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Hindu Love Gods

Updated on April 24, 2012

Hindu Love Gods

The Hindu Love Gods were a itinerant alternative music super-group who, while recording, consisted of Warren Zevon and three members of R.E.M: Bill Berry, Peter Buck, and Mike Mills. The live band functioned as a locally oriented cover band in the 1980’s, featuring members of several Athens, Georgia based bands, including R.E.M., Oh-OK, and Time Toy. Early iterations included Michael Stipe on drums and Warren Zevon on vocals. The band played primarily cover songs and songs later to be released on Warren Zevon’s solo record, Sentimental Hygiene.

The Hindu Love Gods released one record, the eponymous Hindu Love Gods, in 1990, featuring Zevon, Berry, Buck, and Mills. The record received slight critical acclaim and little commercial success; however, the discerning listener will find much to enjoy in the juxtaposition of Zevon’s vocals, R.E.M.’s playing, and the raw authenticity of early American blues and late 1980’s pop music. The record is best known for its cover of Prince’s Raspberry Beret, which debuted at #23 in 1990’s Billboard listing of Modern Rock Tracks. The entirety of the record consisted of cover songs, including tracks originally recorded by Robert Johnson, Bo Diddley, Willie Dixon, Woody Guthrie, and the Georgia Satellites.

The album itself peaked at position #168 on the Billboard 200, and the outfit did not record a follow-up. Still, the Hindu Love Gods are a fascinating look at late 1980’s and early 1990’s alternative music. the record can be purchased fairly inexpensively at a number of outlets and is definitely worth a listen for any fan of Warren Zevon, R.E.M., early American blues, or late 1980’s alternative music.


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