Delnaaz Paul
  • Sasu Maa - Sulbha Deshpande

YES BOSS - Episode 112

7) The Great Indian Laughter Challenge

The Great Indian Laughter challenge is considered as the first successful reality comedy show for stand-up comedians in India.

The series has completed 4 seasons and has given the country some outstanding stand-up comedians.

Season one results

  • Sunil Pal (Winner)
  • Ahsaan Qureshi (1st Runner up)
  • Raju Srivastav ( 2nd Runner up)

Season two results

  • Rauf Lala
  • Rajeev Nikam (1st Runner up)
  • Khyali and Prataj Faujdar ( 2nd Runner up)

Season three results

  • Kapil Sharma
  • Chandan Prabhakar (1st Runner up)
  • Sudesh Lehri ( 2nd Runner up)

Season four results

  • Suresh Albela
  • Sikandar Sanam and Wali Sheikh (1st Runner up)
  • Bharti Singh ( 2nd Runner up)

Laughter Challenge - Kapil Sharma

8) Comedy Circus

This show brought TV celebrities and stand-up comedian as partners. This show also completed four seasons recently.

Who can forget the laugh out loud nature of Archana Puran Singh and excellent performance of Krushna Abhishek.

Comedy Circus Results

  • Season 1 - Kashif Khan/Ali Asgar
  • Season 2 - Juhi Parmar & Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar (VIP)
  • Season 3 - Krushna, Sudesh, Mellisa
  • Season 4 - Mukti Mohan and Kapil Sharma

Shakeel and Mona's Comeback Performance

9| Chupa Rustam

Chhupa Rustam was a weekly show which aired on NDTV was one of my personal favorites. Basically it was a prank show in which they used to meticulously plan and fool people.

The host Arun Thapar presented the show very well and the prankster Gurpal Singh did a fantastic job of fooling people with his amazing acting skills and unconventional questions.

Body or Baloon!

10| MTV Bakra

MTV Bakra is considered one of the finest prank shows, hosted by Cyrus Broacha, which had some amazing pranks.

The show also regularly featured pranks on famous celebrities.

Ayushman Getting Pranked

Which show you like the most - Vote for your Favorite Show

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© 2010 Kannan Reddy

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    • profile image

      Bhupinder singh 2 years ago

      Tarak mehta ka olta chashma is the best serial ever

    • profile image

      yo 2 years ago

      taarak mehta ka ooltah chashman is the best show every

    • profile image

      abhrajeet 2 years ago

      taarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah is the best in the world

    • profile image

      Yogesh Kumar 4 years ago

      1. Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai 2. Yeh Jo hai Jindagi 3. Hum Paanch 4. Khichri 5. Dekh Bhai Dekh 6. Shrimaan-Shrimati 7. Yes boss 8. Flop Show 9. Taarak Mehta ka ooltta chashma 10. Office Office

    • profile image

      vinit kumar 4 years ago

      tarrak mehta ka olta chasma...............................................jhakash show

    • stdiomanip profile image

      stdiomanip 4 years ago from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

      none of the above tv programmes can match the class of sarabhai vs sarabhai candidly!!!

    • profile image

      bhupinder 4 years ago

      i liked shiriman shrimati the most till now. i cant just forget the characters :D dilrubaa, koki g

    • profile image

      Suraj 4 years ago

      Tarak mehta do not deserve top .. it should be sarabhai vs sarabhai . Not the length of the series but content matters....

    • profile image

      Nirwair singh bhullar 4 years ago

      U ppl forgot Comedy nights with Kapil

    • profile image

      Sagar 4 years ago

      Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is the best.............

    • profile image

      goutam 4 years ago

      tarrak mehta ka oolta chasma my house member really love this program i like this channel and program

    • kannanwrites profile image

      Kannan Reddy 4 years ago from Mumbai

      @abcd You are bang on about the TMKOC.

    • profile image

      abcd 4 years ago

      Tarak Mehta was a nice comedy show. But now it literally sucks.

      They are just dragging the series.

      Yes Boss, Sarabhai should definitely top.

    • profile image

      rida 5 years ago

      i like sarabhai vs sarabhai .

      but i feel that why did they not add main kab saas banoongi

    • profile image

      Anagha 5 years ago

      Sarabhai Vs sarabhai is the deserves to be first! taarak mehta always use to celebrate festivals and functions, sarabhai never did dat!

    • profile image

      ashish 5 years ago

      Tarak mehta ka oltah chasma is the best

    • profile image

      Swastik 5 years ago

      My personal favourite would always be Shrimaan Shrimati because as a kid it was my first comedy show and i liked it very much.For me it was and it will always be the best show.I wish Jatin Kanakia(Keshav Kulkarni) would had been amongst us.RIP.My heartiest regards goes to all other characters Koki Ji(Reema Lagoo),Prema Ji(Archana Puran Singh),Dilruba Ji(Rakesh bedi),Chintu(Ajay Nagrath),Gokhale(Vijay Gokhale),Mr. Sharma(Shail Chaturvedi ),Ganga(Hema Diwan) and all other guest characters.I just wish i could bring back the good old days of the 90's.My other fav shows are Sarabhai VS Sarabhai,The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Comedy Circus.

    • profile image

      Sushil khajuria 5 years ago

      Tarak Mehta ka oolta Chashma as the best sitcom on indian television.. I love so much taarak mehta ka ooltha chashmah

    • profile image

      nidhi 5 years ago

      its an evergreen show, any time show and ever lasting show

    • profile image

      nidhi 5 years ago

      tarak mehta ka oolta chashma is the best comedy show i have seen in it dayas acting is superb

    • profile image 5 years ago

      taarak mehta ka oolta chashmah is finest serial i have ever seen

    • profile image

      Mangesh dongare 6 years ago

      Tharak mehta ka ulta chasma is very best

    • profile image

      chandan 6 years ago

      yes boss is the best comedy show everrrrrrrrrr..........

    • profile image

      deepak12 6 years ago

      yes boss all the way

    • kannanwrites profile image

      Kannan Reddy 6 years ago from Mumbai

      @Vishal jain Thanks for sharing your views.

    • profile image

      Vishal jain 6 years ago

      I love soy much taarak mehta ka ooltha chashmah

    • profile image

      Raj 6 years ago

      U ppl forgot about Shriman Shrimati ....

    • profile image

      rk 6 years ago

      dont forget the best and the first comedy prog dekh bhai dekh

    • kannanwrites profile image

      Kannan Reddy 6 years ago from Mumbai

      @Tanvi I partly agree and partly disagree with your comment. TMKOC was indeed going good when I wrote this hub, nearly 8 months back. Not the first ten or so but almost the first year was good and quite interesting. These days its just getting repetitive.

      Yes Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is excellent which is being re-aired these days on Star One.

      Thanks for bringing my head towards Tu Tu Main Main, I did loved watching TTMM. Yes, I did missed it on my other hub as well which has old Hindi Comedy serials right from Yeh Jo hai Zindagi till the era of Nukkad, but I admit that I missed a wonderful mention. Thanks for pointing it out it; helps fellow readers as well.

      I recommend reading you the other hub on old comedy serials (The link listed on this page). Thanks for your comment and you rock Tanvi.

    • profile image

      Tanvi 6 years ago

      Tarak Mehta ka oolta Chashma as the best sitcom on indian television in the last decade, you kind of lost me there...It was fun for maybe the first 10 episodes or so but after that it just kind of had all the stupid things happening..For me Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is one of the best sitcoms and I think what this list is missing is Tu Tu Main Main - about the never ending arguments between a saas and bahu...

    • kannanwrites profile image

      Kannan Reddy 7 years ago from Mumbai

      Siddharth read my other hub where I have listed the best old comedy serials. Shriman Shrimati does have a mention in that.

    • profile image

      Siddharth 7 years ago

      Don't forget "shrimanji shrimatiji". It was better than FIR & Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai.

    • profile image

      anuj 7 years ago

      i am like tarrak mehta ka oolta chasma very much. i called short name of tarrak mehta ka oolta chasma was TMKOC.

    • profile image

      sahil 7 years ago

      when tarrak mehta ka olta chasma was finished


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